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Collantine Cup the Fourth

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    Common Monsoon

    Alright, just in case…

    , @david-a, @shaneb12345678910, @ed24f1, @sato113, @spud, @electrolite, @silverkeg, @aus_steve, @supernicebob, @slr, @shyguy1992, @bradley-downton

    We’re racing this weekend (which is today)! Monza. 11AM GMT.


    I’ve been out tonight, been attacked, but will try to be there even though I’ll ve so hungover

    Stephen Jones

    Yeah! Woo! Monza! I finally worked out how this game works, turns out you need to not turn the wheel at all.

    Anyway, che-checkity check my Singapore footage. It was classic CC induced Rage.


    i can race if its ok


    Collantine Cup Season Four, Round 7/8 – Monza, Italy

    Laps: 27
    Previous winners: Common Monsoon (Season 1)

    The fastest circuit on the F1 calendar returns to the Collantine Cup for only the second Monza race in the series’ history. With its mix of very high speed straights and tight chicanes, Monza is the perfect venue for producing real edge-of-the-seat racing action. However, the ultra-tight first chicane is almost certain to produce a monstrous first corner crash that will be equally hilarious as it will be chaotic.

    The only Collantine Cup race at Monza so far was the second ever event in Season 1. After Aus_Steve took his first pole in wet conditions, Magnificent Geoffrey took the early lead before throwing the race away by spinning at the Retifilo Chicane after his one and only pit stop. That meant a grandstand finish as Geoffrey attempted to chase down Monsoon for the victory, but despite a late scare with a Nedmarker, Monsoon managed to hold on for the win by only 0.2s – the closest finish to date in the Collantine Cup.

    This season, the only thing that has prevented Monsoon from already taking the title for the second time is his own dodgy internet connection. After suffering yet another DNF last time out in Singapore, it looks like it’ll take a miracle for Common Monsoon to be able to prevent ‘Jammy’ JamieFranklinF1 from winning back-to-back titles. But will Lotus reign supreme in Italy? We’re about to find out…


    Oh man I’ve just got the messages! I honestly didn’t think we were racing today, how depressing. I’m managing to screw this cup up more than I imagined. ..


    a winning return!

    r: 1st.
    overtook monsoon into turn 1 but hot spun by him on the curva grande. must have been lag as he was jumpiong around quite a bit. from last, in the gravel I picked people off one by one and made my tyre switches at the right time. I was also helped by ed hitting off monsoon at turn 4. this allowed me breathing space.
    good race all.


    Congrats @sato113 – a well deserved victory.

    I qualified on the back row for this race, however I went the inside into turn one and made up a few positions and then Damon and Ed (I think) collided on the run to Roggia. I was second behind Bradley who I eventually passed on lap 4 or 5. I then held the lead up until it started raining, unfortunately I’m not too good in the rain and Sato got past after we pitted for Inters. Later I pitted for Wets and had Damon and Bradley behind. I was struggling to stay but for a few laps I managed to, however Damon from a long way back then charged up the inside (he said he locked up) as I was turning into turn one and as Damon rocketed through the corner I hit him and spun off. After that I was resigned to 4th place.

    It was disappointing to lose the podium especially considering I led most of the race, but oh well, life goes on. 4th is still my result of the season, and it is actually the first time I’ve ever finished 4th.

    Bradley Downton

    @magnificent-geoffrey – I’m not going to lie, given that I was the closest to Jamie in the Championship, and by my Calculations am now ahead (with the worst result dropped anyway) – I’m a little insulted I’m not in that pre-race text! :P

    Qualifying – 3rd
    Unlike Singapore I decided to check the weather before I went out, 57% chance of rain in the race. Balls. That’s my strategy – that I’ve spent a whole 3 hours working on since last – out of the window. I decided to risk it again and Qualify on Primes but my first lap was appalling and I didn’t bother completing it. I messed up the final sector majorly on the second lap losing at least 6 tenths and then messed up the final lap through sectors 1 & 2. Thankfully the time gain in a solid sector three helped me out and I moved ahead of Mag into third, just 0.040 behind @sato113. ARGH!!!

    Race – 2nd
    Got a good start drawing level with @commonmonsoon but back out into turn 1 so as to avoid any kind of collision and waited the wallop from behind, but it thankfully never came. Followed Damon and Theo through Curva Grande when they seemed to just drift towards one another and go off, handing me an easy lead.

    I then struggled to pull away from @slr however and eventually made a mistake at the Variante Ascari allowing him through. This became a prominent feature of my race as I thought I was taking it the same each lap but sometimes I got through fine and others it just threw me into the air. I knew Slr was on Options however so would have to pit earlier and hearing the very early warning for rain I was confident my Primes would still be ok by the time it came.

