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Collantine Cup the Fourth

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    Consistency and speed will only get me so far when Damon wins the remaining three races.


    My money’s on Monsoon, it has to be said.

    Can’t help but feel if it weren’t for bad luck, he’d be the one on top at the moment.

    Common Monsoon

    My money’s on Electrolite, it has to be said.

    Can’t help but feel if it weren’t for the fact he isn’t very good at driving, he’d be the one on top at the moment.


    So, now that the forum is back up and running, we can confirm that tomorrow’s race at Singapore WILL go ahead.

    However, I have lost the ability to edit the thread title, so we’re stuck with ‘Monte Carnage’ forever now.


    Looking forward to some Monte Carnage then!


    I’d be happy if I could just leave it as “No RAGrets”, as I feel that pretty much encapsulates the entire Collantine Cup experience perfectly.


    @commonmonsoon we’ll see who can drive tomorrow when I beat you to pole position.

    Common Monsoon

    @Electrolite Well, I suppose I am due a disconnect…


    Oh man, I hate Singapore. Haven’t played F1 since the last CC race, so I doubt a podium is possible today.


    I cannot race today as I have to go out in a few minutes. As this is the first race I’ve missed since season one, I’m sure you’ll let this slide. :)


    Singapore is the best. The funny thing is @JamieFranklinf1, I love it, you hate it – but you’ll probably finish ahead of me again…


    @Electrolite – If I somehow finish ahead of you, then I’ll give you my PS4 lol


    Well, even with two invites my internet decided I wasn’t racing today. Good luck everyone else


    @JamieFranklinF1 Can I have your ps4 then?

    Today I inherited pole from Damon. But starting on options put me on the backfoot strategy wise – saving a couple of spins later on in the race resulting in pretty horribly cutting some corners, which led to a couple of penalties. So 4th rather than 2nd hurts! Apart from those mistakes I drove pretty smoothly, and I was catching Brad in the rain during the last stint until my tyres were just shredded (I think everyone was struggling!).

    Every time I’ve started from pole, it’s been at Singapore. And both times, I’ve finished 4th…

    Common Monsoon

    The Collantine Cup – Season 4: Round 6 (Marina Bay, Singapore)

    Race Results After 31 Laps:

    Winner: Bradley13 – Lotus – 56:35.510 (25 points)

    2nd: JamieFranklinF1 – Lotus +19.343 (18 points)

    3rd: ed24f1 – Ferrari +25.448 (15 points)

    4th: Electrolite – Sauber +34.117 (12 points)

    5th: supernicebob – McLaren +1:24.586 (10 points)

    6th: Magnificent Geoffrey – Sauber +1 lap (8 points)

    7th: David A – Mercedes DNF (6 points)

    8th: iamsa8 – Red Bull Racing DNF (4 points)

    9th: Common Monsoon – Red Bull Racing DNS (2 points)

    10th: shyguy1992 – Williams DNS (1 point)

    Fastest lap: Bradley13 – 1:44.680


    [Collantine Cup Standings:]

    After 6 of 8 Rounds:

    1st: JamieFranklinF1 – Lotus 112

    2nd: Bradley13 – Lotus 101

    3rd: Common Monsoon – Red Bull Racing 70

    4th: Electrolite – Sauber 65

    5th: supernicebob – McLaren 46

    6th: ed24f1 – Ferrari 42

    7th: slr – Team 32

    8th: iamsa8 – Red Bull Racing 27

    9th: David A – Mercedes 27

    10th: ShaneB457 – Ferrari 25

    11th: Magnificent Geoffrey – Sauber 22

    12th: shyguy1992 – Williams 14

    13th: Spud – Force India 13

    14th: sato113 – McLaren 8

    15th: Silverkeg – Force India 4


    [Constructors’ Standings:]

    After 6 of 8 Rounds:

    1st: Lotus 213

    2nd: Red Bull Racing 97

    3rd: Sauber 87

    4th: Ferrari 67

    5th: Mercedes 59

    6th: McLaren 54

    7th: Force India 17

    8th: Williams 14

Viewing 15 posts - 226 through 240 (of 317 total)
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