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    I’d like to know how your career modes are going? I started mine with Force India and I sit in a surprise second in the championship. After a Q1 exit in Australia, I managed to finish in the points in second place. I took pole position in Malaysia but in the end all I could manage was a sixth place behind my teammate. In Bahrain, it was a simple pole and victory ahead of Massa and Button. In China, I had a crash with Alonso, Hulkenberg, Ricciardo, Hamilton and Raikkonen so I was down to thirteenth after qualifying ninth. I recovered for another podium! At this moment in time I sit second behind Nico Rosberg in the championship, with Felipe Massa and Bottas behind. Hamilton has struggled and sits 9th.


    I started with Williams doing a 12 race season (can’t be bothered to do the whole thing) and finished third. I think a came 2nd at Bahrain and I won at Sochi and the rest of the time I just finished in the points. Season 2 was basically the same but in a red bull with a few more podiums but still third at the end of the season. Season 3 was with Ferrari, still third. Season 4 I am with FI at Brazil but since I’m not really trying anymore I’m about 8th in the championship and have signed for marussia next season to see how well I can do! I might post about Brazil, if I ever get round to it.


    Even though about 3 people will read this:

    Brazil: qualified 9th after I made a mistake halfway through my hot lap. Even though I had a
    Bad start I chucked it down the inside at T1 and on the straight
    I was in 3rd and I dived up the inside of Hamilton in sector 2.
    Lap 4 and a simple DRS overtake on Kimi (a little strange I know but let’s not go there, after all quali was mixed conditions)
    saw me in lead. I pulled out a lead on them simply stayed in first, my only win with FI! In the end I think Rosberg came 2nd and either Lewis or Ricciardo came 3rd. Poor Kimi retired in 2nd


    Abu Dhabi: being essentially asleep for qualifying, I crashed out in the last sector so I started last.
    I was a bit disappointed with with my start because the caterhams just blocked me and by the end of s1 I was only in 19th. I gradually made my way through the pack until I caught Kmag and Checo and I did the overtake of my ******* life round the outside of T1. He left no space between himself and the barrier but I squeezed between them and braked just after the 50m mark and turned in. I could feel the wheel fighting me but I made my force India stay on track. Had I not done that I would have been stuck behind my team mate for a while. Kmag was an easy DRS pass as was massa. Vettel and Bottas was a bit more difficult because they were battling when I dived into the chicane we all sandwiched and Bottas lost out massively whilst seb got ahead but we got with drs on the next straight and I got Fernando when he went wide at the hairpin. I almost caught Ricciardo but that was my pit lap. I somehow jumped him in the pits and set off after Rosberg who was 5 seconds ahead. From then on it was qualifying laps to the end in a bid for second. On the penultimate lap I passed nico in the last sector. He pressured me to the end but I just clinched from him by a couple of tenths as we crossed the line virtually side by side.

    For all the people who think this game is crap I just want to say that was most fun ******* race I’ve ever done on an f1 game in my entire life.


    So I’ll give you some full race reviews….


    My practice pace wasn’t very good and I was 16th in the practice session. In qualifying, I was 18th after my first two runs and on my final run my pressure cracked me as I was purple in the first two sectors, I did improve but stayed 18th and out of qualifying. The race was very hectic at the start and I moved up to 10th place ahead of Hülkenberg. For the second half of the race, I was ahead of Grosjean, Vettel had retired for some reason so we were 9th and 10th. Some how Kobayashi was running 11th, so I tried to take out Grosjean. I made him lose his wing, but it seems Sutil had moved up to 10th in the end. I was happy with 9th and Hülkenberg was 14th.


    In pratice I was very fast and was fastest by about a second. That continued through qualifying and I was on pole from Rosberg. At the first corner, I was swamped before returning to the lead with a dive bomb. I made a mistake and ram into a gravel trap. I then had a collison with Vettel and Raikkonen bringing ot the Safety Car. After the safety car I struggled to keep up with Ricciardo and was under pressure from Hülkenberg the whole race. On the tenth lap I ran wide and Hulkenberg flew past which was annoying. On the final lap I had to keep a group of Grosjean, Hamilton and Kvyat behind and I was slightly disappointed with sixth place.


    It was a similar start to the weekend like Malaysia, but even faster. I was fastest in practice, Q1, Q2 and took pole position. Unlike the other races I managed to take the lead from Hamilton. Behind me, Hamilton, Rosberg and Ricciardo collided bringing the safety car out. Massa and Bottas were behind so I could breath a sigh of relief. I pulled away about two seconds a lap from the safety car and finished a dominant 21 seconds ahead of Massa, Button and Bottas. My first win!!!


    The pace in China was quite good but not dominant. I was fastest in practice and Q1, but I slipped to fourth in Q2. I crashed with Alonso in Q3 and I had a puncture which for some reason the team didn’t want to fix in a glitch. So I couldn’t set a proper lap and was 9th only ahead of Alonso. In the race, I made a really awesome start while Rosberg slipped to 7th and I took the lead of the race. It was five wide into turn 4 and both Hamilton, Ricciardo and Vettel had damage to their car and somehow Rosberg took the lead from me! I was defending from Massa, Alonso, Raikkonen and Hulkenberg before we collided with me stuck between the Ferrari’s. The incident brought the saferty car out and I was stuck in 13th but some clever tactical work saw me come out eighth after the pit stops. ERICSSON was 7th. Not for long because I passed him round the outside. Next up was Maldonado who was easy pickings. I then got by JEV down the inside as well. I was behind both McLaren’s. I divebombed the two of them as well, Magnussen was cheeky and then passed Button. Vettel had recovered to second and was way too far up the road and Rosberg did indeed win the race.

