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AI Crashes F1 2011

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    Do the AI actually ever crash? I’m halfway through the first season and I haven’t had one yellow flag which wasnt involving me, or had the safety car. They dont seem to have engine failures either, which is a shame because they were inlcuded in F1 2006 CE…


    Man I’m having big difficulities with crashing my tyres and suspension off the car, is this impossible to do.. and why?


    I’ve seen a few spins but that’s it. Every crash has been due to me ;-)


    In Turkey some cars go off at turn eight, and I was once driving around Monaco to find Petrov facing the wrong way at the hairpin. Engine failures do happen in the game, punctures also happen (to you) though at random.


    In my career there was a crash in qualifying which meant I beat my objecive of qualifying 22nd even though I was over a second slower than everyone else. It was a at Turkey at turn 8 like slr said.

    Tommo N7

    I hardly see any crashes, except for this big one in my career:


    Jenson missed the pits, then drives in the wall, where his pit box would be I believe. I also think this is more of a bug than a crash though.


    I do hope that if an update is brought out we can change how many crashes they are, it’s a bit silly and unrealistic that I went through a long race weekend, 100% race around Monaco and no one crashed or had to pit. It’s the same with other tracks you expect crashes there the tidies races ever. I had one major crash with the AI and thats when I went up the inside of the first chicane at Monza and about 2 cars just flipped over each other.



    They rarely crash. I saw just one. It happened during Co-op championship qualifying. Well, basically it’s just a spin but I’ve never seen AI spin at Monaco before or after this.


    Its a bit ridiculous how bad the crash AI is in F1 2011…Its something that needs to be improved dramatically..F1 2006 had better crash damage than this game..in TommoTHF1 video all he lost was his front wing at like 250 KMh..in real life he would of broke his front suspension and there would be bits of carbon fibre flying everywhere!..!


    Supposedly however, and this is what I believe codemasters said, there was a more realistic damage model that FOM said they didn’t want in the game. I’m not entirely sold on that but it’s a possibility.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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