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F1F Xbox 360 World Championship – Season 2: NOW COMPLETE!

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    Lt Alfred

    Gotta say @Kyle, I always love these pre/post season announcements you do :P really help to add to the tension for the start of the season


    I have to agree with that. Great preview!


    I’ve had a good pre-season test today. Happen to be starting my 2nd season on my career, with Ferrari.

    Have upped the driver difficulty to Expert.

    Qualified 10th on Prime tyres, with a late 1:24 time – could tell I wasn’t going to touch the guys times on the softs, so thought I’d go counter strategy.

    Come race day, I went for a 50% race distance, 29 laps around Melbourne Park…

    I got a good clean start, and was up to 6th after turn 1 and 2, and then up to 4th through turn 3 – with no contact (have full damage on, so that’s key!)….

    Then ultimately, had a reasonably quiet race, pulling away from Di Resta behind me, and not able to catch Hamilton, Vettel or Webber up front.

    However, I stayed out on my primes, whilst the others stops and was in the lead. Tyres started to drop at about lap 10, and I pitted at the end of lap 11, a lap earlier than planned.

    Came out in 3rd! Started to lap consistently in 1:26s, which was matching race pace. Pitted again at the end of lap 22, from the lead, but with Vettel all over me (having a pit stop in his pocket).

    Went to to the options for the last 7 laps of the race, and I had some good pace, done in the mid 1:24s, and was only a few hundredth’s off of the pace.

    Spent the final stint in 3rd place, but holding off the flying Red Bull of Webber, successfully in the end to get the podium.

    I know that some of the guys here are a lot quicker than the Experts, but I reckon if I can match that pace tomorrow then I reckon a top 6 or 7 is on the cards.

    Roll on 8.20pm tomorrow.


    My practice race:
    Qualified on pole but did 2 separate flying laps on the same set of tyres so they were 6 laps worn already at the start of the race.
    Got to lap 9 on the options before they completely fell off the cliff then pitted for my primes and came out 13th.
    Then worked my way through the field and came out 1st with a 3 second lead over Hamilton who also appeared to be one stopping as the other cars pitted.
    Finished 2nd overall as my tyres wore out and Hamilton overtook halfway through the last lap.
    Video was just a test (although there is a nice heart stopping slide into the pits right at the end) This is the best camera I have :S.


    Hey @ms20 out of interest, what was you Qualifying lap + fastest lap time?

    My fastest lap was 1:24.61 something…


    @infernojim Quali time was 1:23.088, Fastest lap was 1:25.3xx. I could have gone faster in the race but i was trying to save tyres.


    I can see us being reasonably evenly matched tomorrow @ms20

    Not sure I’ll get quite as fast in quali, but might sneak into the late 1:23s…


    Q: How are you feeling about the upcoming season?
    Very excited to see how the season goes. New drivers look very fast hopefully if we can be reliable we can score some good points.

    Q: What expectations and targets do you have for this championship?
    Top 5 finish in the table for myself and to beat my team mate obviously. Also hope my connection is better than last season as that cost me a heep of points

    Q: (For those returning for a second season) What areas do you think you can improve upon compared to last season?

    Q: What do you think about your team mate?
    Looks like a threat. Looked good in the sprint championships will be a good inter team battle i think

    Q: Are there any tracks on the calendar that will suit you?
    Have fond memorys of racing in China so hopfully that will help my start to the season.

    Q: What are you expecting from the season opener?
    Expect a good start with just getting some points in the bag.


    @Kyle – Happy to do the stats, can we just upload pictures to the wiki, don’t really fancy doing all the coding etc. pm me details how to become an editor and I can upload each week.
    Yeh the Sprint championship was a bit messy, but like @ljkobrien said, think we should put this behind us and not drag any vendettas into the main event! Also agreed that on raw pace, Snake looks lethal! Lets hope he has some chinks in his consistency :s though I fear not…

    Q: How are you feeling about the upcoming season? Looking forward to racing again, pleased to have a strong team-mate and curious about the newcomers.
    Q: What expectations and targets do you have for this championship? Well, ideally would like to come top three, one better than last year, but I think with the number of quick guys on track this season its going to be difficult, hopefully stay in touch with @ljkobrien points-wise.
    Q: (For those returning for a second season) What areas do you think you can improve upon compared to last season? As always, eliminating silly mistakes and improving race-pace.
    Q: What do you think about your team mate? I think at times we can be evenly matched but ultimately his race-pace usually outclasses me. I’m sure he will bring points in every weekend, just hope I can do the same for the team.
    Q: Are there any tracks on the calendar that will suit you? Hungary and Brazil for sure.
    Q: What are you expecting from the season opener? Some good points and a fair clean race to start the season off 

    See you all tomorrow!!


    @mrgrieves, @McWoblin, @carnivorouspope, @powderfinger, @lemon, @mnmracer, @strunk27 @infernojim @ljkobrien @kvothe @arowan @ms20 @infernikus @agentmulder

    Here we go!! Less than 24 hours to go!

    For the newcomers – invites go out at 8.20GMT. I will click on proceed at 8.30GMT. The 10 minutes is there to check headsets, connections, sort out cameras etc.

    Btw is anyone else going to be recording the races this season?

    As there looks to be more than 8 of us, I will perhaps just send out game invites rather than a party invite. I hope we can talk still. But we’ll check before hand.

    Let me know if you cannot make it.

    See you tomorrow!

    Lt Alfred

    Just another mention that I’m not going to be able to make the opener, performing in a show for the rest of the week and for some reason the rest of the cast think they should come ahead of an online championship (selfish bastards, I know)

    Touch wood, after Australia I should be able to make the rest of the season, although I won’t know for certain until this coming Saturday, hope to see you all in a weeks time!


    @Kyle @mcwoblin
    Was thinking it’d be cool to capture fastest lap this season too and do a fastest laps table like the Dhl do for f1 proper…

    Just a bit of fun.


    @infernojim @mcwoblin

    I’m happy for this to happen. Sounds like a good idea. McWoblin what do you think? You also mentoned some other ideas previously like lap time charts, race strategy analysis, qualifying times etc.

    I think you should include poles and DOTD in the normal table. Any other ideas?

    I’ll give you as much info as I can after each race!


    Hi, I’d like to join in the fun please. My gamertag is WashedUpRocker



    Welcome to the championship! Take a look at the wiki page and familarise yourself with all the rules. Also have a look at the seats still available and let me know which team you would like to drive for.  The link is in the page 1 of this forum.

    Please note that there are now two dropped races instead of one. I haven’t updated the wiki page yet but more details on this rule are on there! 

    Add me on Xbox! My gamertag is MadDogMolloy. This is so I can add you to the party before the event. Free free to add the other drivers to your friends list too. Keep an eye on the forums for news and join in on the discussions we have.

    The first race is tonight. Can you confirm you can make it? Invites go out at 8.20GMT.

    Plug your headset in too and join in on the banter we’ll surely have before  and after the race. We may even do a few sprint races afterwards if people are free!

    Hopefully see you later! Good to have you on board

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