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F1 Fanatic Xbox Championship – Season 5 COMPLETE

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    Video above (Now in HD). Please ignore my horrible driving on extremely worn tires and turn down the volume!

    On Lap 27, if you look on the minimap, you should see odin stop on the track at 0:55, a few seconds later he moves backwards very slowly. I then passed him at 1:48 with him on the left. At 2:12, he starts moving forwards again until about 2:23. At 2:47 he starts moving backwards again. I passed him again at 3:41. I did one full lap + a pitsop while he stopped on the side of the track. At 3:25, you can see his name come up on the bottom, I think this was when he was expressing his displeasure. (I had my chat disconnected).

    This happened in Jerez, as mentioned in the lobby, except it happened with 4 cars at the end of the race.


    @cscottyf195 have a look at the video above – we’ve all looked at it just now whilst in the lobby.


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @strunk27 @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @cscottyf195 @vitreouschain @mcwoblin
    @power @lint101 @strongo83

    Hi everyone – hope you’ve all had a nice Christmas and a happy new year.

    Following the events of the last race and the decreasing enjoyment everyone is experiencing with the latest version of this game, I would like to find out who is still interested in continuing this season? The lack of any comment on here for over two weeks is concerning me after anything that happened. Please let me know if you still want to continue.

    With this in mind, I would like to announce that I will be stepping down as organiser at the end of this season. It’s been so much fun racing with you all but I’m not really sure how much more I can do to keep the series going. That and the fact that my xbox live membership has just expired and I’m not sure if I’m going to renew it!


    Oh and I can confirm that there won’t be a race this Monday (6 Jan). The calendar will be updated following the final decision.


    I’d be happy to go on every two weeks but this just sound like final nail in the coffin after the last few weeks


    @mrgrieves the main problem seems to be with the game itself. We ain’t finding it fun and we seem to be trying to think of gimmicks to keep it interesting i.e. Splitting races into two etc. The f1 2013 server seems to be destroying our fun too – example being the Chain/Odin incident that happened on one screen and not on another (see The video at the top of the page).

    Perhaps we could go back to an older version or race on another game altogether ie Forza 4.

    In terms of our league… Numbers have dwindled and the champ leader left a few weeks back. Suggested some changes before Xmas but only two people responded. Since my statement today there hasn’t been a comment on here for 2 and a half weeks. Think that tells you everything.. Even after some of our worst races, we still had discussions.

    I think back to before our first season… So many wanted a xbox lesgue to be set up.. Where is everyone now? And how many new drivers have we had recently? Perhaps we need a new site? Merge with another league somewhere?

    In terms of my future, I pay for playstation plus now so don’t really want to commit to xbox gold again just for this game if no one wants to carry on. When f1 2014 comes out, I shall be buying it for ps4 so prob wouldn’t of been able to run this league anyway.

    If we want to end the season here and start again then that’s ok. I don’t know if there’s any point continuing especially seeing as the champ leader has left… (Although I do think that he should look at that video from chain above!)


    I haven’t been racing since Brands Hatch simply because there is too many dirty drivers in this league, 3 times in the space of 10-15 laps I was hit from behind AND passed at T2, they just hit you, push you into the grass/barrier and continue driving like nothing happened, and it’s not the first time it has happened, that is why the 2 people I brought into this league stopped because too many dirty people who just hit you and drive on like nothing happened, not even an apology.

    Lt Alfred

    I think the problem is more stagnation within the league (although there definitely are issues with the game too) there’s not been many new drivers really and apart from one or two surprises each season the grid order has stayed pretty consistent which does take some of the fun away from it. I’m thinking of cancelling my subscription too, I don’t really have time to use the xbox much so its just a waste of money at the moment, I would be open to suggestions if anyone wanted to go back to a previous game or switch to a new series?


