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    Ben Furtula

    I’m not going to bother getting the PS3 version. My PS3 is on it’s last legs, and hopefully will get a PS4 soon. I like how there doing week to week updates, hopefully this will mean maybe like “real time things” like say if your doing a quick race and Alonso was really aggressive he’ll do the same in that quick race.


    @craig-o I don’t understand it either, rather disappointing imo as it’s a huge part of Williams and Force India livery this yr… If the game is released with these graphics missing I will not buy it on principal.


    @funkyf1 You’re not going to buy a game on the principal that it will not include alcohol advertising logos in order to maintain an all-ages classification whereas you would probably buy it if it did?

    I just want to make sure that I’m correct in understanding that you refuse to buy a game purely because it will lack alcohol advertising, because that is possibly one of the most bizarre things I’ve read in a long while.


    This will probably..actually, will be the first time since 2010 when I don’t buy the game on day of release. It’s not like I don’t enjoy the game but I don’t play it enough at the moment to justify the £40 that game are charging especially when it doesn’t look that much better of different to the last one. At some point I imagine I will get the game, particularly if it is (I presume) the last F1 game for PS3, as down the line I’m sure the game will fall to somewhere around the £20 mark.


    @magnificent-geoffrey Yes you read right that right! Your interpretation of it is just different to mine. Alcohol has nothing to do with it. I never knew the reasons why the logo’s were missing, thanks for clearing that up, but it’s not acceptable. F1 broadcasting does not have a age restriction on it, although I do understand this is a point of contention with the addition of the 2 new sponsors this year, these are cars branded with these logo’s, that’s the way they are presented, that’s the way they are sold. The influence this has on kids is another argument anyhow.

    The graphics play a big part of these games, it they are not going to duplicate the livery of the car, why not make it black (FI) or white (Willaims)? Because nobody would buy the game to drive black n white cars that’s why. Also I don’t see any other real selling points over last years game. Hope that clears it up :)

    Craig Woollard

    I’m with @magnificent-geoffrey on this one I’m afraid @funkyf1 .

    While having all of the advertising being spot on would be nice, we have had in the past cars being altered due to the advertising regulations. In F1 97, which is a great game for its time, ‘Fosters’ was re-branded as ‘Faster’ and ‘Rothmans’ as ‘Racing’. This didn’t deter me from playing the game one bit.

    Having the cars being identical to their real-life counterparts would be great, but I’m not going to lose any sleep over it if one car has to have a slightly different coloured stripe and a few others missing one sponsor.

    And no, I’m not buying the game on launch.


    @Bradley13 – I appreciate the offer, but the F1 2013 game wasn’t fantastic anyway, and I just wouldn’t go on my PS3, as I don’t see any need to. Hopefully things can kick-start properly for F1 2015 though.


    I think F1 97 was a slightly different case, as the whole livery remained intact, it was just the actual Rothmans word that was changed, exactly the same as when non tobacco advertising was used in real life. The difference here is that the Williams won’t be using a real livery at all, but an all blue effort without even accurately representing the livery of the car in say, Bahrain where alcohol advertising was banned. However, Codemasters have said they did all they could, so that livery won’t be affecting my decision of whether or not I will buy the game at all, as ultimately when you are sitting in the car you won’t see all that much of the livery any way – the price and possibility of a release of another game in the near future will determine that.

    Nic Morley


    I think if Williams changes ‘Martini’ to ‘Racing’ it would be fine. Just like as you say with your examples of Rothmans and Fosters.

    However I understand the point @funkyf1 is trying to make.

    What I think a lot of people don’t like is that one of the main colors on the car has been changed – red to blue. It feels like a completely different livery to the current one. It’s not a real livery, it’s fake. They got rid of the word ‘Martini’ which is fine, but what I think and many others think is disappointing is that they were forced to go a step further and remove a color from the car.

    What I can not understand is in previous F1 games the colors on livery’s didn’t have to change (West Mclaren, Marlboro Ferrari, Rothmans Williams) and I could go on. The Tobacco or Alcohol sponsorship was removed which is fine, but the colors stayed true to what its meant to be.

    Even in F1 2013 with the classic cars, the colors didn’t change for Tobacco sponsored teams. I don’t understand why and its a shame, but hopefully Codemasters can get around this by the 2015 release.

    Personally I really, really hate how Tobacco and Alcohol sponsorship is removed from video games and car models. Okay I absolutely understand the whole don’t advertise Tobacco and Booze, it’s just what the laws are. Sadly it takes away from the history – Tobacco sponsorship was just what it was in the past and it feels laws are tampering with history. I cant speak for others of course, but I for one am not tempted to smoke or drink if I see a logo related to the either of the pair on a racing car. I mean I really couldn’t care less, I just like to see history shown as what it was.

    As for the 2014 game I am not buying it. F1 2015 is suppose to come out ‘early’ next year, so fingers crossed it actually does that. I will buy that and am expecting a very good game, something to look forward too like how F1 2010 was. F1 2014 will be the first game of the series I will not buy.


    @robocat I would argue that F1’s love affair with tobacco sponsors is something that the sport should really be ashamed of and that there isn’t anything wrong with whitewashing the logos from the sport’s history.


    @magnificent-geoffrey Can’t argue with you there. Considering that in this day and age, everything we know about how dangerous cigarettes are, it’s really wrong for any company to accept money from cigarette companies for sponsorship in exchange for advertising space, subliminal or otherwise.


    Then why shouldn’t Lotus’ subliminal JPS livery be censored? People who are new to the sport are still going to read ‘John Player Special livery’, google what that is and they’re not paying Lotus a dime.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d be for it, but I don’t see why Martini is banned from F1 2014, while Marlboro and JPS get subliminal coverage.


    Indeed. There would not be nearly as much noise if it were just the Martini that was censored, as in Bahrain.


    @Npf1 John Player Special aren’t getting “subliminal” anything – they’re not paying Lotus any money, and the livery is pretty far removed from their colour scheme now. The shade of gold has never been that close.

    Marlboro is a different case though, the Ferrari drivers still appear in their adverts in some countries.

    Harry Westwood

    I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but give CM a break on this one. They tried but Williams made the decision on removing the red altogether

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