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F1F Xbox 360 World Championship – Season 2: NOW COMPLETE!

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    @strunk27 how are you finding the game? reading a lot of very negative reviews from Americans picking it up today. Especially about “Wear-Gate” No matter what settings your at 25%, 50% the tyre simulation is based at 100% so for example whatever % were racing the options will last till lap 17 in Abu Dhabi. Also saying goodbye is Grand Prix mode and on the plus side Free Practice 1+2. Can you confirm this?


    Grand Prix Mode is out.

    Free Practice 2-3 are out.

    Tire Wear is now fixed like you said. In F12011 our 40% races had tire wear to match, meaning we had strategic options. In F12012 our races will be one stops… if that.

    Despite these deletions, Codemasters couldn’t find it in them to delete the save-game corruption bug…


    The RaceDepartment review of F1 2012 is up now. http://www.racedepartment.com/2012/09/f1-2012-the-game-review/
    Since this is from a sim racer and from someone who knows about F1 I’d trust most of what is said.
    @mrgrieves from what I’ve read that’s all correct. Free practice was taken out basically because few people want it and it reduces testing time. The official reason for removing tyre wear scaling: http://community.codemasters.com/t5/F1-2012-General-Discussion/Allow-me-to-explain/m-p/69630#U69630


    Anyway, for my season review:


    Driver of the season – Lemon (no ****)

    Pass of the Season – I don’t know in the season, but I remember in the second quick-race championship myself and Alfred went insane in Singapore.

    Race of the Season- Italian GP

    Best newcomer – Umm…

    Best Race drive of the season – Lemon doing dat one-stop in Australia to go from the back to the front.

    Gentleman of the season- Dunno…

    Moment of the Championship – India, where the battle for second place closed an insane amount

    Most controversial moment – Chinese GP… the whole damn thing

    Most exciting start – Italian GP, where Lemon, myself, and Alfred all went into T1 side by side.

    Most exciting Qualifying – Personally, Brazil. Pipped pole by 0.07 seconds if memory serves.

    Crash of the Season – Again, I didn’t see that many. It’s a toss up between being punted off in China or having a controller failure in Monaco.

    Team partnership of the season – Sauber

    Best Strategic call of the season – Toss up between Lemon’s one stop in Australia, and everyone who one-stopped in Italy.

    Worst strategic blunder of the season – I don’t know of that many. Maybe everyone who two-stopped in Italy, or those who stayed out on Inters in Britain.

    Funniest moment – Those times when Kimi suddenly appeared on the radio. It was okay.

    Radio (headset) message of the season – Take your pick from China.

    The Pastor Maldonaldo award (for driver who loved to collect penalties) – Don’t know who got what penalties, so I don’t know.

    Most improved driver From last season- Wasn’t around last season.

    The romain grosjean award (for driver most likely to be involved in first corner crash) – Dunno…

    Personal questions

    Biggest rival – Would say Lemon, but I never really had his pace.

    Any Personal milestones – Two pole positions and a fastest lap, my first league championship ever.

    How you can improve next season – Need better tire conservation setups.

    Overall Personal highlight – Montreal and Brazil qualifying. The races turned to **** but those quali sessions felt epic.

    Next season

    What did you like about this season?
    Fast drivers, good time for the events, well organized.

    What could be improved?

    Would you be interested in another championship?
    If it’s in F12011.

    when would you likely to be getting F1 2012?
    I won’t be after the laundry list of things I’ve seen.

    Would you like a full 20 race season or keep it similar to how it is?
    Full 20 race season for selfish reasons. Some of the tracks we skipped I really like, and am strong around. Plus more variety is never a bad thing.


    Wow that tyre wear excuse it really cheep! That guy was really working hard to sell us on his Rosberg testing story. Guess we wont know till we try it but its killed my buzz for the game. Will almost certainly be trying to rent it first and give it a spin and see how we get on. Will certainly be rather sad if everyone can get away with a 1 stop in 2012!

    Lt Alfred

    pretty piss poor excuse, the tyre wear problem will affect races of around 40% the most, might still have to make a 2 stopper if you really push on every lap and go for 2 option stints and 1 prime


    @mrgrieves yeah I have mixed feelings really. FP1, and FP2 are out, which makes no sense to me. Surely it wasn’t too much of a hassle to just leave it in. Grand Prix mode is out and Season Challenge takes its place. But Tyre wear is certainly my biggest issue with the game. Steve Hoods explanation just further underlined why I dislike removed scale so much. In anything other than 100%, you would be crazy to try anything other than a one stop. Also its not only possible but easy to have a set of options last well beyond the halfway point of a 25% race (haven’t tried 50% yet) which IS NOT a representation of what Formula 1 has been like this season. I really think they have to do something to fix this because if you’ve been following on the boards/twitter, the community is pretty outraged. Some other complaints include not being able to downshift as rapidly as you should be able to, and for me Legend is too fast and Professional is too slow. For me I’m not going to take it back by anymeans but I am a little let down/confused at Codemasters decisions.


    I can see both sides of this. in terms of the fact that I used to do really long runs in FP1 / FP2 and then on a 40% race have completely different tyre wear.

    To the point where I would use to have to do a couple of 40% races in build up to our weekly one just to make sure I knew what strategy would work.

    However, at the same time, it is stupid to but 100% wear ratio’s on a 25% / 40% race distance, because you just end up with a 1 stop. I also felt the codemaster blokes response was written in a really immature and petulant, even condescending fashion….

    What I don’t understand is why the game can’t take into account your ultimate race distance when you are in practice / qualifying and simulate tyre wear accordingly.

