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    Jamie Cochrane

    Im racing tonight xbox is doing updates. Be a couple mins hopefully not too late.


    @vitreouschain please read the message I sent you on xbox live.


    Talk about stealing my idea


    Got a penalty at the end of lap 1 of the 50% race which I think I did not deserve. I felt it was a tiny tap combined with him possibly slamming the throttle causing him to spin quickly. I was really surprised that he spun around and I think if this incident happen in real F1 then it would’ve ended up differently. I couldn’t move to right much otherwise I would’ve ran out of track.

    The incident in the sprint, I got a penalty for it and I think I definitely don’t deserve it. Video below for that incident.

    I would like both of the penalties to be taken away from my results.


    @vitreouschain well the bottom video isn’t working but we’ll take the penalty away immediately as we all know you didn’t derserve it.

    I’ll talk to the others about the first video.

    Lt Alfred

    you’ve listed it as private so we cant see it, switch it to unlisted or public


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101


    we looked at both incidents and decided to take BOTH penalties away. Therefore you are reinstated to 5th place in the first race and 6th for the sprint.

    Further to this, the stewards have decided to give me a penalty for my collision with @vitreouschain . This brings my penalty count for the season to 3 – therefore I will receive a 3 credit reduction.

    the stewards are discussing if you should be awarded credits for compensation as you were leading the race I hit you. As soon as a decision has been made, I’ll let you know.

    Race 1 Result:

    1. Alfred
    2. Jonny
    3. Astevo
    4. Dazzaarcher
    5. VChain
    6. Y2J
    7. MadDog

    Race 2 Result:

    1. Alfred
    2. DazzaArcher
    3. Jonny
    4. Y2J
    5. Astevo
    6. Vchain
    7. MadDog

    @lint101 and @mcwoblin did not take part.

    I’ll have the latest standings up by this evening. Please check them to see if they are ok.


    Okay, thanks for letting me know.


    If there is a credit refund in a sprin trace for being taken out in the lead then i would certainly throw my Bahrain incident from a feature race, making it worth more credits into consideration!


    @mrgrieves thanks for sharing this. There are however a few differences.

    – the stewards at the time determined that No one was solely at fault, whereas Last week I proper took Chain out.
    – you had the whole race to catch up but chain only had one lap left in a tightly packed wet sprint race.
    – chain has already been taken out from the lead at the start of the Brazil race. I believe it was touch and go whether he got credits for that, so he probably deserves compensation.

    Anyway it’s up to the stewards and what they think.

    Lt Alfred

    I agree with maddog, chain had less time to make up, although we shouldn’t use a previous race like Brazil to influence whether we give someone credits back.

    If we started giving credits back for previous races it could open a floodgate for other previous races and incidents


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101


    Standings after 14 races including dropped score:

    1. DazzaArcher – 136.5pts
    2. Astevo – 135.5
    3. McWoblin – 121
    4. MadDog – 116
    5. Y2j – 113
    6. Lt Alfred – 97.5
    7. JonBoy – 84
    8. Vitreous Chain – 72
    9. ImidazoleNHC – 50.5
    10. Ms20 – 42

    Dropped scores:
    MadDog 9
    Daz 11
    VChain 10
    Y2j 2
    Everyone else 0

    Team standings after 14 races (all points counts – no drop scores):

    1. Double D – 262.5
    2. AlLoy – 222.5
    3. McImidazoblin – 171.5
    4. Astevo’s One Man Army – 135.5
    5. ChainMark – 124
    6. Jonny Herbert – 84

    Credit totals after seven rounds follow below (Change from previous round in brackets):

    Lemon: 4 (3 for 7th absent race)
    MadDog: 4 (1 + 3 for passing penalty threshold)
    ImidazoleNHC: 4 (1 for first absent race)
    Alfred: 7 (4)
    Mcwoblin: 8 (1 for 1st absent race)
    Jonny: 8 (2)
    Astevo: 9 (1)
    Dazzaarcher: 11 (1)
    Ms20: 11 (3 for 4th absent race)
    Y2j: 12 (1)
    Vchain: 12 (2)

    Penalty totals after 16 races (actual penalties in brackets):

    MadDogMolloy – 3 (R1 sprint, R4 sprint, R7 sprint)
    ViterousChain – 2 (R1 feature, R2 sprint)
    Dazzaarcher – 2 (R2 sprint, R4 feature)
    Ms20 – 2 (R1 feature, R1 sprint)
    ImidazoleNHC – 1 (R4 feature)
    Y2J – 2 (R1 sprint, R6 Sprint)

    @vitreouschain @dazzaarcher and @ms20 are one penalty away from a 3 credit reduction.

    Lt Alfred

    Quick question about deducted points for not a DNS. I think if I might another race I get deducted 4 points, what happens if I don’t have that many credits left? Do they deducted from next season?


    @ljkobrien glad you reminded me about this. @jonny705 brought this up earlier in the season. Here’s what I said:

    if you finish the season with minus credits then you will be deducted 10 points for each credit. In other words you need to ensure you leave enough for the final race even if you aren’t able to attend. This is to ensure that drivers don’t gain a benefit by spending big before the end of the season then just go into minus credits for the final rounds without any drawback. If we didn’t have this then it would undermine the whole credit management idea.

    I wasn’t able to add it to the rule book at the time but will do. I’ll remind everyone in the lobby before each of the final three race events.

    Also you would only lose 3 credits for each round you miss. It goes 1-2-and then 3 for every additional event.


    @lemon @ljkobrien @mrgrieves @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain @strongo83 @lint101


    Round 8 tonight – let us know if you can’t make it!

    It’s getting tight with both @astevo1989 and @dazzaarcher separated by just 1 point. Astevo has had more wins but dazzaarcher has been the more consistent…. It’s all to play for!

    Further back, there’s a potential tasty battle for bronze (assuming mcwoblin still doesn’t continue), with @mrgrieves (y2j), MadDog and the on form @ljkobrien (Lt Alfred). Y2j has the credits haul advantage over MadDog following his credits penalty but no doubt it will be close as always. Alfred is quickly making up for lost time by scoring bag loads of points since his return. Although not yet a race winner this season, You can’t discount @jonny705 either.

    and @lint101 (ImidazoleNHC) will also have their own private battle despite a huge difference in credit levels.

    The races are going to be intense.. Here are some stats to warm you up for tonight…

    Astevo – 4 (3 feature, 1 sprint)
    Alfred – 4 (2f, 2s)
    Mcwoblin – 2 (1f, 1s)
    MadDog – 2 (2s)
    Dazzaarcher – 1 (1f)
    Y2J – 1 (1s)

    Astevo – 3
    ImidazoleNHC – 1
    Y2J – 1
    VChain – 1
    Alfred -1

    Abu Dhabi

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