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Codemasters F1 2014 info

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    Theo Parkinson

    Here is some news. You are not able to pick your career number, all teams are unlocked for career at the start, AI has become faster and the mini season mode contains pre selected races.

    Harry Westwood

    We all knew you wouldn’t be able to select a number due to licensing issues


    So this is basically a lazy, cash and grab until F1 2015 comes out? There was no need to make it and could’ve invested so much more effort into a next gen game in 2015 instead of rushing 2014. Hopefully F1 2015 will be a lot better in terms of new features, better AI and damage model. Upgrading the same animations they’ve used since 2010 wouldn’t go amiss either.


    @daveF1 I agree that they may have been better off skipping 2014 and concentrating on 2015, but they may be required by their license with FOM to release a game every year.

    The next-gen 2015 game is being built from the ground-up. So they will no longer be using an adapted version of their EGO engine, but will be creating a purpose built game engine for it from scratch. Which will mean no more recycled animations, the ability to change cars in replay mode and many more things that we all want.


    F1 2015 has more potential at the moment, which is why I’d urge more to wait for that. As for the licensing issues with picking your own career number…that doesn’t make any sense to me. If it gives you the option of having any number (bar those in current use) then what’s the problem exactly?

    Bradley Downton

    @JamieFranklinF1 – It’s something to do with the teams and not wanting different numbers on their cars to the ones actually used. Personally I don’t see how it’s any different at all to the FIFA games and the way that you can change kit numbers or do transfers, but hey.


    More excited by the Mercedes Mario Kart tie-up to be honest! :P

    They competelt mucked up split-screen multi with F1 2013. They better fix that.

    All I want to do is pick three or four races, and do a small championship with a friend in the same room like I could do with F1 2012. Not select a single race – change all the second player’s button commands to their liking – race then have to repeat… god that was frustrating not being able to save custom button controls for player 2.


    @magnificent-geoffrey I’m not too sure on that. Perhaps the deal changed, but back when Studio Liverpool had the deal, they went from 1995 to 1997. The Microprose games also skipped a few years, but their titles weren’t tied to a season in their names as well (and offered the player to edit driver names..).

    I think Codemasters is releasing this for the people that’ll buy it anyway (not mindless fans per se, but collectors, people who really want to play this season’s car, rather than have the game being excellent at top priority), but I suspect it would have been more had they not announced F1 2015 in the process..


    Here’s the first flying lap video Codemasters have released, showing Bahrain with its new lightbox:


    I like that they have nailed the sound of the cars under braking, but it does rather sound like Polyphony Digital worked on the engine audio for this year’s game!


    On an unrelated note, does anyone know what they will do with the gearing? If you set it to automatic it will probably shift at 12,000 rpm, but with a manual gearbox you could potentially go to 15,000 rpm.. right?


    To all you guys saying you won’t buy f1 2014, trust me you will buy it. I’ve been saying I won’t buy the f1 game since 2011 but if I happen to find myself in the shop, and I see the game, I am overwhelmed by feelings which I cannot explain. I am an f1fanatic, I cannot resist.


    @andae23 Probably not, shifting is not indicated by rev counter, but by shift lights. You just shift in the purple zone and you’ll never know what revs it is at.


    As a guy (xMattyG1) from Youtube said: 55 camera changes, only a second on the T-Cam. Ridiculous in my opinion, what are the showing exactly?

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