    Eventually everyone around me pitted (after I got passed by @JamieFranklinF1 having made another 3 mistakes at the Variante Ascari) and I had a 13 second lead, but started to realise the tyres wouldn’t hold up to the point of rain. Given how much further I was into the race I pitted for Options hoping to blast back through the field. It never happened though as I again kept making mistakes and couldn’t really find the pace.

    Eventually the lap came when we realised we would have to pit at the end of it for Inters and I was behind Jamie but I knew this wouldn’t do as I’d lose a lot of time in the stops. I had Damon ahead who had DRS off Jamie and I had DRS off Damon and we both managed to sneak through on the inside of the Variante Ascari. Ahead of my teammate now I dived into the pits and got the Inters first, meaning I stayed on the back of the lead pack.

    I struggled around in fourth behind Theo, Slr and Damon trying to get the tyres up to temperature and some sort of grip level. Eventually we had to pit for Wets and me and Damon began to close on Slr. As we came down the main straight I realised Damon appeared to have left his braking too late and Slr was far over to the left. The somehow came together and in all the commotion I just missed my braking points, bumping slightly across the run-off. I managed to get a better exit than Damon and pulled into 2nd ahead of Slr who unfortunately dropped far back.

    From there I was determined to keep 2nd as I knew it would give me the dropped scores Championship lead but Damon was so much quicker. He got a run out of Parabolica and I allowed him down the inside but braked early and turned after he’d passed in case he missed his braking point again. He did and struggled back onto the track while I managed to just ease through again.

    Next lap he had another run down the main straight so I pulled across to defend the inside line, trying to make him go outside. He seemed to refuse however as I saw his arrow keep to the inside of me. Not wanting to force him onto the grass and into a possible spin that could result in hitting me I switched sides but apparently he was closer than my screen suggested as the next thing I knew – despite not feeling anything – was that Damon was spinning into the wall.

    Unfortunately our battle ended prematurely but I managed to plod round for the final two laps – avoiding mistakes – to claim 2nd, although Damon closed considerably and had it been any longer I think he would have taken it.

    I would have thoroughly enjoyed the race were I not terrified of throwing away my chance at the Collantine Cup title.

    EDIT: Also – sadly – I have just noticed a mistake on the standings. Following Singapore I was actually on 99 points rather than 101… :(

    Common Monsoon

    Congratulations to our new winner, @sato113! How did you do that?! Was it your perfect timing when it came to switching to the full wets? We were all scrapping over the podium and somehow you’d already escaped. It’s always nice to see someone new on top. Do you have any footage of the race?

    Apologies to @slr who was taken out a few times by me today (directly and indirectly). Out of the pits I locked up and cut across you and then Bradley outbraked himself into the della Roggia and pushed me into you. Then at the end of the pit straight I braked at the marker I use in the dry and harpooned you. I tried everything I could to avoid you but I was kind of out-of-control and panicking.

    Did you record the race today? It’d be really interesting to see how our incidents looked from your end because it certainly looked a bit silly from my angle and I know you couldn’t be doing all of that on purpose. If not, would there be any chance of you getting some footage during the next race? P.S. Next time I’m going to find a way through… ;-)

    Honourable mention to @JamieFranklinF1 who apparently pulled a Mark Webber and vomited during the race. That’ll make for an amusing anecdote should you manage to win the title…

    Bradley Downton

    @commonmonsoon – Unfortunately I don’t have a video camera and my phone won’t last long enough to record the whole race. As far as I’m aware the only time we came together was down the straight when I switched sides, which in hindsight was a bad idea knowing the LAG issues we face, but was meant with good intentions as I explained! :P

    Did we come together more than once then? :S

    P.S. Next time – as long as I’m ahead of Jamie – I’ll let you through! :P Haha


    Okay, so as I’m sure many of you know by now, I wasn’t at my best today. I won’t go into too much detail, unless asked, but I was still a little drunk for half the race, and pretty hungover for the second half. Obviously the whole being attacked part was pretty bad, but nothing that would have effected my abysmal performance today.

    Having done no practice whatsoever, I was surprised by how bad my setup was, and just how little grip I could find on the track, which of course meant two and a bit laps could only get me…last.

    Honestly, there isn’t a lot of the race in the beginning that I remember well, apart from being quite lucky with many people either going off the track, or hitting each other. This eventually lead me into second place. Having heard about the rain, I pitted early, for another set of primes (same as my first stint) to go for long enough to catch the rain.

