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Collantine Cup the Fourth

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    Bradley Downton

    I am clearly going to absolutely smash everyone and win by a lap…

    On a serious note, hoping to fight for a podium :P


    I’m going to continue my form by missing the first race :'(



    Soooo… Number 1 I think is what’s wrong with my F1 game at the moment – http://www.chaoshour.com/articles/news/f1-2013-formula-one-360-ps3-wii-pc-broken-disc-crashing-freezing-loading-screen-problem-bugs-and-glitches-fix-it

    It keeps freezing, especially when it’s loading before a race, so the probability of the game doing this tomorrow is very high! Let’s hope it’ll be okay.


    Collantine Cup Season 4: Round 1 – Albert Park, Melbourne

    Laps: 29
    Previous winners: Magnificent Geoffrey (Season 1) – ed24f1 (Season 2) – JamieFranklinF1 (Season 3)

    The fourth edition of the Collantine Cup begins, as usual, at the Albert Park circuit, site of the very first Cup race back in late 2010. With its fast, flowing nature and plenty of overtaking opportunities, Melbourne is the perfect place to start the season.

    Of the three Cup races to have been held at the circuit, two have been won by Australians – Magnificent Geoffrey in the very first event, and ed24f1 in Season 2. Despite finishing on the podium in every race here, Conman Monsoon is yet to win his home race – can he do it this time around?

    As the first race of the season, no one is sure of what will happen. Will JamieFranklinF1 go back-to-back? Will one of the Australians take victory? Can ShaneB win on debut? What sort of strategies will we see employed today? How many times will supernicebob and Silverkeg crash between them? All this, and more, is about to be revealed…


    @sato113 @shaneB12345678910

    You two have two minutes to show up, otherwise you’re both getting a warning for failing to inform us about absences.


    In fairness, Shane did say that there was a possibility he couldn’t make it, with his disc issues :P


    I was up an hour before the race start.. along with the F1 game not working, my internet couldn’t connect aswell, so I couldn’t post here to say I couldn’t make it. Sorry about that. Just typical that everything stops working when you actually really need it to..


    Fair enough. That’s perfectly fine. Thanks for letting me know.


    Thanks. I am really dissapointed to have missed this :( I’ll bring my F1 game into a game store and see if they can possibly clean it or fix the problem.


    Quali – 3rd
    My first run in quali wasn’t very good. Turned in too early into the corner starting the second sector, and cut it, invalidating my lap. Came back into the pits and stuck another set of options on, whilst seeing that @Aus_Steve put in a mega lap of 1:23.5xx (My best in practice had been a 1:24.284, at a push). I pushed as hard as I could for that single lap, somehow pulling out a lap only a tenth slower.

    @CommonMonsoon soon went quicker, with a 1:23.299, securing a Red Bull front row lockout, with me a few tenths back in third.

    Race – 1st
    What a race. It really was such a fun, exciting race. I had a pretty good start, getting alongside Damon, but not being able to pass him into the first corner. @Bradley13 had made his way up to third. Everything was looking set to continue right where it left off last season. The gap of about 1-2 seconds stayed until about lap 4-5, when I started to catch Damon. His tyres were clearly starting to give up, and I was able to take advantage.

    Lap 6 saw much the same from me, with the tyres really wearing out. Bradley had also pitted the lap earlier, meaning that when I came out on primes, I was 5-6 seconds behind Damon, and lost a position to Bradley as well. A lap or so later, I turned up the mix quickly, in order to throw one down the inside of turn 3, and set about chasing the Red Bull.

    I wasn’t actually able to make that much head way, until I pitted for my second lot of primes on lap 17. Damon was battling with @Electrolite and @Ed24F1, which meant I could catch them at a pretty reasonable pace. In fact, by the time both Ed and Luke had pitted, the gap had gone from 8-9 seconds, down to just 2. Whether this was the defining factor in me winning today, I don’t know, but it sure helped!

