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F1 2011 Xbox Championship – Feb ’12

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    @Hollis no it hasn’t started yet
    Well since we now have officially 8 people who want to play I suggest we move this along and hopefully get it started lest we lose all enthusiasm, sorry McWoblin if it seems like I’m usurping your authority, this is your group so feel free to resume control at any time:).


    Ben H
    Hollis Graham

    There are still 8 places for other people to join.

    Game rules:

    First of all when would others like to start the season? I think within the next few weeks would be nice.

    What races would people like and how many? Me personally: Melbourne, Monaco, Istanbul, Motreal, Silverstone, Spa, Monza, Sazuka, Interlagos, so 9 in total.

    Assists: All allowed
    Damage: cosmetic
    Weather; Dynamic
    Tyre sim: On
    Fuel sim: on
    Race distance: 30%/40%
    Race Stewards: Minor, with Penalties in game ignored, and instead decided post race by an adjudicator nominated by everyone.
    Practice, Qualification and Race.
    Cars: Equal

    Feel free to post what rules you’d like.

    Racing: clean with F1 2012 rules ie if you move to defend and then move back take your racing line, room must be left for the other car in the breaking zone

    Teams and Gamertag
    Please post to say what team you’d like to drive for and what your xbox 360 gamertag is so we can all add each other. There can be two drivers per team and teams will be decided on a first come, first serve basis.

    Me: McLaren; gameprotage (however if both McLaren spaces are filled up, and someone desperately wants to be one, I do not mind changing teams).


    Okay thanks @kvothe I would like a Ferrari if possible. I think that sound like a good choice of circuits though I would like The hungaro ring. Cosmetic damage I question and why not realistic damage? I agree with determining penalties after race Gamertag: CarnivorousPope


    Could I be McLaren? My gamertag is MadDogMolloy.

    A few things:

    – Is there a limit of 9 tracks? People would want the 9 they are best at…So in terms of balance how about a few more? say everyone minus the awful circuits e.g. Valencia, Abu Dhabi, Spain..
    – I agree with Hollis. Realistic damage.
    – The penalty system: how would we be able to see the incident????
    – I notice with the ps3 championship that people are recording their races. How can this be done without a mobile phone or video camera? Im not the best technical person but it seems fun to watch the races of others.


    +1 for the hungaroring it’s an exciting track to race on.

    Gamertag: markstrub20
    Preferred team: Toro Rosso

    I’d prefer realistic damage aswell.
    Penalties after the race i’m unsure of, it makes cutting corners too easy and is difficult without videos (or honesty)


    @Kyle you have a fair point in regards to the races, however I’m worried that if there are too many initially people will drop out as the season drags on and other commitments pop up ect.
    Also I chose the races based on the classics and the better recent ones. Depending on how this season goes we could either increase or decrease the number of races, however if a lot of people feel strongly about having more races or a greater variety of tracks I wouldn’t mind including some more.

    Hungaroring added.

    Ok for the penalty system we’ll keep stewards systems at minor and penalties incurred in the race will count. If you disagree with a penalty (most of which are likely to occur into the first corner) then you can submit a race report form to be voted on by everyone else, as done in the PS3 threads. I’ll be trying to use a camera and hopefully others will be recording their races as well.

    As for damage, Having watched a lot of the races in the Ps3, there is still a lot of minor contact in the form of nose bumping when trying to overtake, as well as spins and accidental take outs. If we can trust each other to race cleanly, the not having a realistic damage will enhance the enjoyment we’d all get from the series. There will be incidents but it might be best for drivers to report incidents they have of reckless and dirty driving and to punish the player s by docking points and race bans as opposed to ruining people’s experiences in the game. If however my reasons are unsatisfactory, I really don’t mind putting on realistic damage :)


    How do we do practice? I think it would be easier to do time trial sometime before the race.


    @ms20 Grand prix mode? time trial? it’s easy to practice.


    I mean online, I wasn’t sure if you could do practice in an online lobby but @kvothe put it in the suggested rules.


    @kvothe I agree with all your points. Sounds good. We just need more people to join..and I need to work out if I have enough space on my phone to record.

    How shall we keep tabs on points? Does someone want to record the results at the end of the races?


    @Kyle we will have video footage of the results when the race ends. So yeah I guess so.


    @carnivorouspope Of course.


    I’d be interested as long as it wasnt on a Sunday night as im driving the RRR championship

    Classic tracks so happy with that good length of championship too.

    Practice should be done in private in the run up to us doing the qualifying and race. Holds up the show by a hour.

    Tag y2jisaok


    Great well when’s best for everyone? Im sure there will be times when people cant make it so should we include dropping the lowest score?


    Dropping lowest score was an awful rule during the 70’s and 80’s dont want to see it again

    Ment to say i’d like a Merc or Red Bull


    what is drop lowest score?

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