    With everyone behind me fighting it out with each other, my poor pace was masked quite well, and I was definitely on for a podium. That was until my stomach had had enough and had to grab the bucket next to me and do my thing. Decided at this point to slow down and let @Bradley13 and @CommonMonsoon through, which messed up my race quite badly, as it cost me a lot of time in the pits. What made it worse was this whole thing meant I not only lost time behind Bradley, waiting for his tyre change, but accidentally selected wets.

    Annoyingly, my pace was actually a lot more comfortable on the inters, (definitely not on the wets) but my race was ruined by this point anyway.

    I think at this point, I can safely say that my performance of late has been terrible. Yes, this is the first time I have not finished off the podium this season, but I still feel that Damon is the worthy Champion. I’ve been able to put in just enough practice the half hour before the race to fight with the best of the rest behind Damon and/or whomever is quick at each track, but it’s not enough any more. For Brazil I’ll need to put in a Champion’s drive, which is slightly disheartening due to the track having a thing against me for the past 5 years.


    Very poor day for me unfortunately. In qualifying i had several scrappy laps before I finally put one together after the flag to jump to 5th. Got a decent start, but dropped to 6th by being on the outside at Turn 1. Then, two cars collided at Curva Grande, so I moved up to 4th, and I was suddenly right behind David. Then into Roggia there was a bit of a concertina as he braked earlier than I expected. I hit him and slightly spun then I was hit heavily from behind into the wall. I got stuck in a gap in the wall. So after another off later in the lap, by the end of Lap 1, i was already 17 seconds behind 2nd last…

    After that, I managed to get back involved when David and Geoff had some sort of collision and I was ahead of David and right behind Geoff from memory. Then, after first pitstops, Damon started to catch me. With better tyres, he got past me on exit of Rettifilo chicane. Then, into Roggia he braked a bit earlier than I thought, so I tipped him into a spin unfortunately. I waited for him to go past again which was about 10 seconds lost. After this I got erratic as i was very frustrated at myself and got a penalty for corner cutting.

    From there on, there wasn’t much I could do, but i had a decent battle with Geoff and JF without any real battles. So the 10 second penalty cost me a spot to JF in the end which was also frustrating. So in the end it was a bit of a missed opportunity considering I gave up about 30 seconds during the race just parked at Roggia alone.


    Apologies, guys. Like many others I too thought the next race was this coming weekend, but I neglected to keep up to date on here. As always, disappointed not to be there as it sounded like a bit of a hectic race. I’ve put the date for the next race (9th March for anyone who hasn’t checked already) into my phone calendar so I should be there for the finale!

    Bradley Downton

    Just thought I’d post this for people. Unfortunately I don’t have the times from the race though, sorry. Also, I’m not 100% sure that the positions in the race after slr are correct but I’m pretty sure that’s what they were.

    The Collantine Cup – Season 4: Round 7 (Monza, Italy)

    Race Results After 27 Laps:

    Winner: sato113 – McLaren (25 points)

    2nd: Bradley13 – Lotus (18 points)

    3rd: Common Monsoon – Red Bull Racing (15 points)

    4th: slr – Mercedes (12 points)

    5th: Magnificent Geoffrey – Sauber (10 points)

    6th: JamieFranklinF1 – Lotus (8 points)

    7th: ed24f1 – Ferrari (6 points)

    8th: David A – Mercedes (4 points)

    9th: iamsa8 – Red Bull Racing (2 points)

    Fastest lap: Common Monsoon


    [Collantine Cup Standings:]

    After 7 of 8 Rounds:

    1st: JamieFranklinF1 – Lotus 120 (Dropped: 112)

    2nd: Bradley13 – Lotus 117 (Dropped: 111)

    3rd: Common Monsoon – Red Bull Racing 85

    4th: Electrolite – Sauber 65

    5th: ed24f1 – Ferrari 48

    6th: supernicebob – McLaren 46

    7th: slr – Mercedes 44

    8th: sato113 – McLaren 33

    9th: Magnificent Geoffrey – Sauber 32

    10th: David A – Mercedes 31

    11th: iamsa8 – Red Bull Racing 29

    12th: ShaneB457 – Ferrari 25

    13th: shyguy1992 – Williams 14

    14th: Spud – Force India 13

    15th: Silverkeg – Force India 4


    [Constructors’ Standings:]

    After 7 of 8 Rounds:

    1st: Lotus 239

    2nd: Red Bull Racing 114

    3rd: Sauber 97

    4th: McLaren 79

    5th: Mercedes 75

    6th: Ferrari 73

    7th: Force India 17

    8th: Williams 14

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