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    But would it be nicer to just see a full grid from a single season and be able to compete on that calender in those cars?

    rob lomas

    I actually Emailed Codemasters and suggested a track designer thing where you can design tracks and then share them online


    @CarnivorousPope that is a good point but id say it would be incredibly hard for them to get the rights to all the cars in a certain year of a given era.I would be happy enough if say they had the McLaren MP4/4 in the game and you could compete in a race against 21 other MP4/4’s.
    @roblo97 Track designer would be interesting but i think it would be a difficult area to get right. If they put in the likes Montjuic, Old Imola, Old Hockenheim, Old Spa then it would be savage

    Harry Westwood

    The thing I want most? 22 player online capabilities. Battlefield manages it. Fifa manages it. So why can’t F1?
    Also perhaps old drivers in new cars or something? Defo like the idea of classic mode. And sort out the penalty system, and finally, speed up the AI make them challenging to match if you’re in a Caerham or something and make them tough to overtake and braver.

    Oli Peacock

    What a lot of people dont realise is that the Video gaming industry is very expensive, and because CM have a contract with one of the most expensive sports in the world they are restricted by the capabilites of what they can design. Bigger online grids are tbh not worth it as there will be more lag, Lag is already stupidly present in 16 man grids. The reason they cant get rid of lag is that they dont have supported servers like BF and they have to many variable to deal with unlike FIFA. They cant improve the crash model either as its in the contract that they cant make cars take of any body panels nor can they remove decapitate the cars as its shows that F1 cars are dangerous and would but the sport in a bad light. However they can remove glitches, which is a CM downfall, increase AI pace and put in more detailed features if they remove other features of the game due the Large dependance of Single Play which unlike COD has just Campaign to store on the disk and every thing else is held online with AI etc Which leaves the final reason why CM Games are so ‘Half’Hearted’ they are stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place, they are trying to develop a game for the hardcore fan base and causual fan base which always ends up being a poor compromise

    Harry Westwood

    @olliekart I’m not saying they don’t do a good job, quite the opposite, I think they do a fantastic job of putting a game out every year. I am merely stating that there are also a lot of areas that could be improved. The trouble is, that if they increase AI pace they’ll be bombarded by crybabies who suddenly can’t win the championship in the toro rosso or something :/

    Oli Peacock

    @sirspuddington It wasnt aimed at you, but to open the eyes on the CM Bashers :P

    Harry Westwood

    @olliekart sadly I think I’m perilously close to falling under that category at times lol :P but you are right and may I ask how do u know all this stuff?

    R.J. O’Connell

    I’d like to see a mode where you can replay various scenarios throughout the 2013 season – similar to what the NBA2K and EA NHL series have now.

    Examples would include playing as Rosberg and trying to overtake Hamilton for 3rd at Sepang, or using last year’s events – trying to defend as many positions on old tyres as Alonso in Montreal, gaining as many places as you can before a certain lap as Vettel in Abu Dhabi or Brazil, or battling Button for the lead as Hulkenberg…


    @rjoconnell Not a bad idea ;)

    Oli Peacock

    Stephen Hood posted this in the forum:

    I’ve flicked through some of this thread and it is an interesting one. Well done all for keeping it fairly constructive thus far. It makes it easier for me to absorb the comments

    Whilst I don’t have the time to tackle every point that’s raised, I would like to throw two things into the mix that I haven’t yet seen mentioned (apologies if they were)…

    1) Resource
    2) Technology

    Resource – The makeup of the team defines what you can do. If you have 100 artists (for example) and 1 programmer… think you’ll be able to make the ideal F1 game you have in mind? We haven’t billions to spend hiring every single person we need to make the game sitting in within my head. You have to make the most of what you have.

    Technology – I’m cheating here because I want to use this to cover both the engine we use here within Codemasters and the capabilities of the current consoles. If you were to propose a design it’d be pointless not to factor in what a) your tech is capable of and b) what the machines can do (good example of the latter is TV replays – framerate killer). Technology wise we actually had a huge advantage from the off but of course as your ambitions grow you find areas you’d like to alter in order to benefit a single game.

    I cannot engage in conversation about these kind of things in any real detail but suffice to say there are some things I would like to do that are not currently possible. I don’t mean to use this as some cheap get-out clause. There are many things I’m not happy with and hope to correct at some stage.

    There will be a large change in direction in the near future. Hopefully some of those replying in this thread will welcome that direction but, at the end of the day, I’m going to try and take F1 down a path I believe to be right (bearing in mind all the points I’ve previously listed). I’m not sitting back thinking we’ve done an amazing job. I won’t be happy until I make a very particular type of game – I think we’ve shown promise – but we can and will do much, much better. Sure, loads of people say they love the game, it’s the best F1 title to date, we’ve won awards and always make money… no bad thing in the current industry climate but does that make me happy? The only thing I’m really pleased about is that that success to date provides further opportunity to push on and make something that might be remembered as fondly as anything Mr Crammond released. That’s my aim.


    Codemasters is preparing their new gen releases as it appears. Hope they keep improving the driving feel.


    What about relative updates, so you can play the season live. An example being a few days after any Gp you can download a patch and have the opportunity to play the race as it was, seeing what mix up you can throw into the race.


    Custom teams with real sponsors like GRID please!


    Oh yeah nice one cm, work on the graphics, cause that’s what matters after all… I’m still playing 2011 because 2012 was so broken when I bought it I took it back on the same day. If they focussed on making a solid game without so many bugs on release I would be happy and my faith in cm would be restored. F1 2012 felt like a demo when I played it, Soooo many bugs and features which felt like bugs (glass engines) just made the game feel like a ps1 game with ps3 graphics. Have they even fixed most of the bugs yet?

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