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    Youtube is taking a lifetime to edit them. Will add them to the video once there up


    @mrgrieves I used to have that problem. If you’ve got a iphone/ipad I can’t recommend iMovie highly enough – so easy to edit and send straight to youtube.


    My highlights from Brazil

    Race 1

    Finished: 7th

    Managed to have a good start but made an error of judgment when I collided with @dazzaarcher. Also got a penalty when trying to rejoin. The rest of the race was dull apart from a really good fight with @vitreouschain . He was on my tail throughout the whole of the middle stint and pulled away after passing me.

    @ljkobrien stewards – it wasn’t in my video yesterday as I cut it too soon, but in the video above you can see confirmation of my penalty after coming back on track. Also there’s a really good view of the @mcwoblin @vitreouschain start incident to accompany chain’s video from yesterday.

    Race 2

    Finished 5th TBC

    This was just a crazy race. I’ll let you watch the video to see why. I think we all need to tone down a bit on the aggressive driving in these races (myself included). @jonny705 you can see your first corner incident here and our slight coming together which ended your race too.

    @jonny705 stewards – the quality from yesterday’s uploaded video (and this one) don’t seem as good as the original copy on my phone. just in case it’s not very clear, the @mrgrieves @lint101 incident is the one coming out of turn 2 on lap 2 and not the contact at turn 1 (not sure who that’s with!) You see NHC spinning almost 360 degrees after contact.



    Myself, @ljkobrien and @jonny705 have all come to the conclusion that the collision in Bahrain was a racing incident. Therefore there will be no change in the number of credits you hold.

    We felt that it was a unfortunate racing incident where not one driver was solely at fault. The reasons:
    – Different driving lines for the three cars involved in the initial collision;
    – all three cars were at different speeds going into turn 2 I.e. Your car would have lost some speed leaving the track at turn 1.
    – Although ImidazoleNHC spins, there is no concrete evidence to suggest this was done intentionally. The car was spinning before it hit you and there was nothing he could of done to prevent it. We all agreed he was not at fault.
    -It is also difficult to tell if he hit the kerb or if the awkward in game physics played a part.

    Is this ok? Happy to provide more clarification if needed.

    Lt Alfred

    Is there anyone who would be willing to help out with the stewards for this week? At the moment its just me and johnny, we could use another one or two people, all you have to do is have a look at the incidents listed above on the videos that have been posted here and then send your feedback to me or maddog through a private message (you need to be friends before you can send a PM so add either of us if you haven’t already)

    The incidents are:
    10 second penalty against @dazzaarcher caused by collision with @maddogmolloy. Race 1 Lap 4 Turn 2. Viewable on the first of maddog’s uploaded videos
    10 second penalty against @maddogmolloy caused by collision with @vitreouschain. Race 1 Lap 4 Turn 2/3. Viewable on the first of maddog’s uploaded videos, straight after the first incident
    10 second penalty against @mrgrieves caused by collision with @lint101. Race 2 Lap 2 Turn 2/3. Viewable on the second of maddog’s uploaded videos
    Credit reimbursement for @vitreouschain caused by collision with @mcwoblin. Race 1 Lap 1 Turn 1. Viewable on the first of maddog’s videos and chain’s uploaded video

    You don’t need to help with all of them but if there are any that you’d like if help out with please do!


    @ljkobrien another subject entirely, do you still wanna do a British gp weekend?? Anyone else interested? Think @infernojim might like the idea?

    Lt Alfred

    That’s going to depend on other things now. I’ve just had to leave uni temporarily and am now looking for a job. If I find one then yeah I’m definitely still up for going! If not I’m not going to be able to afford it :/




    Any word on the penalties and credits? Could you send me a message with your opinions ASAP


    @ljkobrien The message service on this website won’t work for me, so I sent it to your xbox live account.

    Lt Alfred

    @ljkobrien @jonny705 @astevo1989 we close to a final decision yet guys? We’ll def need it for the y2j/NHC and maddog/Daz incidents by tomorrow.

    Lt Alfred

    @vitreouschain Quick question. When you went into the back of maddog as he was rejoining the track following his incident with daz, did you take any damage to your front wing?

    Lt Alfred

    Scratch that last post, just seen from maddog’s footage that you didn’t need to pit. Okay, the results for the appeals are as follows:

    penalty following collision with maddogmolloy: 2 votes to 1 in favour of overturning the penalty

    penalty following collision with NHC: 2 votes to 1 in favour of overturning the penalty

    appeal for return of credits: 3 votes to 0 in favour of not returning credits

    penalty following collision with chain: 2 votes to 1 in favour of overturning the penalty.

    This gives @dazzaarcher the win in the first race and moves @mrgrieves to 3rd in the second race I believe?

    Belated congratulations guys!

    If anyone has any issues with these decisions please get in touch. Thanks.

    Darren Archer

    Well, what can I say. Finally my luck has turned and crossing the line first means I win my first race of my career!! I would like to thank my team, my engineer, the pit crew for such a great job, wouldn’t be possible without their dedicated work! Lotus in general for providing me such a good car that was fast everywhere. Joking aside I really enjoyed that race and it looks like McWoblin is turning into a dark horse that could take any of the top 3 spots if he keeps this form up!!


    5 different winners from the first six races – wow!

    do you have a chance to update the standings before tomorrow’s races?


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101


    Round 4 (races 7-8) tonight! Let us know if you can’t make it!

    Following the above stewards decisions, the race results from Brazil are as follows:

    Race 1

    1. Dazzaarcher
    2. Mcwoblin
    3. JonBoy
    4. ImidazoleNHC
    5. Y2j
    6. VChain
    7. MadDog
    8. Ms20

    Race 2

    1. Mcwoblin
    2. Dazzarcher
    3. Y2j
    4. VChain
    5. Ms20
    6. MadDog
    7. ImidazoleNHC
    DNF. JonBoy

    Standings after 6 races including dropped score ( @jonny705 to confirm):

    1. Mcwoblin – 61.5pts
    2. Dazzarcher – 57
    3. JonBoy – 43.5
    4. Y2j – 38.5
    5. MadDog – 37.5
    6. ImidazoleNHC – 30.5
    7. Astevo – 29
    8. Lt Alfred – 27.5
    9. VChain – 27
    10. Ms20 – 21
    11. Lemon – 0

    Team standings after 6 races (all points counts – no drop scores)

    1. Double D – 108.5pts
    2. McImidazoblin – 104
    3. AlLoy – 75
    4. Jonny Herbert – 58.5
    5. ChainMark – 58
    6. Astevo – 29

    Credit totals after three rounds follow below (Change from previous round in brackets):

    Dazzaarcher: 15 (4)
    Lemon: 16 (3 for third absent race)
    ImidazoleNHC: 16 (5)
    Jonny: 16 (4)
    Y2j: 19 (2)
    Vchain: 20 (4)
    Astevo: 20 (1 for first absent race)
    Mcwoblin: 20 (4)
    Alfred: 21 (1 for first absent race)
    MadDog: 21 (2)
    Ms20: 24 (0)

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