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F1 Fanatic Xbox Championship – Season 5 COMPLETE

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    Jamie Cochrane

    sorry for the lag guys and if I hit anyone because of it. I’ll sort out the connection for the next race. Good race though. Great battle with MadDog think strategy played a big part in it. Out of interest what was your strategy MadDog? I was OPP


    Well I thought the new setup tonight was fun. Certainly removes some of the serious side to it, but it was the serious side that was getting boring anyway, so no complaints from me.

    The only thing I was thinking was possibly doing the sprint race first. Not only does it give everyone five laps to effectively get to know the chosen circuit again in a ‘lesser’ race, I quite like that we have the opening sprint before the main event. Not that I’m all that bothered either way, but if I had to choose I would put the sprint first.

    The car credit idea has the potential to be genious, though. That sprint race was awesome, and Herbie and I had a thrilling battle for the lead in the feature. I don’t think either of us really cared that the battle for the win was mostly down to me having a better car – I certainly am enjoying the prospect of chaotic battles everywhere in the future.


    @lint101 we had a great battle in that race. Yeah I should have done what you did. I went option – option – prime.

    @jonny705 you give some good plus points for having the sprint races first! I suppose the disadvantages will be:
    -that the sprints will be even more chaotic (more collisions) as no time to Learn the circuit. at least by having the feature first, everyone isn’t so egar going into turn 1 as they know they have a 30 lap or so race. This gives good reference points for the crazy (but possibly cleaner) sprint race.
    – I quite like the pressure of the one lap quali and the fact that it’s your first lap of the circuit only adds to the excitement. This would be lessened by having the sprint race first. It also mixes up the grid more.
    – by having the feature last, drivers more likely to drop out and rage quit in the middle if they are having a bad race. If sprint was after, that would be a reason for them to stick around.

    I don’t mind which way round we have them. If others prefer it a certain way please let us know!


    @maddogmolloy “the pressure of the one lap quali and the fact that it’s your first lap of the circuit only adds to the excitement”

    Forgot about how much I loved the one-off quali at the start. Let’s have the feature first lol.

    Ali Abbas

    Hey everyone! this may sound wierd but really I can not understand what to comment and to whome. One thing I understand is that everyone here is a speed lover, so do I. Someone please tell me how can I be the part of team practically.


    @babali hey mate welcome! I hope you enjoy racing with us.

    We have prematurely concluded this racing season and are currently in the process of makes changes for our next season. One of the aims of these changes is to handicap drivers and ensure everyone is on a level playing field. This should help new drivers like yourself settle in quicker than before.

    We are looking to start off at the beginning of February. In the meantime, feel free to get involved in our discussions.

    I’ll be setting up a new forum thread soon which I will tag you in.

    My gamertag is MadDogMolloy if you want to add me.

    Barry Miller

    Sweet I would like to take part in the next season. Gamer tag onxXbox is BMK1586 if anyone wants to do a couple sprints or hit up COD black ops or ghosts. I played the game tonight for the 1st time in a while and was placed into a nice clean racing lobby of 6 people and it was quite fun. Coincidentally I saw the post for this surfing the f1fanatic forum 30 mins later.


    @bmk1586 Hi – glad you found us!

    Same as what I’ve pretty much said to Ali in my post above… The new system should help you ease into our league better than the old format we’ve had for the last 5 seasons. You and @babali will also get first choices on teams at the first race too!

    Add me on xbox – my gamertag is MadDogMolloy. Starting provisionally on 3 Feb but stick around as you might still be able to contribute to some of the finer details we’re yet to iron out.

    I’ll tag you in the new thread when I set it up.



    With apologies for the delay, here is the race result for Hungary.

    1. Lemon
    2. Dazzaarcher
    3. MadDogMolloy
    4. Y2J
    5. V Chain
    DNF Odin’s Revenge
    DNF ImidazoleNHC

    Could you update the standings? No rush for this. Think it might be better to only include 1 dropped score for final standings as we only did 8 races.

    I think rather than use the standings as the basis for the no. of credits each driver gets, we should use the average finishing position. There were a few races that some missed so seems the fairest way. Can you update the figures?


    I’ll do it now. Did you confirm how many races we’re doing next season?


    @jonny705 probably 10 – sound like a good number?


    Fine with me.


    Final standings after Hungary

    Drivers’ standings

    Constructors’ standings
    Teams round 8


    ive been away from this since season 3, but,,,, are you guys going ps4 or xbox one?

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