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    @matthijs This video is not from me. My channel is ‘thesigmangr’ ;)


    @sigman1998 I am sorry, I didn’t literally mean ‘you’, more like ‘someone’ in general.

    But nice onboards on your channel!


    @matthijs I didn’t understand, my fault. Thanks for visiting my channel! :)


    You can now pre-order the game on Steam. Both the regular and classic editions are available. There are also some pretty tempting pre-order bonuses…



    Looked at the bonuses, they seem poor.
    50% off another codemasters game is good but a free copy of Race stars and last years out of date F12012 is pointless when most people will already have them

    R.J. O’Connell

    How much is the Classic Edition going for on consoles? Because GOOD GOOGLY MOOGLY, it’d be $64.99 without the 10% pre-order discount on Steam/PC, and that’s the cheaper platform!


    New video of Jerez being lapped as Gerhard Berger in a 1988 Ferrari F1-87/88C:


    Here’s a picture of the real car for comparison:

    Ferrari F1-87/88C, Valencia, 2012


    So, never saw his hand move from the wheel to change gear…….

    Force Maikel

    Wrong he does move his hand to shift gear, it’s just not visible fom this camera angle, you can also spot it on other cars in certain videos on youtube.


    Yeah and they definitely did have gear change animations on the cars that were available on the press preview day.

    Force Maikel

    Found a video today on Youtube where you can see the 1996 Williams FW18 onboard!


    Sounds great!


    Here’s a nice one – 1980s cars racing at Brands Hatch:

    Force Maikel

    Found some more on a youtube channel I had forgotten about TeamVVV. Here is some footage of him driving aroud the Estoril track in a Ferrari F92A with that atmoshperic V12 engine! At least it sounds awesome!!!


    There is plenty more footage on his channel including other racing game titles.


    New video:


    The 1976 Niki Lauda Ferrari will be available as a free download:

    All players of F1 2013 who are members of RaceNet will be able to receive the 1976 Ferrari 312 T2 as a free download. RaceNet, Codemasters’ free online community hub, powers a range of features including the new ability to set Time Trial challenges for their friends, receive new gameplay challenges, track their in-game progress and compare stats against their friends. Gamers who have not yet signed up to RaceNet can do so today in advance of F1 2013’s release at http://www.racenet.com, where players can also connect their other supported Codemasters titles.

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 134 total)
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