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F1 Fanatic Wii F1 2009 Championship!

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    Yes! I know!! Wii!!

    It’s taken me a few more days than I’d have preferred to iron out all the creases involved in organizing a Videogames championship on a console that isn’t particularly renowned for it’s online capabilities.. But I’m sure that people on this forum must have a Wii and a copy of F1 2009 lying around somewhere..

    The championship will be held over a Time Trial format, with tracks being selected by using a random process to avoid advance practice. Each competitor will have 2-3 days to set a time, take a picture of the screen with the top 3 times on it, and send it to my e-mail ( roleplayersgd@yahoo.co.uk ). I will then be able to work out the points scored thus:

    For example, the track chosen is Valencia and the fastest time received is a 1:37.682, this time scores 100.00000 points, because it is 100.00000% of the fastest time, if the second fastest time is 1:38.001, then the driver will score 99.67449, because it is 99.67449% of the fastest time, and so on down the field.

    As I want as many people as possible to enter this, I won’t use a ‘1 driver only’ rule, but in the event of a tie-breaker, the 2nd and 3rd fastest laps may be called in to play, so don’t just set one fast lap and be done with it.

    Of course, there’s some drawbacks, you can ‘luck’ your way into selecting the next track when practicing, and that’s just tough luck on everyone else.. If you want to be good, practice on all the tracks…

    And of course, you’ll all know what the last track will be when it comes to it, cause it’ll be the only one left..



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