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F10 in GT5

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    Has anyone seen that model? it’s a thing of beauty, much better than Codemasters effort. 10 million credits plus needing to be Level 24…I better get too driving.


    The F2007 on Prologue was a thing of beauty. It sounded like an F1 car should and looked like the real thing, unlike codemasters good, but rather flawed effort. The F10 should be great on there though.



    You can still get the F2007 in GT5 but you know…It doesn’t look as good.


    I know you can get the F2007 on GT5, for some reason it costs more than the current F1 car. When you say it doesn’t look as good do you mean the ‘jaggies’ where the the shadows look rather pathetic and ‘jagged’?

    I’d have to say that other than that, the game is great, especially with the steering wheel. The ability to make your own circuits is great, and the AI is pretty good aswell. The only other shortfalls of the game is the 800 standard cars(too much, apparently including the Veyron) and the no option to get prologue cars onto GT5(Even putting them in Arcade would be great for me).

    The VW Bus race at the Top Gear track is tedious, Captain Slow must have thought that one up.


    I never liked the look of the Ferrari after 2006, it just didn’t look Ferrari like to me, and also the fact it’s not as detailed is kind of annoying.

    And I was slightly annoyed by the lack of cockpit views. I mean even a generic one for each car would do but I guess it was too many cars to do it for. Apparently the standard cars are just up-scaled versions from GT4. It’s a shame that buying cars from the dealership doesn’t show whether it is Standard or Premium like the Used car sales. But anyway it kicks Forza 3’s ass so that’ll do for me.


    All of the cars in the dealerships are Premiums. Just so you know.

    Ned Flanders

    There was deal on with HMV that you could get GT5 for 5 if you traded in F1 2010. I came very close to doing that… it was only my sense of loyalty to the F1 Fanatic championship that persuaded me not too!


    Haha Ned, I looked at that and thought should I? But I restrained and dipped into my pocket to get it.

    And I didn’t know that every car in the dealership was premium. That helps, cockpit view rules on that game.


    Cockpit view or nothing for me! Hehehe. I hate work. I wish I didn’t have a 9 hour shift starting in an hour, otherwise I’d try and get the rest of the Licenses all day.


    at the risk of starting a flame war…

    how does it compare to forza? am considering buying a ps3 for this game!


    u should get a ps3 for gt5 its a great game!

    i have both games and think they are both great games but if u can a ps3 for gt5 u really should.


    guys what is gt5 like? I played forza 2 on my mate’s xbox and love it. especially the customisation.

    Stephen Jones

    right i’m level 17, and i’ve only got, uhh.. $8’700’000 to go?

    have only bought one car, saving it all up for the F10 ;)

    the best thing about GT5 so far is that it does (actually) have oversteer. For the first time ever in a GT game, i’m actually enjoying driving, instead of just driving to earn money. Its tonnes of fun just flying in to t1 at the top gear test track, jumping on the brakes, and feeling the back slide out as you wrestle the car into the apex.. plus the cockpit view looks amazing as well.

    The customisation is pretty good (i’ve never played forza). You can’t change engines or anything, but you can upgrade and tune basically everything. Plus there is also “race tuning” but i havn’t got around to using it yet. Its still fun to buy an average car, splash out on some cash upgrading it, then jumping on the track and blowing the AI away.

    But yeah, some guy once told me that starting Gran Turismo is just like a teenager discovering “boobies” for the first time.. just dumbstuck by the sheer awesomeness of it


    I agree about the oversteer, it was just all understeer in Forza 3. You get a real satisfaction when you outbrake someone, then your back end steps out and you somehow manage to use it to get a brilliant exit out of the corner. Pure racing bliss.

    I’m level 19 at the moment, got gold in every license apart from 2 more on ia and a few on S. Can’t wait for that F10!!


    Forget the F10 or F2007, I want the Red Bull X1. Here’s a video of Adrian Newey and Sebastian Vettel talking and playing with it:


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