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F1 2014 – First Impressions

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    Well, one can say thing business model worked well for EA in the past – of course, the biggest loosers were the fans and the players back then as well. They are simply not motivated to do better and the sales should still come in strong with the fanboys – not us, true fanatics – supposedly still jumping at the opportunity to be someone they are not (i. e. be Daniil Kvyat for example), regardless of the physics, features, etc.


    It just sucks. Lots of nice things of F1 2013 they took off and the rest is the same. I can’t believe its that hard to put a nice game together. Its simple, F1 FANATICS like realism, that means a GOOD IA, who puts you under pressure but that also makes mistakes and no the glitches of leaving room at the Apex. 2nd is a bit of interaction once you win a race, going to the podium, giving out interviews, just make it a bit more of a story than just a race and i would appreciate a bit more of help to tune a car, maybe a suggested set-up you just fine tune, i mean, im a race driver at the end, not and engineer, i should only be able to fine tune the work made by the engineers.

    What do you guys think?


    Bit supriced so many people dislike the game. I for one really like it. I bought it without any expectations, I knew F1 2010/12 were glitchy, but gave 2014 a go anyway. I play on PC with steering wheel, and once I got the settings right it was great. The cars actually respond really well, giving understeer, oversteer etc at all the right moments. You can actually really gain time in Singapore by driving aggressively, although my concentration usually fails after some laps :) Also SPA and the US Grand Prix are alot of fun. Just really nice tracks to play. Most of the time I just quit qualifying and start the race from the back, and then try to race to the front. Once while overtaking people at turn 1 at the US GP, suddenly and Force India and a Lotus tangeled in front of me, making me T-bone the Force India, and ruining my race. I thought it was quite funny and a nice touch to the game. Overall I quite like it, and think it’s worth the money if you’re into F1 games. Don’t expect it to be some kind of a simulator and have some fun!


    I enjoyed the game. Not a big step forward from the older iterations but the new cars make it worthwhile for me. Can’t wait for F1 2015!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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