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F1F Xbox 360 World Championship – Season 2: NOW COMPLETE!

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    Newcomers! Although the championship has already begun, anyone is still free to join whenever they like! We currently have a full grid of 16 drivers across 8 teams and we cannot increase that number as F1 2011 is limited to running 16 cars in a online race. If you join we will place you on reserve… HOWEVER this doesn’t mean that you will just be a ‘bench warmer’ and not get a race. It is highly unlikely that ALL the 16 drivers will be in any one race due to other commitments. The reserve driver will take the place of the absent drivers seat for that race. Post on the forum if you are interested!

    So…. Here it is… Season 2 of the critically acclaimed F1F XBOX 360 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

    If you have a copy of F1 2011, a Xbox 360 to play it on and a Xbox Live subscription then you have come to the right place!

    We currently have a great group of drivers who race cleanly and fairly. Season 1 of the championship was simply amazing. The championship was won by Herbert Lemon after finishing level on points with his rival Omorfos Kevin (Powderfinger).

    Want to be part of the online Championship? Take a look at our wiki page for information on the rules, the race calendar and the team vacancies still available.


    We race on Monday evenings where invites are sent around 8.20pm (GMT).

    Please post indicating which team you’d like to drive for along with your Xbox gamertag. New drivers will be distributed teams on a first come, first serve basis.

    May the best driver win… but most importantly…

    Have fun!


    Can not wait for season 2!


    Here is the list of drivers confirmed for this season, along with their team choices so far…

    (Gamertag in brackets)

    1. Lemon (Herbert Lemon) – McLaren
    2. Powderfinger (Omoros Kevin) – McLaren
    3. Ljkobrien (Lt Alfred) – Renault
    4. McWoblin (McWoblin) – Renault
    5. Strunk27 (Strunk27) – Sauber
    6. Kyle (MadDogMolloy) – Red Bull
    7. Mr Grieves (y2jasok) – Mercedes
    8. Kvothe (GameProtage) – Red Bull
    9. Hollis Graham (CarnivorousPope) – Ferrari
    10. Infernojim (Inf3rn0j1m) – Sauber
    11. ms20 (markstrub20) – Mercedes
    12. matt – Williams
    13. Daniel Owen (Infernikus) – Williams
    14. coefficient (WashedUpRocker) – Ferrari
    15. El Timuel – Toro Rosso
    16. thevortex – Toro Rosso

    This list will be updated.

    To see which teams still have vacancies, please see our wiki page below



    @maddogmolloy My gamertag is markstrub20 btw.

    Bradley Downton

    @maddogmolloy – Would you like me to close the other one for you?


    @mrgrieves, @McWoblin, @carnivorouspope, @powderfinger, @lemon, @mnmracer, @strunk27 @infernojim @ljkobrien @kvothe @arowan @ms20

    Please note the following rule changes from last season. If you disagree with these let me know. I created these rules to clarify problems from last season.

    1.If a driver would like to appeal the race result, they must lodge their appeal before 8.00pm (GMT) on the day following the race. Although the whole season was virtually trouble-free, this is in response to the problems we had in the aftermath of the final round. It did take nearly a week to confirm the race result!! If no-one claims they would like to appeal, the result will be declared at 8.00pm (GMT).

    2. To score points you must finish the race. This is to prevent drivers in last place disconnecting before the race ends. With the few drivers we had in some races last season, there were cases where drivers disconnected happlily knowing they would still get points. This rule is to encourage drivers to race to the flag.. and you never know.. might even make a place on the last lap!

    To check out the rules as well as the calendar and the current driver line-ups see the new wiki page below.



    @bradley13 Would that be possible? Thanks mate! :-)


    @ms20 I’ve added you to the driver list. Could you add me? my tag is MadDogMolloy. Also feel free to add the other drivers in the list above!


    Lovin’ the Wiki action. It is a powerful thing.


    @Kyle sorry for taking so long and leaving you all waiting, as you can imagine I’m still in a state of shock that McLaren have done a Heikki and replaced me, I missed 60% of the races but it still hurts:p

    Anyway 1st choice: Red Bull
    2nd Choice: Mercedes
    3rd Choice: Sauber


    @kvothe We’re team-mates again! :-)

    I’ve updated the entry list so feel free to take a look! Now all drivers from Season 1 have seats and new drivers will take any of the remaining seats!


    Gametag: Infernikus
    Team: Williams if not I will take Caterham

    Lt Alfred

    So Mclaren have 3 drivers this season? Seems like an unfair advantage over me and McWoblin in the Renault :P


    @ljkobrien ha! My mistake- its been corrected. Check out the full driver list on the wiki page!

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