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Collantine Cup the Fourth

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    Ran 2nd-3rd in the opening stages, but made a mistake at one of the tight corners to hit a wall. Disconnected later. Monza will be better.


    Reasonably happy with my qualifying to get 5th (which became 4th after Damon quit). Race started with a lag incident at Turn 1 which left me spinning off and dropping to 2nd last. I was lucky to pass two cars later that lap when they tangled, I think Geoff and Jamie from memory. After that, Steve got past me into Turn 1. But then, he spun trying to pass Bob after the former Singapore Sling chicane.

    After that, I managed to get past Bob myself, just, and then caught up to David. He was lagging a bit, so I decided to pit early and go for undercut, even though I had primes on. This worked, and I suddenly had a big gap behind me after everyone pitted. But of course my tyres were older, so Jamie began to catch me at around 1 second a lap. It started to drizzle, but it was hard to estimate how much the lack of grip was down to old tyres or slippery track.

    In the end, Jamie, who had been right on my tail for 2/3 laps, and I pitted on the same lap for inters. After that, we kept in close proximity for next 5/10 laps. The one major moment was when I didn’t notice he was along side me into chicane before Anderson Bridge, and we bumped. It wasn’t comfortable, but I was able to prevent Jamie from making any real headway before I hit the wall with 4 laps left and lost 3rd, frustratingly. After that, I couldn’t catch him in the laps remaining, but luckily inherited a podium anyway due to Electrolite’s penalties.

    Bradley Downton

    Having done practice runs and getting a quickest time of 1:40.5 I was pretty confident heading into Qualifying. I went out immediately on the Options but fluffed my first lap so pitted straight away. It was then that @electrolite, @commonmonsoon and @aus_Steve all went quicker than a 1:40.5 that I decided to re-think my strategy.

    Seeing the 2/3 second gap between 3rd and 4th – and the 55% chance of rain for the race – I decided to stick Primes on, aim for fourth, and hope that the rain came after the Options starters would have had to pit but not after I did. I messed up my first lap, but the second slotted me nicely into 4th, which became 3rd after Damon disconnected.

    I got a clean start – passing the slow aus_steve – and managed to get through turn 1 before everything kicked off. I spent the first 5 laps slowly falling back from Electrolite but hanging on well given the difference in tyres, and building an impressive gap over @david-a. Electro pitted on lap 5 and on lap 7 I got a 15 minutes warning for rain.

    I then spent the next few laps building my gap to David and considering my choices. I had to pit on lap 11 and was debating Options or Primes. Options would take me to the exact point it started raining, but normally Inters aren’t needed until about 4 laps after, so I decided to pit a lap early on 10 and stick on some more Primes.

    I came out behind Electro but I knew he was on Primes that were already fairly worn having pitted on lap 5. I started to gain by a second a lap and eventually eased past on the exit of turn 3 – although I get the feeling you just pulled aside @Electrolite?

    I managed to build a 10 second gap to Electro before needing to pit for Inters and from there it was just about keeping it on the road. Electro started closing by considerable amounts as I took it easy but he kept making errors and dropping back. Eventually I got a comfortable enough gap to completely give up pushing and just coast to the end.

    That has to be the best 31 laps I have ever driven. I didn’t touch one wall or collide with anyone. I also only had about 3 corner cutting warnings in the entire race. It was brilliant, and leaves me just 2 points behind Jamie with dropped scores. Bring on Monza!

    Bradley Downton

    And it’s back! Thanks @keithcollantine. From now on I’m going to leave the editing of thread titles alone… haha

    Sorry guys, although technically not my fault. How was I to know updating the thread title would delete it? :P

    Common Monsoon


    Another disaster. Couldn’t get within 2 seconds of the lap time I wanted from qualifying and ran out of time to improve on a lap that involved several mistakes and a couple of significant bashes against the wall. Then, in my frustration at how long it had taken to change tyres and leave the garage for another run, I unwittingly pulled a Ned Flanders/Magnificent Geoffrey (/Common Monsoon). It wasn’t until the menu screen popped up that I had even realised what I’d done. The disconnects this season have stung but it’s worse when it’s self-inflicted.

    Anyway, my championship situation is looking a little bit… bad. If this season’s pattern continues I should be able to finish at Monza and then disconnect/retire from the finale! Can’t really say I’ve got what I paid for with this game.


    Will Codemasters simulate 2014 levels of reliability through disconnections?

    Things went about as well as could be expected for me. Decided to qualify on primes given the forecast, and fortunately went slightly faster on my second run at the end as I did two flying laps on my first run.

    I’d barely practiced for this weekend, and my setup was pretty ropey and not very stable with primes/race fuel. I was able to mix it up for a while behind David, but the mistakes crept in and those behind me got by (apologies to Steve if I caused you to spin out, I knew you were closing and then cocked up a corner, but from my view you were still a bit behind and not close enough to bring up the proximity indicator at least).

    After the first stops things were shaping up nicely for a good scrap between me and David as I caught up to him over a series of laps, but he suddenly disappeared from right in front of me and left me pretty much on my own for the rest of the race. I persevered for a while on my worn primes in the rain in case it dried up, but that did not happen.

    Happy to finish 5th again, but very much aware that was due to problems for others, which pretty much sums up my season so far. Monza should be interesting – not raced there in the Collantine Cup.


    I really really wish I’d qualified on primes! That way, during my second and third stints I could’ve held the lead, or at least put up a fight!

    I didn’t put up too much of a defence because your tyres were so much fresher! Looking back I should’ve, but there was a lot of oppurtunity for us to have an accident and also let the guys behind us catch up.

    It’s a real shame about the disconnects – it’s always been a part of the Collantine Cup, but in the last two seasons it’s tended to affect the same people over and over again.


    @Electrolite – Never in a million years would I have thought that I would have been able to finish ahead of you…so probably not going to do as I had promised :P

    It was a fun race, if not frustrating, because I’m just not enjoying the game as much as I did in previous iterations. With time constraints, I don’t get anywhere near as much time to practice any more, partly because I don’t enjoy it as I said, also because the time I do get to play, I’m on the PS4 instead…

    Don’t like the track, so wasn’t expecting much. Never was going to get better than 5th in qualifying, and that was only because Damon unfortunately disconnected. My start was pretty good, until I was knocked off coming into the first corner, but the rest of the race was pretty fun coming back through the field, and especially fighting with Ed for a good 10 laps at least.

    I’m still in shock that I was able to get second, and still in the title hunt. I’m going to need some great races in Monza and Brazil though, because I’d like at least one more win to round off the season :P


    Sorry, I decided to sleep on last Sunday as I would have just disconnected again :/

    Common Monsoon

    Who’s ready for Monza? I know I certainly am.

    Also, you’re lucky I wasn’t racing in Singapore as you all would have fallen prey to my special 360 no scope overtaking strategy I’d been working on.


    “360 no scope” Hahahahaha

    No but seriously it looks like you’ve spent your time for practice constructively. Well done.


    Pretty sure I won’t be around tomorrow morning. Have been feeling pretty rubbish so I’d rather stay in bed tomorrow morning than drive around an imaginary race track.


    Oh crap, I didn’t realise we had a race this weekend – that means all the practice I’ll get to do will be in the morning.


    Fun Fact: I thought the race was next weekend too.

    Bradley Downton

    Well, I’m glad I’m not alone in forgetting it’s tomorrow… Thankfully Spud’s post alerted me in enough time so been practicing tonight and then will do more tomorrow morning. Not that it matters unless @commonmonsoon disconnects again though…

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