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    As surely as night follows day there will be another instalment of F1’s official racing game franchise from Codemasters this year.

    No official details yet but Caterham just shared a video of 3D model of Charles Pic for the game which suggests the drivers are going to be rendered in more detail than before:


    It sure is a nice feature, but I prefer drivers with their helmets on.


    Ha, that’s not just confirmation of F1 2013, but that’s also got to be confirmation of F1 2013 being available on next-generation consoles too.


    Actually, probably not. I forget it’s an end of September release, that would make it a possible launch title but we might not have seen the new consoles by then. Although there are dev kits out there, so I’d imagine they are working towards the next gen now, even if 2014 is the first title on them.

    Ryan Williams

    Intrigued as to why they’re putting more detail into driver models. Podium scenes & press conferences in F1 2013 perhaps?


    That’s what makes me think it’s for next-gen (probably F1 2014 instead of F1 2013). Nearly every studio in the industry at the moment are creating little videos like this to test out the tech and create a viable target for the new console hardware.


    They have just posted this reply:

    Caterham F1 Team ‏@MyCaterhamF1
    …previous tweet should have said “future F1 games”. We don’t know yet which installment the new CGI will be for


    Once again, I fear Codemasters are being distracted by off-track features when game breaking bugs plague the on-track ones. If there isn’t significantly more on-track polish I won’t buy F1 2013 like I didn’t buy F1 2012.

    I wonder if there will be a Wii U version this year. Other loyalties mean I’ll be getting that long before any of the other next-gen consoles, though I would be surprised if there’s not another couple of years to come for the PS3/360/


    @Lin1876 Why do you think another couple of years? I would be surprised if there wasn’t the nest gen announced this year to come out next year maybe or possibly late this year.


    I believe Codemasters have said that F1 2013 won’t be on the next-gen, and it will be their last attempt at the game on this generation, which is fine by me, as I don’t want the next-gen until there are plenty of games on it that I like (and I’m not completely sold on the PS4 yet anyway with what I have heard).

    Personally, I’d be very happy with a polished version of 2012, and for them to work on 2014 a lot more.


    I hope that they finally make the AI more intelligent, later on the brakes, and tougher to battle; because that has been the one thing which’s annoyed me in all three F1 games done by Codemasters so far.

    Another wish for me, from F1 2012, is to improve the handling. I don’t know what it was about the previous game, but the steering felt really numb. It’s as if I was disconnected to the steering wheel.

    Ben Furtula

    @Ryan Williams haha I don’t think Charles Pic is going to be on the podium….


    Hopefully they will include some classic cars in this years game.One of Senna’s McLarens, Lauda’s Ferrari, Stewarts Tyrell, Clarks Lotus..and maybe some more modern ones like Schumachers Bennetton from 95, Hakkinens Mclaren from 99 or The v12 Ferrari from 1994, now that would be something..While they’re at it they could also maybe throw in a few classic circuits. Montjuic, Zandvort, Kylami, pre 95 Imola, Adelaide.. Probably enough there for a whole new game..


    They have been saying they have been trying to get classic implemented for a while now. They also said it wasn’t to far from being a reality last year. If and when it is put in how would you like to see it?


    @CarnivorousPope It could be done very simple. Have a car from all the era’s i mentioned above and throw in a classic track or two. Then they could have a game mode of Onemake races etc or just have it in time trial mode..

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