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F1 Fanatic Xbox Championship – Season 6

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    Hey haven’t checked my emails do we need to have a team to enter? If so any1 interested in a team?


    @lemon Brilliant.


    @jonny705 @lemon that’s the best name ever! Take it you are going with that then? Johnny with the h?
    GP, F1 Team, Racing or Motorsport at the end?

    Think we’re all in teams apart from yourself unfortunately but if any new drivers join then they can race alongside you – you’re free to come up with a team name to start off though!


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101
    @astevo1989 @babali @mcwoblin

    Here we go then… It’s a step into the unknown tonight as we begin the first round of our most unpredictable season ever! The form book is about to get ripped up!!!

    Invites to the lobby will be sent around 8:20GMT. Hopefully you can all make it for this historic event but let us know if you can’t!

    So with the re-introduction of old-timer McWoblin, here is the confirmed entry list and credit totals for Round 1 (average pos from season 5 in brackets):

    Lemon (2) – 22
    JonBoy (3) – 23
    Dazzaarcher (3.4) – 24
    Lt Alfred (4.4) – 25
    Ms20 (4.6) – 26
    Y2j (5.3) – 27
    MadDog (5.4) – 28
    V Chain (7.1) – 29
    McWoblin (8) – 30

    ImidazoleNHC – 26
    Astevo1989 – 26

    Remember the following guys:
    – two races!! So don’t leave lobby after race 1.
    – damage on so be extra careful.
    – if you are able to record the race, it may help you gain some credits (if the stewards see yourself as the victim of an incident). Even if it’s just a crappy camera phone with 20 seconds of footage of the start – it’s better than nothing!
    – no more private headset parties for teams. Make sure you wear your headset at all times.
    – there’s a time limit for selecting one of the pre-defined setups before race 1. Choose quickly!
    – No one selects proceed before race 2, until I check everyone is happy with their setup.
    – if you are in a collision with another driver which was your fault, please let the other past if you can (even if you get a penalty). Obviously difficult in a large pack but just use some common sense. This ain’t a rule just a bit of etiquette – the stewards may take this into account when looking at the incident. Again wearing a headset will help you to communicate with each other (and help minimise any time lost due to switch over.
    – if not doing well, please don’t rage quit. If you stay you still might get important points for the championship. Plus you may get re-instated credits if it wasn’t your fault.

    See you there!


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101
    @astevo1989 @babali @mcwoblin

    Oh and almost forgot..

    The following are yet to send me a message about circuit choices.


    If there are any circuits you don’t want us to race on, then please send me an xbox message stating the two you least like (1 being worse and 2 being next worst).

    Voting closes at 8pm tonight and the results will be unveiled in the lobby tonight.

    Jamie Cochrane

    spa 1st, singapore 2nd for me


    @lint101 u should have sent me an xbox message so others don’t see your choices… Not to worry though – I’ve got quite a few already so…

    I’m not too sure about your first choice mate!!! :-P

    Jamie Cochrane

    oops sorry. the 1st ones in he interest of scoring points and not crashing every lap im god awful at that track


    I will be coming on at about bang on half 8 so apologies in advance if I’m slightly late.


    Sorry guys unable to play tonight (didn’t even realise it was this week ://)

    Jamie Cochrane

    internet went down :( gutted was having a good race and was looking forward to this race. Next week!


    @lint101 tried to add you back in for race 2 but you were gone.



    1. astevo1989 [Sauber], 39:19.036
    2. Jonboy507 [Sauber], +26.381 secs
    3. Lt Alfred [Ferrari], +28.063 secs
    4. markstrub20 [McLaren], +54.567 secs (10 SEC PEN)
    5. MadDogMolloy [Lotus], +1 min 1.569 secs (10 SEC PEN)
    6. D4Z4ARCH3R25 [Toro Rosso], +1 min 19.592 secs
    7. McWoblin [Mercedes], +1 lap
    8. VitreousChain06 [Red Bull], +1 lap (10 SEC PEN)
    9. y2jisaok [Lotus], +2 laps
    DNF. imidazoleNHC [Red Bull]

    1. Lt Alfred [Ferrari], 7:16.382
    2. VitreousChain06 [Red Bull], +1.185 secs
    3. Jonboy507 [Sauber], +1.789 secs
    4. McWoblin [Mercedes], +5.349 secs
    5. MadDogMolloy [Lotus], +7.254 secs
    6. astevo1989 [Sauber], +13.600 secs
    7. D4Z4ARCH3R25 [Toro Rosso], +32.923 secs
    DSQ. markstrub20 [McLaren]
    DSQ. y2jisaok [Lotus]

    Lt Alfred

    So what did everyone think of the new setup? I really liked it, can’t wait for next week. If its okay with you @maddogmolloy I would like to get a vote going on choosing the track or car first though


    I will immediately vote in favour of picking the track first, for one reason:

    The changes that were made for this season were designed to produce more unpredictability in the series, which is fine. However, for me the main appeal of the credits system was, as well as ensuring other guys get a chance at the front sometimes, that there was still an element of strategy and tactics involved. By picking the cars before the track, that strategy is significantly reduced to the point where the championship becomes based more on luck – or at least that’s the way I see it.

    I just don’t want to see us go too far down the unpredictability route. This credits idea is superb, but I thought the idea was always to pick cars that suit our track preferences. Whilst I agree that there is potential for someone to get their favourite track and dive straight in a Red Bull, @MadDogMolloy you have actually worked out the number of credits for each person perfectly.

    I can’t remember if Abu Dhabi is available this season or not, but say it is and it came up this Monday (it’s my favourite circuit to drive on). If I chose to go in a Red Bull, I would be left with 16 credits over 8 events. I anticipate that I might miss a couple of events as well so that could leave me with something like 13 credits for 6 races. I would never be able to go higher than a Sauber/Force India after that.

    The other point to make is that the chances of there being a Red Bull available for me to pick at Abu Dhabi, after everyone else has chosen a car, are pretty poor.

    Other than the order of track/car selection, the new system is great. Can’t really fault it.

    But there is one thing I was thinking about yesterday. What happens if I have say 5 credits left with two events remaining, but I know I am missing the last one? Assuming that last one becomes a dropped round, what happens if I was to splash the cash/credits on a Red Bull for that penultimate event, and be left with no credits, but still with a -1 deduction to come for missing the last races? I might be missing something here but that sounds like a bit of a loophole to me.

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