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F1 Fanatic Xbox Championship – Season 5 COMPLETE

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    For me, a game like F1 should be one that you can take as seriously as possible. I.e. races should always be at least 50%, calendars pre-defined and scheduled weeks in advance, and drivers and teams signed up ready to go.

    It is shame when an F1 game gets so boring that this is no longer possible. However, it was quite clear to me and, by the looks of it, the vast majority here that we needed to take a more laidback approach, and I think what has been proposed above is about as good as I could have imagined.

    Yes, the idea of randomly selecting a track means there will probably be even more first-lap carnage than before – people won’t have knowledge of where exactly to brake, etc. And I can imagine that the sprint races will have a more adventurous feel to them, a bit like the ones we normally do after the races where people try ridiculous moves for the sake of it. But it sounds like it will mix things up a bit so that’s all good.

    At first I was a bit confused by the coin idea, but then I realised that by taking away knowledge of the next circuit, we need someway to prepare for the race. I suppose planning what car you might choose in the lobby might require a bit of thought.

    One thing’s for sure: next season’s standings will be hectic lol.

    Speaking of standings, I’m assuming we are counting the last race at Hungary as part of S5 too. If so, I will need the results from that race.


    @jonny705 I agree with the serious tone but if others aren’t enjoying it and new drivers are struggling to keep up with the pace, then it becomes a problem. I think these new ideas help make it more accessable and more fun. There won’t be the same drivers competing for the same positions every week so it shakes up the Pecking order at each race in the most fair way possible.

    Sorry to confuse you with the coin rule. I’ll simplify it more but wanted to add detail with my last post to ensure those who couldn’t make it last night understood the thinking behind it.

    Don’t worry about the standings – maybe we could simplify it so you don’t need to give changing the order every week. In terms of the current standings, I’ve got the Hungary results somewhere so will post them later today.


    @jonny705 also the new three tier penalty system should help with collisions a little bit. We could always increase the severity of punishments if it doesn’t fix things.

    We did discuss having damage fully on but decided against it.


    Im working away on the 20th so 13th or bust for me dude.

    Very disappointed not to see a much more strict penalty system. I felt and from Jonnys reaction im not alone in thinking that 1st corners are a nightmare atm and have been for at least the last 2 season. Every week either me or daz has the race ruined by loosing 10+ seconds in the accident then an immeasurable amount of time coming through the field for the argument I’ll say 10 more seconds however you are very very lucky it the guilty driver get a 10 second penalty where a MINIMUM for causing an incident should be 20 seconds and as a deterrent i would have no less than 30 seconds.

    Bad driving and incidents almost exclusively have put me off this championship far more than not enjoying the game. After 1st corner incidents I’ve only stuck around due to the poor turn out guaranteeing 5+points otherwise I’d have finished far less races. Not sure about anyone else but i would be furious if i spent my 5 credits on Red Bull just to be punted off in turn 1 at the race im expecting a great result then see the person who took me out have no penalty like in Hungry where two drivers hit me in turn 1 as they broke ridiculously late and neither got acceptable punishment for the crime.


    @mrgrieves this is tricky as there’s no easy solution to this problem. Last night we discussed both turning damage up to full and the penalty system to realistic but still found problems with both of these ideas.

    Unfortunately just like in real F1, collisions are always going to happen. We all get involved in first corner collisions – I’ve personally been involved in quite a few. This is especially the case with roughly 10 different internet connections racing down to the first corner. Another problem is that while the culprit might be punished it doesn’t give the lost time back to the victim.

    We could be more forceful with penalties. To a certain extent we are with the new three tier system we are proposing. For each avoidable incident, a 10 second penalty will be awarded and if more than one driver is involved then this multiples. Do take into account, with this rule, if a incident affects three drivers then it’s an automatic race ban (if the stewards agree). We can increase the harshness of these penalties a couple of races in if needed.

    We don’t want to be too harsh with penalties because drivers will be scared to even attempt overtakes and that caution might in turn cause even more incidents at turn one (drivers braking earlier than normal). At the same time we don’t want to have 5 drivers banned from each race. You suggested heavier penalties but think that would be overly harsh as sometimes we just get unlucky – @jonny705 will agree with me in relation to his start at Brands Hatch.

    Sometimes without video evidence it can be difficult to lay the blame, especially in incidents involving multiple cars. If I can encourage everyone to at least use their camera phones to record just the start of the race then that sort of helps with things.

    I think we also need a slight change in culture. For a start, if there’s a opportunity to let the driver back through after an incident then that would help (even if you’ve already got a penalty. Obviously this might be difficult if there are multiple cars close together but just requires a little common sense. Also banning in race party chats might help (not needed if teammates won’t be driving for same car anymore) and requiring every driver to wear headsets at all times – this way drivers can apologise and communicate with the victim to easily let him back through without losing more than one position in a multiple car scrap.