    Damon pitted on lap 24, I’m guessing for options, with Bradley just 6 seconds behind me. I was praying he wouldn’t pit, so that should Damon come out in third, he’d have to pass Bradley before getting to me! Spent the last 5 laps coasting and conserving fuel and tyres, and maintaining the gap to Bradley.

    Had no idea that I’d be competing for the win today, and it feels incredible to win the first race for the second year in a row, especially with such an incredibly talented and fast field! I had so much fun today, racing with a lot of you guys, and really looking forward to the next one!

    Driver of the day for me today, has to go to Bradley, for having some really great race pace today. I genuinely couldn’t shake him whatsoever. Fantastic job, mate!

    Common Monsoon

    The Collantine Cup – Season 4: Round 1 (Melbourne, Australia)

    Race Results After 29 Laps:

    Winner: JamieFranklinF1 – Lotus – 43:27.028 (25 points)

    2nd: Bradley1314 – Lotus – +5.679 (18 points)

    3rd: Common Monsoon – Red Bull Racing +11.331 (15 points)

    4th: Electrolite – Sauber +29.454 (12 points)

    5th: slr – Mercedes +38.407 (10 points)

    6th: Magnificent Geoffrey – Sauber +39.863 (8 points)

    7th: ed24f1 – Ferrari +40.680 (6 points)

    8th: David A – Mercedes +1:29.625 (4 points)

    9th: supernicebob – McLaren +1 lap (2 points)

    10th: Spud – Force India +2 laps (1 point)

    11th: Silverkeg – Force India DNF

    12th: iamsa8 – Red Bull Racing DNF


    [Constructors’ Standings:]

    After 1 of 8 Rounds:

    1st: Lotus 43

    2nd: Sauber 20

    3rd: Red Bull Racing 15

    4th: Mercedes 14

    5th: Ferrari 6

    6th: McLaren 2

    7th: Force India 1


    Qualifying: 6th

    Pretty good. I initially went 2nd, with a lap in the low 1:24s

    Race: 8th

    Got a bad getaway, but got up to 5th at turn 1. I got a run on slow starting Steve on the second straight, then he seemed to defend to the inside and I went around him, but then hit my car from the left before the braking zone, spinning us both off. He disconnected later from near last anyway. Not much of note afterwards, except accidentally hitting Spud when I lapped him, and having contact with Bob towards the end. Video will be up later.

    Bradley Downton

    Qualifying – 7th
    Had a quick flick for setups before the race start as I was struggling with the one I’d been practicing with all week. Found one and just risked it but it seemingly paid off. Went well with my aggressive driving style and I could really push. Unfortunately I proper messed up Qualifying, making at least two mistakes on every lap I did. This resulted in a grid slot that I was rather disappointed with although a time only a couple of tenths off what I managed in practice, so I’m not sure I could have improved by much.

    Race – 2nd
    Got a fairly decent start by moving up a spot and then braking very carefully in the middle of the road at turn one. As I started to turn I saw a McLaren bombing down the inside but somehow avoided me – almost as though it had just disappeared. Exited turn 1 in third place behind @CommonMonsoon and @JamieFranklinF1 with @supernicebob following me in fourth. As a top three group we were pulling away from fourth by quite a bit per lap but I soon started dropping time to the two ahead – tenths here and there.

    My initial plan was to three stop but I was going to swap my Qualifying Options for Fresh Primes on Lap 5 and see how far they went. I pitted with Damon but he just disappeared on the out-lap but as Jamie exited his stop I managed to slither through into second. I knew Jamie would be quicker though and despite Damon clearly planning to three stop I wasn’t going to hold him up – but nor was I going to just let him through. He got DRS on me on the pit straight and I kept to the outside expecting him to dive up the inside, but he didn’t. I did the same again on the run to turn three and he finally went for it, although out-braked himself and nearly let me back through around turn 4!

