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F1 Fanatic Xbox Championship – Season 6

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    Lt Alfred

    sorry about the delay, I’ve not been able to log on on my mobile either, just waiting on confirmation from mark, I’ve had to send him a friend request though as you can’t message someone you aren’t friends with


    @ljkobrien may have to go with the decision both you and @lint101 decided. If no answer by midday tomorrow, could you announce decision on the forum? @jonny705 will probably need time to update the standings (and work out dropped scores) before Monday’s race.


    Here’s my season so far. The races from Italy are pretty much 60 second videos. Bahrain was so full of action that even with editing, is still 6 minutes long.

    Italy: Race 1

    Finishing position – 5th

    The first race at Monza started badly but I eventually made the best of a bad situation. Got punted off at the start, lost front wing and ended up having to crawl to the pits. Got a penalty half-way around for tapping Chain but don’t think there’s anything I could of done to prevent it. Coming out of the pits I was last but somehow managed to make my tyres last and only stopped once again. In hindsight, Perhaps I should of appealed for credits but it doesn’t matter.

    Italy: Race 2

    Finishing position – 5th

    Not a bad race but ruined it by hitting mcwoblin. Let him through at the end as he was behind me and only felt it fair that he should have 4th.

    Bahrain: Race 1

    Finishing position – 5th

    Got caught up in the aftermath of the y2j incident and lost several positions. Some excellent battles with @jonny705 but lost out when coming together with Chain and being (ever so slightly hit by y2j). A very fun race!

    Bahrain: Race 2

    Finishing position – 1st?? TBC

    Ran out of memory on my phone so only managed to capture the daz/Jonny incident. Managed to get past y2j and chase Daz for the lead but he had a penalty for that incident. Awaiting the stewards decision but if daz’s penalty stays, then I win my very first race but not in the way I would have liked.


    @ljkobrien @lint101 think we’ll go with the decision that both of you sent me. Ms20’s opinion wouldn’t of changed it.

    Both voted that the decision was to keep the results as they are – therefore @dazzaarcher keeps his Penalty. @ljkobrien and @lint101 can expand on this either in here or in the lobby tomorrow.

    could you update the standings please? Don’t worry about creating a table as I know it takes time – a list on here will suffice. I would do it but wasn’t able to capture the results from race 2.

    We’ll need the standings for choosing teams tomorrow. Could you introduce drop scores?


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101


    Round 3 (races 5-6) tonight! Let us know if you can’t make it!

    Credit totals after two rounds follow below.

    Please note that it was agreed before races 3-4 to reset the credit totals due to changes in car/circuit selection process. However in the interest of fairness and to take the first round into account, all drivers (apart from dazzarcher*)were deducted 1 credit.

    *Dazzarcher was the only driver to race in a 1 credit team at races 1-2 whereas everyone else were driving for 2-5 credit teams.

    (Change from previous round in brackets)

    Lemon -19 (-2 for second absent race)
    Dazzaarcher – 19 (-5)
    Jonny – 20 (-2)
    Astevo -21 (-4)
    ImidazoleNHC – 21 (-4)
    Y2j – 21 (-5)
    Alfred – 22 (-2)
    MadDog – 23 (-4)
    Mcwoblin – 24 (-5)
    Vchain – 24 (-4)
    Ms20 – 24 (-1 for first absent race)

    before tonight’s event, I’ll try to talk to @jonny705 and perhaps @ljkobrien about your first lap collision in Bahrain.

    Lt Alfred

    Not going to be there this week guys, my internet connection still hasn’t been properly fixed. @maddogmolloy if you need to discuss anything about y2j’s incident can you send it as a message?

    Jamie Cochrane

    Ive had wee look at the incident at the start of the last race and the incident was my mistake. I was wide exiting the 2nd corner and get too aggressive on the power, got all oversteery and lost the back end. Genuine mistake.


    Quick standings update. Will have the proper table shortly

    1. McWoblin, 31 points ADR (43 total)
    2. astevo1989, 29 points ADR (29 total)
    3. Lt Alfred, 27.5 points ADR (27.5 total)
    4. Jonboy507, 25.5 points ADR (43.5 total)
    5. D4Z4ARCH3R25, 23 points ADR (34 total)
    6. MadDogMolloy, 22.5 points ADR (38 total)
    7. y2jisaok, 21 points ADR (23 total)
    8. imidazoleNHC, 15.5 points ADR (15.5 total)
    9. VitreousChain06, 13 points ADR (23 total)
    10. markstrub20, 12 points ADR (12 total)

    Team standings will come later.

    Penalty count:
    VitreousChain06 – 2
    markstrub20, MadDogMolloy, D4Z4ARCH3R25 – 1

    Assuming we are sticking to the penalty rules MadDog, VitreousChain06 is one penalty away from missing the next race.


    Not sure why you can’t edit posts any more but I was wrong about the penalty point. Chain actually gets a three-credit reduction if he gets another penalty.


    Start incident, would like to have credits back for this.



    Here are the videos for the two penalties. Could you and perhaps @ljkobrien and one other take a look at them please?

    Here could you look at me trying to let @dazzaarcher past.. We collided and he got a penalty. Without it he would have won the race.

    Also I get a penalty for coming on the track blocking chain. Taking away the penalty won’t affect my race but will help with my penalty count.

    Here y2j gets a penalty when him and NHC collide. The penalty dropped him from 3rd to 6th.

    Also look at chains video for his collision with Mcwoblin?? Think he just wants credits reinstated but worth looking to see what else is going on.

    Full videos hopefully up tomorrow.

    Lt Alfred

    I’m happy to look at them but like you said maddog we’ll need a third steward if someone wants to volunteer, obviously they can’t be involved in any of the incidents that are being looked into. Also if anyone has footage of Chain’s incident on the first lap it would be appreciated. What ever happened to him came from behind so his footage isn’t very useful on its own.


    @ljkobrien think @jonny705 might have this in control – make sure you are both friends in here. Only @astevo1989 and @lemon were not affected by these incidents. Y2j’s penalty affected the position of 5 cars all by itself.


    RACE 5
    Well my 1st race was quite boring, could have had a better finishing position if i’d been more brave through turn 4 still i’ll take 5th. Footage of the Start and the @Dazzaarcher & MadDogMolloy accident bellow.

    The audio we all should have herd at the time suggests @MadDogMolloy was trying to get out of the way and give the position back

    RACE 6
    I have no footage as my phone died but the video @MadDogMolloy put up shows it better than i could have anyway

    Finally a gentle reminded im needing my 1st corner shunt from last week reviewed for credits after missing out on a possible win


    @mrgrieves yeah I thought I would quickly let Daz back through rather than holding off on the upcoming straight and losing time.

    Did you mean to include a video in your post???

    We’re looking at your incident from the last race too – should have something soon.

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