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    Dan Thorn

    I’ll take Ferrari for the online races then!

    It would be great to organise a championship series in the off season – a full race every weekend, and a rotation policy on teams so that people don’t have a ridiculous advantage by always being Red bull, McLaren or Ferrari. That is unless Codemasters are going to equalise all the cars for online play?


    Xbox 360 – Mr Flobadob

    Can’t wait for this :D


    My PSN is exactly the same as my name on here – jonnyw360f1. (UK) I don’t really race online on F1 CE because like Ned says, there really are some bad losers out there. I do like Ferrari Challenge online, but most of the time it is just me and my friend online out of the whole world. And an Italian bloke who I can’t understand.

    Dan Thorn

    Ferrari Challenge is a great game – my only gripe with it is that the races on single player mode are either too long or ridiculously hard. Getting a corner just right on that game is hugely satisfying. Haven’t tried online yet, even though I’ve had the game ages!


    F1F sessions! That would make me take my PS3 online for multiplayer!


    Ned – added. :)

    And Keith, just an idea, but what about some F1F F1 2010 Online Multiplayer competitions, similar to the predictions championship? Perhaps have 10 laps of that weekend’s circuit and have separate leagues for PS3, XBOX and PC? Just an idea…


    PSN : ireland985 and you could guess im from ireland , Right ?

    Looking forward to this, and no.1 rule no team orders :P


    What? No Steam? NONE OF YOU USE STEAM??!!!

    I’m ashamed of you all.

    As for those who are the least bit interested.



    PSN: teo113 yeah sounds like a good idea keith.


    When we came to a race weekend, we could race the same track/race as real life!

    Say a full race sim just after Qualifying or something the day before :)

    Obviously PS3/Xbox/PC will not be able to play each other, however we could compare the times quite easily.


    Mine PSN is zahir_d and this sounds like a great idea although I am slightly, very worried I will be trashed by all of you. But practise will hopefully make perfect, does anyone know when the game will be released?


    @The Bucket of Vindaloo(what does that mean?) I do have a steam (polishboy808) but there are honestly no good sims on there. Sure you can say the Race series is “good”, but its just ugly to play. Thats why I think that if someone on here has a steam, tehy just didn’t post it. Or they forgot ;)


    PSN: Kubica_ (UK)

    And, just to clear things up, im a Lewis Fan, but I like the name Kubica :P

    I have some racing games for the PS3 but no real good simulator games like GT5 and F1 2010 will hopefully be.

    I recentley bought Modnation Racers.

    Racing games I own: Both Motorstorms, F1 2006 (Championship Edition), Dirt 2 (Good Game), NFS: Undercover.

    Im not sure if Codemasters have a decent history of making racing games. I wasn’t of fan of Race Driver; Grid :S


    Good few people gathering now, still a while to go till september.


    I’m liking the idea of a F1F Leauge? The PS3 has clearly got the most players here, But im sure the Xbox community will grow here?

    I’m up for it?

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 122 total)
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