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F1 2015 PS4 Championship

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    @xtwl thats a shame dude. Please feel free to join us for the odd race if you’re free though. Thanks for offering to steward too, although now with the use of the ‘share button’, we could get a lot of the decisions out of the way whilst everyone is still in the lobby after the race. Obviously we wont always know what time races are likely to finish though.

    You’re right about setting up and Practicing on a particular circuit beforehand. But this would benefit those who had the time to practice for hours and hours prior to the event. Not everyone has that luxury. I feel that the method im suggesting will highlight a driver’s true skill by showing who is best at adapting to each circuit.


    I’ll be there as always

    Facebook page is a great idea, we should have done it years ago!

    Only idea i’d had was to make the sprint championship a separate championship, wouldnt have helped me last season but i just dont like having two different scoring systems for a championship and liked it more when we had 1 race.

    Bradley Downton

    Really excited about this, hope the lack of practice and mixing of cars will create a good mix of competition, and hopefully enable me to take some wins!

    Only thing I would say with a random calendar @maddogmolloy, can we start in Australia, then randomise after that? If anyone wants to practice for that it’s only one race, but most people will likely have done it loads anyway, with it being the first race of the Championship. Plus, it just feels more proper for Australia to open a season?


    If there’s space I’d love to get involved! Rules sound great


    If you need another person id be interested also. Do you have a link to the Facebook group?


    @kvothe @robocat @pezlo2013 @jamiefranklinf1 @bradley13 @mrgrieves @ljkobrien @strunk27 @afalciesaber @dazzaarcher @powderfinger @david-a @redmist @ed24f1 @xtwl @alexf11995 @ctidave @cscottyf195

    Hello.. Anyone still there?

    Sorry it’s taken me an absolute age to get back to you all on here. Ive been ill, I’ve been on holiday, ive been playing other games (when ive had the time), my dog ate my internet etc. what else can i use?

    Apologies. I suppose I’ve also been waiting to see if the online multiplayer bugs have been squashed. Has anyone been online recently?

    So.. Here’s what i propose. If you’re still interested in some sort of championship then post in this thread. Give us your PSN ID too. If we reach the number that’s in my head as a minimum requirement, then we can go racing. I imagine that interest has dipped due to my laziness, the bugs and what has been (in my opinion) one of the dullest real life seasons in a long time (minus Texas of course).

    But i hope you all prove me wrong!


    I have chosen to skip this game completely as they have failed to fix minor issues in previous games so I’m not at all optimistic they can fix bigger ones on next gen.

    Am looking into getting the game cheap for the singleplayer though.

    Bradley Downton

    @maddogmolloy – I’d love to if we get enough people and I get the time…


    Sorry mate bu i to go fed up with the bugs and sold my game. Shame as i only go it for our championships then a cross between nothing happening and the game being poor led to this. Hope you get something going though

    Nic Morley

    I look forward to this, will be fun. I think it would be good if we banned people from putting in setups, maybe allow only the default setups but this might be tricky to enforce? I think it would make the races more about the driving and rather not who finds the best setup. I think it would make the races closer and more exiting and fun for everyone; race with pure speed instead if setups.

    I think banning setups and having a pre planned race calandar would be better. Saying that I do disagree with the realistic performance and token system for the cars your drive. It should be equal performance for cars, otherwise whoever is in the Mercedes will basically have the win handed to them before the race even begins.


    @robocat Some good points. Here are my thoughts.

    Only pre-defined setups will be allowed for Race 1 (the feature race) i.e. those 5 default setups you see in the garage prior to the race. As things stand we will allow setups to be created for race 2 (the sprint race). However we can change things if the majority prefers no setups at all.

    We had championships back in the xbox 360 days. Back then, having a pre-determined calendar meant everyone spending hours and hours practising on a particular circuit on the days prior to a race. Those who just turn up and can’t dedicate that time are instantly at a disadvantage. The system I’m proposing eliminates this and makes things closer and more competitive as a result. Plus it means we really get to see the best drivers, as they have to naturally adapt to the circuit that has been selected. We can eliminate some of the lesser liked circuits from the selection process if people wish.

    We’ll be dropping the outliers i.e. Mercedes and Manor, to stop drivers pulling off in the distance and vice versa. This balances things out nicely as anyone now driving the best car (i.e. the Ferrari) wont be too far ahead of the rest.

    We’ve used equal performance before and it’s definitely the purest form of racing. However the same drivers were always at the front and it got a little boring. Those at the back stopped attending races as a result. Interest waned. With the Realistic performance system I’m proposing, everyone has to adapt to a car’s individual characteristics and the field is a lot closer as a result. Every race is unique with different drivers in different positions, the end result meaning that races are more varied and definitely a lot more fun. Plus newcomers would be on the pace with everyone else and there is more chance of them returning for future races. There is also an element of strategy involved with the credits system. I.e. Do i throw all my credits into good cars earlier in the championship thus building a potential lead? or do i spread them out more over the course of the season.

    Saying that, I’m happy to make changes if the majority prefer a different system. At the end of the day, we just want to make things fun and fair for everyone. Any ideas/suggestion are welcome! If we get enough support, i hope to get going by the end of November.


    At this moment in time I have no Internet until my house purchase goes through and we get a moving date, so I can’t compete just yet. Plus with work, I have had barely any time for the game itself anyway.

    I’d love to try and defend the title, but it’s looking a little bleak thus far.

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