    I think any incidents that people aren’t happy with should be looked at regardless of wether a driver appeals or not. The stewards can then talk to those who witnessed the incident or request any video footage available.

    In an ideal world, full damage would be best but it may damage people’s races too much (especially in the 5 lap sprint race). Perhaps we could test this in our test race next week (or week after).

    Lt Alfred

    I like the new ideas and new system, although I think the biggest con is that the new rules might be too complex and potentially keep new drivers from joining. However, I think its the best idea in the current situation. Also, I might be able to make the 13th depending on work, but defintely won’t be able to make the 20th.


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @strunk27 @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83

    Looks like this coming Monday is the preferred date so far.

    After the post from Y2J, I’ve been thinking about the penalty system we agreed on Monday evening.

    No matter how harsh we are with penalties, I still feel that there are flaws. For instance, the victim (or victims) of an incident won’t get the place back they lost. The new system also seems overly complex. A 10 sec pen for each driver taken out in an incident would be difficult to determine in a first corner pile-up for instance.

    Now I wonder if we could re-consider the ‘damage fully on’ suggestion. I have another idea. Ignore our suggested three tier system for a moment and hear me out. @mrgrieves you might be interested in this…

    I feel by having damage on, drivers will have to be more careful. Any contact will mean losing time going into the pits to replace a front wing. I think this is a better punishment and deterrent than handing out numerous penalties at the end of every race (which could get very confusing). This would be the best way of eliminating collisions in my opinion.

    The main problem with damage switched on? – if there are still collisions, the actual victim of these incidents would lose even more time by needing to pit for repairs if they did sustain damage. The answer to this? The credits/coins system.

    If the victim is severally affected by the collision (ie incurs damage) then the stewards have the option of gifting them 2-3 extra credits to make up for it which they can use for the rest of the season. This means that say for example the driver was thinking of driving a McLaren at the next race, the extra credits could be used to potentially give them a Red Bull instead. Therefore a faster car in the next race would make up for a lousy previous race. Please note that this will only happen as long as the driver doesn’t rage quit and the driver calmly puts their case forward in the lobby at the end of the race.

    ‘Damage on’ would mean less incidents but if they still exist the game still gets roughly 3/4 of the penalties correct in my opinion.

    – if a driver receives three penalties over the course of one season = 2-3 credits reduction.
    – if a driver receives three penalties over course of one race event (both feature and sprint races) = 2-3 credits reduction and a one race ban (this won’t count as one of your dropped races)
    -if for whatever reason, a penalty is not given out during the race and is pointed out in the lobby afterwards, the stewards will be able to look at it and award any penalties if required.
    -Stewards also have the power to double up on penalties in the event of the driver causing a major collision (ie taking out multiple cars at the start).

    What do you guys think of this idea? Worth giving it a go?

    Jamie Cochrane

    Hi guys,

    Ive been away for the holidays so missed all of the conversation. As a new member I’m happy to go with the status quo. Im available to race on the 13th :)


    I never liked the idea of damage being on

    Defiantly worth giving it a try on Monday.

    I Preferred the time penalty to the credits penalty, but leaving more power to the Stewards to decided on a suitable punishment since most incidents will be for different reasons, different consequences and affect different people. Adding credits to effected drivers is a GREAT idea. Finally giving back to the affected by bad driving


    Just been reading on twitter that after 7 years ARL(apex racing league) has closed down tonight with immediate effect, taking with it multiple pc, xbox and playstation leagues (2-4 leagues on each format). This comes a couple of weeks after the anoucement that the current AfroLeague season will be the last. If ppl are serious about new driving joining then now is the time to strike and get ppl on board.


    @strongo83 how do we get in touch with these people?


    Well I would like to go back racing but sold my Xbox to fund me towards the Xbox One, I kept F1 2013 for league racing I do which is Monday, Thursday & Sunday and use my brothers Xbox to race, but can’t use it twice on the Monday so that’s why I won’t be racing in this league, but if this league doesn’t work out you are all more than welcome to join our website and race Sundays at 8…Good luck with everything.

    Lt Alfred

    Strongo seems to be on to a winner, if there’s a number of big leagues going down we should look at recruitment to bring in some fresh faces.

    I dunno about the credit thing as compensation for being taken out but its something we should give a go. I’m going to try to make this Monday too, see you guys there


    I think arl and afroleague are both on facebook and twitter, other than that might be a case of getting into the online races, as a word of warning from what ivread from ppl who race in leagues n now looking for leagues again, dont go looking in the sprint races as they cant stand these as full of NOOBS lol


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @strunk27 @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101

    Hi everyone!

    We will be having our ‘test race’ tonight with the new rules and race structure. If you can make it, I suggest you re-familarise yourself with the the changes I’ve summarised on the last couple of pages.

    Please note that damage will be fully on tonight.

    See you all at 8:20pm! Let us know if you can’t make it!

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