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F1 2010 PS3 tournament.

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    You’ve got to be joking me, Ned! :P


    So I got up an hour late. I’m really sorry, busy week and completely crashed! Any chance you could invite me in or is the tournament up and running?


    Apologies for anyone i ran off the road :D.(especially Ned)


    Poor RIISE. He’s so quick but always seemed to get hit by someone.


    Yeah, the problem was a lot didn’t know the braking points. So yeah, the Hungary one annoyed me more since I was one the outside of turn 2 and still got spun around. Not sure who that was, oh well come the tournament hopefully we can have clean races.


    I use the racing line too. * embarrassed face* Could we allow that please? :)


    Apart from getting smashed into by Irish several times it was really fun.

    I also use racing line lol can you allow it on the corners?


    The reason I don’t like the racing line is that people have a better knowledge of where to brake than others. For example, I think it is great fun when going down the long straight in Shanghai side-by-side with another driver and not knowing where to brake! It is thrilling!


    “Pfft!’, I thought, ‘people from an F1 forum won’t need to use a driving line in a racing game…’ :P Fair enough, I’ll leave it on next time.

    Tonight was good to get used to each other and have our crashes when it doesn’t matter. There WILL be accidents during the league, I tell you that now, but as long as you act sensibly and use caution, hopefully they won’t happen very often. I know that if I run into someone, I’ll wait for them to get back ahead and I won’t overtake them.

    Also, after tonight I’ve decided to keep it on Cosmetic damage only. Similarly, I need to ask you guys whether you have any issues running the entire pit sequence manually – limiter on/off, braking for the box, etc. It just adds an extra dimension to racing but if it’s too much for some people I’ll leave those aids on.

    Incidentally, does anyone else run without aids?


    I run without all of the aids, but I leave TC on because I can’t really get the hang of it with such a limited amount of control on the PS3 pad. Sometimes I switch ABS on if I am struggling.


    I do the same Mag, wait for someone if I’ve hit them off by accident. Maybe we should make it a standard thing for everyone?

    As for pit stops I don’t mind if its manual or automatic.

    I also run without aids, apart from automatic gears because I’ve never got the hang of it, and its a pain with a remote


    For future reference my username is Electrolite_

    I know I wasn’t racing today but it might be valuable incase I do next time. I don’t use any virtual racing lines or markers, no ABS, however I do have full traction control but can run with medium if needed. As for the pitlane being manual it can be difficult to tell where the line is on the lot of the tracks for me.


    Oops yeah I accidentally spun Shyguy at turn 1 on Bahrain, it was weird because you took the corner so slow and went wide so I couldn’t stop then of course I spun you. I should’ve waited actually to have a good battle.

    One thing I would like too know as well, Mag, on Bahrain when I stuck the car down the inside did that make you spin? I thought it was a good move but I felt guilty afterwards.


    Agree Electrolite! I often misjudge the pit entry and/or run over my mechanics. But regarding the crashes, sometimes I will be running alongside someone and they seem to spin off for some reason. From my point of view, we were no-where near touching, but I wonder if because of the poor connection, I actually took them out without knowing? This happened today on Montreal with Ned Flanders.


    No wonder I never got a reply from you Electrolite. I never knew your PSN had the underscore at the end.

    Also, I hope that none of you found hearing my voice a bit, ‘wierd’.

    RIISE – honestly, it did put me in the wall but I didn’t even realise you were there. So, no harm.

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