    So for instance, if you have selected a 40% race distance, the game would work this into the tyre wear during practice, so you don’t have the surprises come race day, and still have to deal with unpredictable / difficult tyre wear during your race.

    They clearly already knew how to scale for different race distances, so they would just have to apply that scaling to practice and qualifying sessions rather than just for the race…. Maybe I’m oversimplifying things!



    Driver of the season – infernojim, definitely most improved fromlast season for me…
    Pass of the Season – mind blank, didn’t really see much..
    Race of the Season- again hard everything seems a blur ummm..India?!?I believe there were a few good battles going on
    Best newcomer – Snake, quick from the off…
    Gentleman of the season- kyle not only for his good sportsmanship,but for setting up all these races in the first place…
    Moment of the Championship – getting struck off the track at turn 2 in oz..
    Most controversial moment -probably china with snake and ormorfos kev….
    Most exciting start – for me brazil… I got a really nice start i think…or maybe snake got a bad one…
    Most exciting Qualifying – one of the wet ones… any further detail evades me…I just imagine one of the wet ones was pretty good :/..
    Crash of the Season – Lets be honest it probably happened at monaco…
    Team partnership of the season – sauber without a shadow of a doubt…
    Funniest moment – sprint races
    Radio (headset) message of the season – probably one of Alfreds rampant outbursts…
    The Pastor Maldonaldo award (for driver who loved to collect penalties) -did anyone get a penalty?
    Most improved driver From last season- infernojim

    Personal questions

    Biggest rival -Snake
    Any Personal milestones – having won all of the races?!
    How you can improve next season – impossible….Its downhill from here..
    Overall Personal highlight – australia coming from I think about ninth to win by over ten seconds..

    Next season

    What did you like about this season? I won a few
    What could be improved? perhaps more breaks between races, I’m a bit lazy tbh
    Would you be interested in another championship? yeh
    when would you likely to be getting F1 2012? bought it today!
    Would you like a full 20 race season or keep it similar to how it is? why not 20? although I doubt ill be able to commit myself to that many so I’d probably miss a few..


    Hey Guys,

    Sorry for not getting my season review up yet, Im trying to fins a free hour to watch some footage back and remember the passes, races etc.

    Regarding F12012, I was going to get it straight away, then I heard the news about tire wear! I dont mind the P2,3 being removed but not having any strategy options for our 40% races would really suck I think! It would just be a long sprint race…

    @strunk27 or anyone else, do you know if there will be an update/fix to this anytime soon. I haven’t played the new one yet, so I don’t know what the game play is like, but I think I would rather use F12011 …

    @strunk27 and the others who have F12012,



    How you doing? I’ve just got F1 2012 today, and it’s really quite different. I haven’t done enough to know about the tyre wear.

    The handling is quite different. I’ve decided to make my life more tricky by turning off racing line and only having traction control on medium. On a track like Canada, which I know very well and in the old game could do a 1:11 with a bog standard set up and get down in to the 1:09s with a custom set up, I only managed to do a 1:19.0s as my fastest lap! SHODDY!

    I made my own set up, but it feels much less stuck to the track than in 2011, and obviously I’m not comparing like for like due to have the tc on medium, rather than full.

    Gonna take me a lot of practice to get on top of it.

    Things I like so far:

    – parc ferme conditions once you get to qualifying, so no changes to set up allowed.
    – driver AI is definitely improved.
    – corner cutting seems a LITTLE bit less harsh
    – sound is better – especially with the sound when you KERS boost
    – it looks VERY pretty

    Not so keen?

    – handling is really different, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.
    – OFF TRACK power limiting. REALLY fucking annoying. If you run all 4 wheels off of the track, it cuts the power until you are back on the track. Often at that point, you then all of a sudden get power back and spin because of traction when you do get on track….
    – the above is REALLY bad. At Canada for instance, if you out break yourself for the chicane for instance, run slightly wide, it not only slows you down but seems to pitch you in to a spin. Not sure if others have found this, but it’s FUCKING annoying…. I can understand trying to discourage people running off track, but it’s so unrealistic to cut the power / force spin someone for making a mistake / running wide… I hope they remove that in a patch….

    Lt Alfred

    Almost certainly not going to be in the championship this year with F1 2012, I’m just finding it totally and utterly unreliable. It’s partially the game and partially my wheel which now makes random jerks to the left on straights, making the use of DRS impossible as well as obviously making F1 2012’s skittish car handling really hard to control.

    If Codemasters make some changes and I’m able to get the problem with my wheel sorted I might be back, but as of the moment, I’m not going to be taking part


    Hi all! Back from holiday. Hope everyone is well..Will have a look at your responses and get back to you within the next few days.

    Just had a quick spin on f1 2012. Enjoying it more than I thought!

    @ljkobrien you can make adjustments to steering wheel controls in the options menu. I read somewhere that the default sensitivity and setup don’t suit most steering wheels.. But some have made adjustments in the options menu and it has improved things for them. Try it! :-)

    Lt Alfred

    yeah, tried that maddog, it reduced some of the twitchiness but still makes DRS use impossible


    I’ve only played a couple of hours so far, but am finding the chronic mid-corner understeer you get in this game, really tough to adjust too, you just can’t chuck a car at a corner like you used to be able to on f1 2011.

    If anyone has had any luck with set ups or found any good sites for set ups, then feel free to share the love.

    The one good thing though, is that I feel like you’re not going to get to a position where you can do times that are 3 to 5 seconds per lap faster than in real life like you could on 2011.

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