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    I like the idea of classic cars, but CM could make something like “Scenario Mode” ie. 1999, Suzuka, Player is playing Eddie Irvine, and after start from the back he must change the history and win the title – this is only one example, and it could be mamny, many more. My point is to use classic cars in the enviroment, and races which happen, and give player a chance to change the F1 historical moments. Personally I think this kind of feature would be a great idea.


    A couple of laps of Jerez in the 1988 Williams-Judd. Those fast right-handers before the pits were crazy fast…


    Note the rather cheesy sepia effect can be turned off.


    Yeah, those right handers are absolutely great fun to drive in the game. Especially in the Lotus 100T.


    The gears change before the driver changes the gear?


    New trailer:


    There’s a mid-eighties Lotus in there – the ’86 98T Renault turbo, perhaps?

    And it looks like one of the Ferraris is the 1987/88 model, and there’s an earlier eighties one too – perhaps the 1981 126CK.

    Also spotted an early Michael Schumacher helmet.

    R.J. O’Connell

    The official line-up of cars and drivers was revealed. With the exclusion of big teams Benetton and McLaren, smaller teams like Brabham, Jordan, Renault etc., and not having Ayrton Senna or Nelson Piquet’s likeness…they’ve had to get creative:

    1980s (F1 2013 and F1 2013: Classic Edition)
    1980 Williams FW07B – Alan Jones & Alain Prost
    1986 Team Lotus 98T – Mario Andretti & Emerson Fittipaldi
    1988 Ferrari F1-87/88C – Gerhard Berger & Michael Schumacher
    1988 Team Lotus 100T – Satoru Nakajima & Mika Hakkinen
    1988 Williams FW12 – Nigel Mansell & Damon Hill

    1990s (F1 2013: Classic Edition only)
    1992 Ferrari F92 A – Jean Alesi & Ivan Capelli
    1992 Williams FW14B – Nigel Mansell & David Coulthard
    1996 Ferrari F310 – Michael Schumacher & Gerhard Berger
    1996 Williams FW18 – Damon Hill & Jacques Villeneuve
    1999 Ferrari F399 – Eddie Irvine & Jody Scheckter
    1999 Williams FW21 – Ralf Schumacher & Alain Prost


    Here’s more on what’s in the game:

    Classic cars, tracks and drivers confirmed for F1 2013


    @KeithCollantine, you mentioned 1994 for the helmet on Facebook, but the DVAG sticker didn’t appear on his helmet until his Ferrari days. At Benetton it was Ford and Technogym. In that form, even, it only was used between 1996 and 1998, as 1999 saw a round DVAG logo. We’re looking at one of his first Ferrari cars, the 1996 F310 (or F310-2), the 1997 F310B or the 1998 F300. Or Codemasters are less accurate than me.


    To end my Schumacher nerd rant, 1999 was the only year he had the round DVAG logo on his helmet (afterwards, it was on his cap), it was Kera Koll from 2000 to 2002, and AMD from 2003-2006. Interestingly, he never had a personal helmet sponsor at Mercedes.

    Edit: derp, beaten to it, I guess. :(


    If you pause the trailer at 0:40 you can see a Ferrari going into a tunnel.

    This car doesn’t look like any of the Ferraris which have been confirmed for the game. Is this a 312T of the type Niki Lauda raced in 1976, timed to coincide with Rush and included a a bonus car?

    Niki Lauda, Ferrari, 1976

    The Rush UK Twitter feed dropped a hint about it:


    Sure looks like it:


    Analysis and comparison:


    A 1970’s car? Cool! :)


    If you put so much effort in a analysis (which I liked), make sure you mention the correct year :)


    Here’s a handy set of detailed blueprints: http://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints-depot/cars/ferrari/ferrari-312t2-f1.gif

    You can pause the video just as the mystery car is entering the tunnel and compare the layout of the rear suspension, exhaust and rain light to the linked diagram. Exactly the same, pretty much :)

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