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F1 2012 on PC – Codemasters drop Games for Windows Live

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    If you are a fan of the Codemasters F1 games on PC, good news. Codemasters are dropping the dreadful Games for Windows Live online system, replacing it with the much better and superior Steam service from Valve.

    Games For Windows Live has a terrible reputation amongst the gaming community with complaints surrounding online activation and online play.

    Codemasters has been one of the major publisher partners for this service, but F1 2012 will use Steam instead, like the recently released Dirt Showdown.

    If you search for F1 2012 on Amazon, you can see clearly on the game’s packaging their are no longer any GFWL logo’s. The Steam logo also appears at the end of the recent F1 2012 trailers.

    If there is already another thread on this topic, my apologies. I have searched for similar threads before starting this one.

    Toro Stevo

    Good news, I’m not a huge fan of GFWL, so glad to hear it’s being booted. It has become relatively better, however only because of the worse options now being used for PC games (Uplay, Origin…).

    But despite the plaudits Steam gets, I’ve still encountered problems using it when my crappy internet isn’t working. Sometimes it will accept the offline mode, but other times it will chuck a wobbly and won’t push through. I still want to be able to start Steam and therefore F1 2011 in offline mode without it checking for an internet connection at all, a system that worked for decades with games previously… but Steam aren’t liable to let that happen in a hurry.


    I have heard a lot of complaints about GFWL but never encountered any myself (if i did, they were from my connection in the first place!). Steam is a little bit problematic when it comes to offline gaming, as it requires to be connected in the first place in order to activate the offline mode. Also, Steam supports a lot of other famous games such as TF2, CS, Half-life, Portal and the likes and when their servers are down – F1 will be down too!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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