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    As the new f1 game is nearing lets discuss what ideas should be in the game.


    Maybe some thing to do with a team manager?


    Online Practice/TimeTrial


    Possibility to complain about the engines
    Ability to fire all the team staff
    Have “Puppet Bernie” show up and say something out of touch
    Puppet Bernie
    Have some crazy rules mentioned in passing for next season which are then later abandoned

    Other than that, preferably a glitch-free game that isn’t just a rehash of last years (but with slightly better textures to make it “next gen”)


    Will CodeMasters ever be able to create a game in which the AI do not slam on the brakes and slow down to walking pace whenever the are trapped on the inside line of a corner?

    Iestyn Davies

    What about ‘meltdown mode’, where small teams collapse and three car teams start running?

    Or the ability to do a YDT with Caterham, who then promptly go bust? Leaving you in the dark, seeking a third driver role with Force India.. then after a year of FP1s, maybe you can get a big break.

    Cheat mode: You bring enough cash to rescue a backmarker team.

    Craig Woollard

    Pretty simple. Just don’t bother.

    The Codemasters series of F1 games are nothing short of terrible. The cars feel awful. The AI is absolutely woeful. The graphics aren’t great. Bugs everywhere. Online is a mess. Either make a game for the hardcore racing sim player or you make a game for the casual pick up and play player. In between doesn’t work in this era of gaming.

    As for actual suggestions, the first thing they should do is stop making that terrible YDT compulsory. Yes, I know how to drive in a straight line.


    Drivers changing, its very frustating that the teams and drivers always the same, the driver pool maybe in GP2, Fr 3.5, or reserve driver and more realistic driver behaviour on the track and better A.I


    Apart from the usual demands for better graphics, sound design, AI, and car handling model?
    I’m basing these suggestions on the last F1 game I played (F1 2011), so I’m not sure what improvements have been made since then, and if my ideas are still applicable.

    – A better post-race replay and review system, maybe something along the lines of the Theatre modes seen in the FIFA or Halo games
    – Variability in team performance through the R&D race – the cars almost always adhere to the generally accepted running order in terms of pace and AI finishing position. It would be nice for the in-game R&D system to more tangibly translate into altered car performance and competitiveness. More than that, opponents could become more/less competitive as the season progresses. This means you could start the season fighting STRs, and finish the season chasing the Williams cars; meanwhile, the AI McLaren team slowly slides out of contention as their car development stalls, swinging the championship in your favour (or something to that effect).
    – More “realistic” contract negotiation simulation, which might include haggling for lead driver status (and hence preferential allocation of R&D parts, pit strategy, and such), exit and performance clauses, dueling new prospects in test drives, or courting sponsors through good race performances to help your chances with prospective employers.
    – I liked the idea of the “Classic” mode in F1 2013. The games would to well to dip further into the heritage of the F1 license. Include old F1 legends like the BT49, the MP4/4 or the F2002 as rewards to be unlocked, and allow their use in time trials. More heritage tracks: Kyalami, Zandvoort, Watkins Glen, etc.
    – More variety in the pre and post-race animations. The driver does the same celebration climbing out of the car every single time. Maybe they could mix it up a bit by including snippets of the actual podium ceremony, interaction with the pit crew, and so on. Come to think of it, greater variety in sound clips would be nice too. The pit radio is astoundingly repetitive.
    – The option of driving the parade lap and/or cool-down lap for the race itself. Improves immersion in the grand prix setting, and adds a layer of strategic play in terms of how well the player can manage tyre and engine temperatures.
    – Game updates that reflect mid-season driver/livery changes.

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