    @power sorry to hear that but I’m sure it weren’t intentional. I don’t think there is a league where that doesn’t happen.. Sometimes it comes down to the server itself (see video above). Some drivers disable chat during races or teammates enter party chat, hence no immediate apology. One of the drivers you invited kept driving into the side of me at one particular race and kept trying to take me out. I was furious after that race.

    @ljkobrien good to hear from you mate. Perhaps mixing up the grid at races might help with this. Remember that race at Monza last season after the wet quali? That was an amazing race… Granted Jonny and lemon managed to fight their way from the back but still.. Perhaps no qualifying might help?


    @MadDogMolloy to be honest mate i dont know what im doing with work till i start on monday, someone told me its days others have told me its nights. also the game aint interesting me this year (keep playing gta, fifa, nba2k14, motogp13) apart from 1 race i did with u lot iv not put disk in since probs first weekend of release


    I’ve become a little bored with the F1 games recently.
    Maybe it would be better to have longer breaks between seasons or even make it a yearly thing like the Collantine Cup. I don’t have Forza 4 but I’d be up for a league on that instead of F1, if other people are.

    I haven’t had a major problem with bad driving but given that this is more of a casual league I can’t see how this could be improved anyway.
    If everyone records their races (which may be easier with the new consoles) then penalties can be given out, but it’s difficult to take any action when there is no evidence available.
    It may help if everyone has to explicitly agree to some rules over what is acceptable driving so everyone understands what is expected (although there is a paragraph in the first post which kind of covers this).

    Other ideas: Reverse qualifying and/or a handicap system where we have the cars set to 2013 performance instead of equal, and faster drivers get slower cars based on previous results.
    These could make the races more equal but require everyone to cooperate and not be purposely slow to gain an advantage.


    @strongo83 thanks mate – let us know!

    @ms20 not sure how the handicap system would work. Mixed grids seem the best idea…

    I still think the game ain’t great – who here has Forza 4? Is it any good for online races? Are there any other games?


    After our last race at Hungary, I lost my nerve and patience with this game, its not fun in anyway to practice for several hours during my weekend where I could be using the time more productively to have a race ruined either at the beginning by a driver or a pathetic in game glitch.
    Following this I no longer own my Xbox 360 as F1 was the only game which kept me desired to keep it and as I have purchased the Xbox one I have moved on to racing on Forza 5.
    Its been great racing with you guys but for obvious reasons I wont be returning to the league.


    I think to change things up put damage on, a new rule where everyone must be in game chat, because if people are in party chat during races that is why it is sometimes laggy and you can communicate with other drivers telling them where you are on the track, passing them on the inside/outside etc, and if you take someone off you must give back the position, that is really what we do in the league I co-run and it is successful with the odd incident.


    @power don’t think anyone was in party chat in the last race and things happened then. Don’t think damage switched on would work – people would just rage quit if punted off as their race is ruined by having to crawl back to the pits with wing damage. Personaly, only had a couple of instances where others have knocked me off or caused crashes. The majority of incidents that occurred were reported to the stewards and we dealt with them after the race.

    @cscottyf195 sorry to hear that but you do realise that Chain wasn’t anywhere near you at the moment you quit? You should have spoke to us in the lobby afterwards about it and we could have sorted things out.

    Right I’m determined to not let things end this way. The majority of the racing we have had has been amazing so we will finish this season and see where we go from there. Plus we can all chat and think of ideas in the lobby when we meet.

    I take it that the following wish to continue:

    @mrgrieves ??
    @strongo83 ??

    @mrgrieves I assume that @dazzaarcher will? I assume @lemon and @viterouschain will want to continue. I’ll message @jonny705 to see if he wants to carry on. I’ll also try and get hold of @infernojim to see if he has the game yet.

    If you guys are happy with this, I’ll renew my gold membership and set up a casual lobby with some sprints this Monday (6 Jan). Although casual, I think it’s really important we meet for sake of the future of this league. The actual season will resume the following Monday following our talks.

    All ok?

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