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F1F GRID 2 Meet-Up/Social Races

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    Oli Peacock

    Codemaster’s GRID 2 has just been released in USA today, and for the rest of us it will be available from the 31st. So in preperation for it’s release, I wondered if some of my fellow F1Fanatics are interested in setting up some race’s here, and if thats the case then this is the place to organize it. Drop your PSN/XBL Gamertag below and maybe we could get something started.

    Gamertag List:

    RD_olliekart_ARL – PSN
    MadDogMolloy – Xbox 360


    Count me in! Getting the game on the weekend. I’m sure some of the other guys on the F1F XBox forum might be interested too.

    Xbox 360 gamer tag – MadDogMolloy


    sozavele – PSN

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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