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F1 Fanatic Xbox Championship – Season 5 COMPLETE

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    Ya but with damage on then people will drive more carefully.

    Lt Alfred

    I’m still a no at the moment. like i said a few weeks ago, i cant commit the time at the moment, im still hoping to be involved in the league in whatever form it takes in the future, but the next couple of months are going to take up too much of my time


    @ljkobrien that’s fair enough. As an old-timer (if I can call you that) it would Be good to have you there on Monday mate (if u can) -we’ll be discussing the future direction of this league including how it can be more convenient and fun for everyone.

    I’ve had a brain wave overnight and come up with an amazing idea. Will tell you all on Monday evening. @ljkobrien the idea will defenitly help with the time constraints you mentioned!

    Darren Archer

    I won’t be able to make January races use my uni exams. Will be back first week of February.


    @Dazzaarcher you able to join us for about 20 mins this Monday? Be interested to hear your thoughts and suggestions! You won’t need to race!


    Still don’t own f1 2013 I’m afraid boys.

    Darren Archer

    @maddogmolloy I should be able to come on. That at the usual 8:20?


    @dazzaarcher 8pm sound ok?

    Darren Archer

    @maddogmolloy fine with me, I’ll be on

    Lt Alfred

    should be able to make it, half of aberystwyth is currently underwater and the rest is covered in the debris of the the other half of the town so dealines and exams have been pushed back a week giving me some breathing room, dont think ill be racing but ill be there for 8


    I’ll be there.


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @strunk27 @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @mcwoblin @lint101 @strongo83

    Just a quick reminder about tonight! Important post Xmas meeting about the future of the championship at 8pm. Please join us if you want to be part of discussions and contribute any ideas which could improve our league and solve some of the problems we have faced e.g. Racing going stale, incidents in races etc.

    It’s easier then doing it all on here and gives us an excuse to get together again after a 3 week break.

    Please note that there is no championship race tonight. We might have some sprint races afterwards but no need to stick around for them if you aren’t able to.

    If you can’t make it, post a response on here or send me a private msg and I can include any ideas you might have in discussions that take place tonight.

    Hope to see you all there! If there’s one evening that you need to attend it’s this one!


    I’ve got storms down here and the connection is on-off, so probably won’t get in.


    ^ Likewise i assume as my Xbox wont stay connected

    Main complaints are 1st corner incidents. Every week for teh past 3 seasons me or my team mate are taken out with NO redemption offered, no penaltys ect. I would insist on extream stringent punishment AKA automatic 5 place penalty for the finishing position if video footage proves guilt

    also after tonights shambles i checked when my gold contract ends (01/04) and im sure i wont be renewing but if this championship gets back to its best i may go for a 6 months


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @strunk27 @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83

    Thanks for taking time to come online last night guys. For those unable to make it, below are the changes we agreed. Feel free to comment on the changes! If I’ve missed anything let me know.

    – Switch from equal to 2013 performance settings.
    – Everyone gets defined number of coins to spend on race seats across the whole season.
    – Each cluster of teams costs a certain amount. Example (exact amounts and groupings TBC):
    Red Bull and Mercedes – 5 coins
    Ferrari and Lotus – 4
    McLaren, Force India and Sauber – 2
    Williams and Toro Rosso – 1
    Caterham and Marussia – 0
    – Please note that amount for top teams not too high so as to encourage selection. Mid pack teams not far behind to prevent drivers from playing it safe eg choosing mid pack team at every event.

    – Drivers will be given the opportunity to choose their race seat in the lobby before each individual race event. Choices will be determined by reverse championship Order.
    – Number of coins each receives is determined by Season 5 finishing position (1st gets least, furtherest back gets the most).
    – 1 coin deducted if driver misses race. 2 coins for the next race, 3 after race etc. (so even if new driver enters final race, they will still have enough to get top seat and not feel left behind).
    – no driver is allowed to choose same team more than twice across the course of the season.

    -Once seats designated, Circuit chosen at random in lobby. (eliminates need for hours of practice before each race as you won’t know what you’re racing on!)
    – a selection of the most uninteresting races will be excluded from the random vote. Drivers will decide which circuits these will be, during pre-season.
    – Once circuit has been raced on, this will be removed from random vote for races later in the season. However…
    – three tracks (TBC) will be available for selection again during the last part of the season (in order to stop everyone practising on small number of remaining tracks which haven’t been used yet)
    – lowest dropped score still counts.
    – Roughly 10 -12 race events to be used for a season.
    – Race events to be held on a weekly basis with two – three weekly breaks during the course of a season.

    – Two races at each event.
    – A feature race (50% with one-shop Quali and current points system eg 25-18-15 etc)
    – and a sprint race (5 laps, random grid, old style points eg 10-6-4 etc)
    – Same circuit to be used for both races.

    – New three tier penalty system for those who cause avoidable incidents (as deemed by stewards panel).
    – 10 seconds added to time (or 1 place penalty) on first offence if actual game doesn’t award penalty.
    – further 10 seconds on second offence.
    – One race ban after third offence.
    – stewards have power to double up on penalties, if more than one victim in collision.

    – Team championship to still exist for partnerships (even though won’t be driving the same car). Applications for team names to be created for the first time.

    These changes will come into effect for Season 6 (starting early Feb).

    It was decided that the current season would not continue. The final points standings would be published in due course.

    Hopefully these changes will:
    – level the playing field
    – create fun and exciting races
    – prevent the hours of practice we currently do prior to each race
    – help new drivers to compete on level terms
    – prevent less collisions with more punishments for bad driving.

    A test race will take place either next Monday (13 Jan) or the following Monday (20 Jan). This will be done to check if structure of races works. No points will be presented at this event. Please could you indicate your preferred date please.

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