    So far in the champinship I sit second behind Rosberg. Massa is third and Bottas fourth. Hamilton is down in 9th and Ricciardo is stuck in 11th. My teammate the Hulk is 12th.


    Now completed the first two-and-half races of the season 5 (two and a half because I started to fall asleep at Canada so I had to mid session save)
    Australia: qualified dead last in the marussia after a random puncture but I recovered to finish 18th. I did have to some overtaking, mostly on Chilton and Ericsson. We had a few hairy moments but a boring race at the end of the day.
    Bahrain: much better race, qualified 16th. Spent most of the race in 12th. I closed in to Gutierrez at the end but I didn’t get past.
    Canada part 1: qualified 18th but I started dropping down in the race but I was ahead of both caterhams and Max



    Spain was a horrible weekend for me. I qualifed ninth in the wet conditons after being fourth in a dry practice. In the race, I was able to make ground upto fifth place at the start. When it started to rain more heavily, I was out of synchronise with the AI as I pitted for wets early. That cost ne and I was down to tenth. For the rest of the race, I was spinning and that lost me ground to Massa and eventually I was lapped by winner Ricciardo. I finished eleventh with Hulkenberg 16th.


    In Monaco, I was fastest in practice! But in Q1 I was 12th on the primes and I topper Q2. Unfortunately, Q3 was wet, so I could only manage tenth place. In a dry race, I had a good start and bolted into fifth and I managed to pass both Hülkenberg and Ricciardo. I catching the Mercs’s a second per lap but I tried the undercut and I got severley blocked by a collison between Vergne, Raikkonen, Massa and Kvyat. I came out four second behind the Mercs and I was losing time and eventually the gap came up to fifteen seconds. I had to defend from Alonso and Ricciardo and they managed to crash on the final lap! Hamilton won the race and Rosberg finished second. I was third and Hülkenberg was ninth.

    I’ll write a big review for Canada because it was an amazing race

    Spoilers for Canada

    I fall from first to eighth on the last lap
    It rains
    Maldonado wins the race
    Caterham have both cars in the points, Marussia have Chilton
    Sutil scores podium
    Raikkonen and Ferrari make bad decision
    Raikkonen comes from last to first on one lap
    Hamilton loses his wing twice and retires after crashing
    Kvyat is second
    Hulkenberg fails again after leading at one stage
    10 cars go wide into one corner
    Vergne, Vettel and me battle for the lead
    10 finishers
    I’m stuck on wrong tyre
    I lose my wing aswell
    I was sad



    Canada was the best race ever I’ve done! I qualified on an impressive pole postition and kept it at the start. I made Hamilton lose his wing because I don’t like him. I did the same to Hulkenberg who was in second place. Alonso and Bottas aswell it was chaos. Magnussen was also in the mix along with Vettel and Raikkonen. Ricciardo, Button and Grosjean had retired then and they were all in the top ten. Rosberg eventually retired aswell. The safety car was brought out because of a collison with Felipe Massa. Raikkonen somehow pitted only went the saftey car in which out him dead last by miles. Magnussen lost his wing aswell. Then we went about 16 wide in t4. And Raikkonen was back into P2 with Hamilton and Kvyat and Vergne. Then I made Hamilton lose his wing again! Raikkonen did the same aswell. Then me and Vettel and Vergne were batlling for the lad and both retired! Hamilton came back and took the lead before I passed him and put him in the wall with Hulkenberg. Then Sutil and me go wide and make small contact. Then Maldonado takes the lead and Kvyat goes second! It was because the rain had come and those guys were on inters. Caterham finished sixth and seventh and Chilton ninth and I was swamped and was down in eighth of ten finishers. And for good measure I got karma so I lost my wing :) Best RACE EVER


    Austria was a fun weekend for me. I was near the top all the time until and infamous Q3 when it again rained and I could only qualify in ninth. I had a good start in the race and moved up to second place ahead of Hulkenberg and Rosberg. The race was boring and nothing happended except the end. Bottas who was working on a two stop strategy, Alonso who started from 15th and Ricciardo from the back of the grid were all trying to overtake me. Hamilton won the race from me and Alonso.

    Great Britain

    Other than Canada, this was the best race of the season for me. A dry qualifying but I was stuck in the drop zone in Q1 before I set a magic lap time to go fastest. Same in Q2 and I also went fastest. But in Q3, I could only qualify tenth. But another magic start saw me up into the top three where I would be all day. Then it was wing time! First up was Ricciardo and Alonso. Dispatched. Then Raikkonen and Vettel. Dispatched. Unfortunately, Vergne passed me on the last lap so I came home fourth and lost my second place in the championship to Hamilton.


    1. Nico Rosberg
    2. Lewis Hamilton
    3. Kavin Kamnnan
    4. Valtteri Bottas
    5. Fernando Alonso
    6. Felipe Massa
    7. Daniel Ricciardo
    8. Sebastian Vettel
    9. Kimi Raikkonen
    10. Daniil Kvyat
    11. Jenson Button
    12. Kevin Magnussen
    13. Pastor Maldonado
    14. Adrian Sutil
    15. Jean-Eric Vergne
    16. Romain Grosjean
    17. Nico Hulkenberg
    18. Kamui Kobayashi
    19. Marcus Ericsson
    20. Esteban Gutierrez
    21. Max Chulton
    22. Jules Bonaci


    Canada part 2: All I really remember is having a STUPID crash with Magnussen at the wall
    Of champions and dropping from about 8th to 19th and taking the
    Options too far in second stint saw me down to last!

    Currently 15th in the championship, just waiting for the tracks where I do better (like Sochi, Abu Dhabi, São Paulo and Monza) to get some results but that won’t be easy considering that I’m in a marussia

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