    From then on it was about following Jamie and trying to make the tyres last. Damon pitted and we continued into a 1-2 but Damon @electrolite behind started taking to seconds a lap out of me as we neared the pitstops. Thankfully I think they came together a few times as they both dropped back by about six seconds on one lap which gave me the breathing space I needed. I pitted on lap 17 but panicked as I realised Jamie has as well! Thankfully he was far enough ahead that I wasn’t held up at all though.

    Having just done 12 laps on the Primes and having just 12 left I was happy to convert to a two stop with another set of Primes to take me to the end – as I realised I didn’t have the speed to beat Damon or Jamie on pure pace and would need to try something different. A three stop wouldn’t have got me ahead of Jamie so I tried a two to beat Damon. We continued on our way as Damon and Electro started taking 2, then 3, then on the final two laps – four seconds out of me – per lap, but I managed to hold on to claim my first Collantine Cup podium!

    The only thing that confused me was that Ed kept appearing in front of me both on track and in the standings as I crossed the line third – behind Ed (who’d won by a mile) and Jamie, although when the results came up I was second behind Jamie and Ed was just dropping down the field. Proper confusing Haha!

    Anyway, it was a brilliant race and possibly my best ever one online – to be able to go wheel-to-wheel with you guys (most of whom are probably quicker than me) and still finish on the podium is fantastic!


    Well i could probably write a thesis about this race! :P

    Decided not to qualify to preserve tyres and try to avoid chaos at Turn 1. It actually worked reasonably well! Got up to 4th after a lap or two taking advantage of people spinning off and also passing people who went wide. This was perfect as I was in clean air, which allowed me to run my own pace. I was about 4/5 seconds ahead of Electrolite and about 10 behind Bradley in 3rd. So I kept going as planned until my pitstop on Lap 11, by which point I was leading. Electrolite pitted a lap earlier so gained about a second.

    Then I made an error at the Turn 11/12 chicane which cost me about 3/4 seconds and Electrolite got through. Then, this was compounded by Damon coming out of his pitstop just ahead of Electrolite – so basically the error cost me 2 spots. After this, there was some of the most exciting online racing I’ve ever been part of. It started at Turn 3, when I pulled off – if I do say so myself – an excellent double overtake, passing both Electrolite and Damon. Then after that, I was defending for the next stint, as obviously the double DRS zone with one activation point made it very difficult to pull away. A few times I went side by side with Damon into corners, but was able to keep the inside line and end up in front.

    Coming up to Lap 22, and Electro and I both pitted for options. I then pulled a bit of a gap, before there was a bit of chaos on Lap 24 (?) when I got blocked by a lap car just after I overtook Damon coming out of the pits – and then in the background Damon and Electro both spun. So I now had a bit of a comfortable gap but I also had to put the engine on lean to save fuel. So Electro started to pull the gap back, and with 2 laps left it was about 2 seconds. I then got caught up behind a lapped car again which meant him and Damon were right on my tail.

    I got a poor exit out of the penultimate corner, Damon went down inside, tried to go around the outside him onto main straight but hit wall and stopped perpendicular to track… Then had to try and flick spin which proved difficult to do quickly, thought I would go invisible based on previous F1 games, but this didn’t seem to happen and I almost accidentally took Electro out. The flick spin destroyed my already worn tyres, so the last lap was like I was on ice. slrmm caught me at about 4 seconds in the first 2 sectors, and once again I got wheelspin out of penultimate corner and he overtook me into last corner. Then, I ran out of fuel, so Geoff got past on the run to the flag.

    Overall, considering I was 3rd until about 95 seconds to go, it was frustrating to come 7th, but I had a lot of fun in the race and I was reasonably happy with my pace so it wasn’t all bad. It was extremely intense and competitive and I am just disappointed I made a couple of mistakes but it was hard not to considering the extreme pace.


    My video is now up. I was listening to music as I raced so you will hear it as you watch the video. Enjoy!

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