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    Disappointingly it seems the version of Imola in the game is the post-1994 version with loads of chicanes:


    Thanks @ECWDanSelby for the tip.

    Fer no.65

    Sounds are a bit… annoying.


    Yep, saw the video today. Really gutted with that. Sure I read somewhere it was pre-chicanes…


    I wouldn’t say “loads” of chicanes – ok, Tamburello and Villeneuve are chicanes – but you don’t have the chicane at Aqua Minerale, they removed the first part at Variante Bassa (the right then left) and Variante Alta lost the second part (left/right).
    So two in, but three out.


    I’d still much prefer the pre-95 version.

    I mean, we’ve had Imola quite a few times on modern day consoles, but never really the old Imola.

    Plus, that blast from the start-finish down to Tosa was way too awesome.. The chicanes there are pretty crap.


    Well at least it looks like they have programmed Schumacher’s defending against Hill properly…


    That’s a bit disappointing. I always found Imola a pretty boring track, during my long computerised racing career growing up. Too narrow and too many chicanes. And the real life circuit never really produced exciting races either.


    Barring the first corner, The AI appeared to have improved significantly when racing wheel to wheel with the player.

    Watch how both Hamilton and Vettel dive down his inside at 5:00 going into Les Combes. Then at 5:31 Hamilton starts 3rd and jumps the 2 ahead, then comes back at him on the run into Eau Rouge and makes the pass!


    Remember, this is only on Pro, not Legend yet!

    That’s a huge improvement from F1 2012, where the AI was too afraid of even trying to drive side-by-side, and would always brake 200 meters early if put in such a situation.

    In F1 2013, ones the field stretches out, the AI seem to brake much later and are far more committed to the overtake, which is obviously very positive to see.


    The AI looks a lot better after watching that video. Also at 7:00 (it’s a little hard to see) if you look in the left mirror, Alonso gets side-by-side with Raikkonen and makes the pass. I can’t wait to play against a challenging AI that won’t chicken out of a pass if you make a slight movement!


    As mentioned already, I’m so pleased to see the AI having a lunge at Les Combes. It has been too easy to defend on the last 3 F1 games from Codies.

    I’ve recently purchased a PS3 super slim ready for the release of F1 2013. Naturally, I needed a game to keep me busy for a couple of weeks, so I bought F1 Championship Edition. Playing that, I noticed how the other cars were willing to take a lunge pretty much anywhere on the track. Codemasters have made improvements pretty much everywhere over Studio Liverpool’s F1 attempts other than the AI. I’ve had more fun playing Championship Edition over the past few days purely through the wheel to wheel action against the other cars. So after the above video, I’m now expecting big things from F1 2013. I can’t wait!


    Here’s some gameplay from IntoTheBarrier. I quite like the feature Codemasters have added at 3:31 :)


    At the youtube channels: AlexZAfro, GameRiotRacing and Alex Gillon you will find lots of racing and info on F1 2013 :)


    Unfortunately, I don’t really find IntoTheBarrier at all amusing. :P


    @magnificent-geoffrey Wouldn’t have watched it unless he was playing F1 2013 :P

Viewing 14 posts - 121 through 134 (of 134 total)
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