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    Bradley Downton

    Ok guys, so the F1 2012 demo is out and I want to know 2 things.
    What you do make of it?
    What times have you managed around the respective tracks?
    Abu Dhabi in a McLaren, and Monza in a Williams.


    My quali time at Monza was a 1:23.839 and my fastest lap in the race was a 1:25.930. I remember cutting the inside of the entrance to Ascari though for the fastest lap (like how it was allowed in F1 2011). I’m struggling to get a good rhythm at Abu Dhabi, I got a 1:45.551. I’ve noticed that I can get better lap times with the normal gamepad than I can with a wheel with this physics system, it’ll be disappointing if this is the case in the finished product as well :(

    Bradley Downton

    I think it sucks that you can’t put the Options on for the YTD, when everyone else seems to be able to, ie, Vergne, Bianchi, Bird and Rossi. Still, managed a competitive 1:42.336 :D
    My race time for Monza has been a 1:25.7??
    Can’t remember the Quali lap, haven’t done Monza much.

    Oli Peacock

    According to T4GR4, aka Steven Hood, on Twitter has said that the Understeer which has plagued wheel users may be fixed for the full game, fingers crossed:

    Pre-release demos are always created earlier than you’d really want, simply because you have a big list of things that might be annoying you that you want to look into… but don’t have the time to resolve for an early demo. Add in the fact that tinkering with the demo means a retest and you can see why it can go out earlier than we might want.

    It’s not as if we ‘fixed’ anything or found a problem – after the recent hands-on day in Southam we did pick up on a few comments to do with understeer. This had been bugging me for a while and had been something Lee and I were discussing. In amongst a billion other things we were doing at the time Lee trialled a couple of things and one of them worked really well. I won’t go into detail as to what it was/is but we much preferred the change. It makes quite a meaningful difference to the handling consistency, the grip levels and massively reduces understeer frustrations (especially so when racing). I hated the Lemo’s prior to this (I couldn’t find any consistency) but now I’m able to whip through them as I’d hoped. I stopped raging. It even improved FFB (to get where we’d like to be with this will take a little more work and therefore time but I was finally starting to feel the front tyres). We were getting a little too clever and, much like Jenson Button, decided to go back to basics and work up from there.

    I’d like this in as soon as possible but perhaps more sensible types wanted to thoroughly test everything before making it available. We aren’t updating the demo and I can’t really say what our plans are with regards to the full game but simply know that I want this ‘change’ to make it through as soon as possible.”


    I hope they fix the wheel lock to lock sensitivity issue that was in 2011. It was far too easy to get to lock at Monaco – which made it twitchy. The problem is that it doesn’t match the same degrees of lock as the wheel you are using.

    Just downloading and installing the demo right now.


    The eyes from the pit crew look freaky!!!

    The amount of understeer when using the wheel is off-putting. At this rate I’ll have to practice for hours to be able to get to a 1:45 at Abu Dhabi. Seems you have to brake very early, turn and accelerate out, as soon as you get a little wide the understeer is insane. I’m not using any driving aids for this demo.

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