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F1F Xbox 360 World Championship – Season 2: NOW COMPLETE!

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    Hi guys, probably won’t be able to make the sprint race championship. Just thought i’d let you know. have fun!

    Lt Alfred

    Looking forward to tonights sprint championship, unfortunately I won’t be able to make the main championship opener :/ BUT should be able to make most of the championship now, rather than just the first couple of races, although I won’t be using my wheel :(


    Hey Guys,

    Sorry for the late notice but I’m not going to be able to make tonight’s sprint championship. Enjoy!


    Hey everyone, sorry for not responding for so long, I was in Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix! Had a great time and now can focus on the upcoming season. ;)

    I should be able to make tonights sprint championship but am not positive if I’ll be able to stay for all the races. I’ll stay for as many as I can though.

    As for the Season 2, the schedule looks good and I like the 2 dropped scores. However after August 20th I may or may not be able to participate in the championship. I’m headed off to college on August 17th and that will be a big change for me. I’m not sure yet if I’ll have time for the championship or not. We can deal with that when we get there but I will definitely be participating until then. I will talk to you guys tonight, looking forward to it!


    Hey All, Scratch that. I can race! Forgot about the time difference!

    p.s. very jealous @strunk27


    Yeh probably best not to use my mic lol


    I had a random disconnect there, lost connection then immediately came back


    How was it yesterday? Hope it was a good laugh?

    Lt Alfred

    You missed one hell of a little championship there @infernojim and @ms20 4 drivers winning consistently throughout and that was even without lemon being there. I think we’re in for a good championship this time out.

    I think between us me and kyle got most of the races recorded, I’m editing at the moment then I’ll upload


    Look forward to seeing it. on plus side, i got the job! worth missing some f1 carnage for i guess!! See you all on Monday…q


    For those involved in the destruction derby last night….

    Race Results

    AUS 1. Snake 2. MDMolloy 3.Strunk
    MAL 1.Snake 2.OKevin 3.MDMolloy
    CHI 1.Alfred 2.Strunk 3.Snake
    TUR 1.Snake 2.Strunk 3.Alfred
    SPA 1.Snake 2.OKevin 3.Y2j
    MON 1.Strunk 2.Snake 3.McWoblin
    CAN 1.Snake 2.OKevin 3.Strunk
    VAL 1.Strunk 2.Snake 3.Y2j
    GBR 1.OKevin 2.Strunk 3.Y2j
    GER 1.Snake 2.Strunk 3.OKevin
    HUN 1.OKevin 2.Infernikus 3.Snake
    BEL 1.Snake 2.Strunk 3.MDMolloy
    ITA 1.Strunk 2.OKevin 3.Snake
    SIN 1.Alfred 2.Strunk 3.Snake
    JAP 1.OKevin 2.Snake 3.Y2j
    KOR 1.Alfred 2.Snake, 3.OKevin
    IND 1.Alfred 2.OKevin 3.Strunk
    ADH 1.Strunk 2.OKevin 3.MDMolloy
    BRA 1.Snake 2.Alfred 3.McWoblin

    Driver by Driver

    Snake 1131121271313322551 (8 wins, 16 podiums)
    Strunk 3622413122621254316 (4 wins, 13 podiums)
    OKevin 4244252513152413224 (3 wins, 11 podiums)
    Alfred 8413785664577141162 (4 wins, 6 podiums)
    McWoblin 7755534745764775643 (Best result 3rd, 2 podiums)
    MDMolloy 2387847858436888835 (BR 2nd, 4 podiums
    Infernikus 9568976487245667477 (BR 2nd, 1 podium)
    Y2j 6979368336888536788 (BR 3rd, 4 podiums
    Ms20 589669 (BR 5th, retired due to connection problems after round 6)

    Drivers Standings

    Total points available (475)

    1. Snake 358pts
    2. Strunk 311pts
    3. OKevin 303pts
    4. Alfred 235pts
    5. McWoblin 180pts
    6. MDMolloy 147pts
    7. Infernikus 140pts
    8. Y2j 130pts
    9. Ms20 32pts

    Lt Alfred


    Here’s a video of most of the races, I forgot to start the vid for Australia so that’s missing and I had to stop the camera after Italy (I think) and restarted it for Brazil due to memory limits, although I think @Kyle got the ones I missed in the middle.

    Was a lot of fun with plenty of penalties, collisions and even a number of disqualifications! A quick look at the podium finishes will show how open things were and I for one hope that carries over to the main championship!

    Lt Alfred

    Also, congratulations to Snake, not sure what his name is on here but he did incredibly well, dominated from the start and looks set to be the new rookie surprise of the season… Not that I’m jealous or anything


    Yeah, am intrigued by this snake chap… looks dangerous


    That was quite a fun afternoon. :)

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