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Codemasters extend deal to produce official F1 game

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    Codemasters will continue to produce the official F1 game after extending their deal with FOM:

    Codemasters will remain the home of official Formula One games with the confirmation that it has extended its partnership with Formula One World Championship Limited in a further multi-year agreement to develop and publish multiple titles for video game consoles, personal computers, mobile devices and online platforms.


    Here’s hoping FOM let them off the leash a bit to produce something truly special. The licence is clearly too restrictive at the moment.

    I’m not holding my breath, though.


    Do you mean like letting drivers change teams in career mode?


    The current F1 game is pretty awesome in its own right. Codemasters seem to be very interested in the series and F1 2010 and 2011 have created a good, solid base for further games. I think the games need a little fine-tuning in the AI department and the general handling aspect of the cars. Also they could expand upon the in-game R&D section to let the player decide which part of the car they would like to develop, for example, Front-Wing or Exhaust as well as depending on how well you do in a season, the next season chances for ‘developing’ a unique part increase. Would definitely add to the game experience.


    I think the most realistic and credible solution would be that after Codies have made 5 F1 games (so after F1 2014) then they could cobble together all 5 seasons under one physics engine and allow you to start in 2010 and then work through the season properly (not like in game). This would mean we’d see the real driver changes, real team name changes, changes in the way cars look and so on. I would buy it, but I think it would have a much smaller market than the normal games would.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    @georgedaviesf1 – I doubt that is ever going to happen, and nor should it.


    I think the best case for that would be in jonny’s post a 5 year changing scenario.
    Codemasters are realising a few F1 Games this year!! http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/gaming/news/a370945/f1-developer-codemasters-details-future-formula-one-games.html
    Sounds great! Three games in a year!!

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