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F1F Xbox 360 World Championship – Season 4: Season completed

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    If you have a copy of F1 2012, an Xbox 360 to play it on and an Xbox Live subscription then you have come to the right place! This is Season 4 of the critically acclaimed F1F XBOX 360 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

    We currently have a great group of drivers who race cleanly and fairly. The first three seasons of this online championship have seen exciting closely fought racing, full of thrills, spills, tears and triumph. There have been some amazing moments and we’ve had a lot of fun too – I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Monday evening! :-)

    Want to be part of this championship? We race on Monday evenings where invites are sent around 8.20pm (BST). Qualifying starts at 8.30pm (BST). The First race starts on Monday 22 April 2013.

    Take a look at our wiki page for information on the rules, the race calendar and the team vacancies still available.


    If you would like to see how the previous seasons have worked, please check out our forums for Season 1, 2 and 3


    Here are some videos posted by our drivers from the past three seasons.



    Once all the drivers from the previous season have been designated seats, any remaining will be available for you to choose on a first come, first serve basis.

    Please post indicating your top 3 preferences for which team you’d like to drive for (in order of most preferred to least preferred). To see the seats still available, please take a look at our wiki page http://f1fanatic.wikia.com/wiki/F1F_Xbox_360_World_Championship_-_Season_4
    Please also include your Xbox gamertag.

    Can’t make it every week? Not a problem! Every driver will have to drop their 5 lowest scores (if they have attended every race or not), so you can afford to miss 5 races and you wouldn’t lose out all that much. This is used to ensure that drivers aren’t unfairly disadvantaged in the championship standings if they miss a few races. More information on this (and all the other rules) is provided on our wiki page.

    Returning Drivers
    We will use the same method as last season. Everyone picks their top 3 team preferences. (1 being the preferred, 2 next best etc.) Seats will then be distributed according to championship position in season 3. So, the defending champion @lemon gets first pick. Further down the order, if a driver whose first option is at a team which is full then we implement their 2nd option. If their 2nd option is taken we use their 3rd option.

    Want to work with a specific teammate? You need to declare this alongside your team preferences. When your seat is designated, if there are 2 seats available at your first choice team, both drivers will take them. If there is only 1 available, the second choice team will be used, then third choice etc.

    Also, new for this season will be a number of 100% endurance races. Please indicate the number of these races we should hold along with your preference for which track this should be held on. Please remember that this will take the place of the 50% race for that circuit – the calendar will remain at 20 races.


    ???- Yet to confirm participation.

    1. Lemon (Herbert Lemon)
    2. PowderFinger (Omorfos Kevin)
    3. Ms20 (markstrub20)
    4. Jonboy705
    5. Lt Alfred (Lt Alfred) ???
    6. MadDogMolloy (MadDogMolloy)
    7. mrgrieves (y2jasok)
    8. Darren Archer (D4Z4ARCH3R25)
    9. Strunk27 (strunk27)
    10. McWoblin (McWoblin) – ???
    11. dazza1782 ???
    12. infernojim (Inf3rn0j1m)
    13. zsmokey
    15. Power (Power l 7 l)
    16. vitreouschain
    17. Strongo83

    To see which teams still have vacancies, please see our wiki page.


    @lemon @infernojim @ljkobrien @kvothe @mrgrieves, @McWoblin, @powderfinger, @strunk27 @ms20 @Sparky2315 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @cscottyf195 @dazza1782 @roblo97 @zsmokey @power


    Hi everyone! Could you confirm your participation in this new season ASAP please. This is so I can distribute teams and let newcomers see the spaces available.

    Please be aware of the rule changes for this season. They can be seen at the top of the new wiki page. If you disagree with any of the changes please let me know!

    One issue still remaining from the previous forum is the calendar order. In the coming days I will present an alternative calendar. Let me know what you think!

    I’ll keep the previous forum open for those you haven’t voted in the Season 3 awards. I’ll announce the results shortly.

    Please put the 15 April in your calendar! This will be the date for the latest Sprint Race Championship! I think we should start at 19:00 BST so we can complete all 20 races!

    Looking forward to seeing your team and circuit preferences! :-)

    @power you’ll be the first to choose from the seats remaining after the others have chosen theirs.


    Ok no problem, just mention me again when it is my turn thanks :)

    rob lomas

    Please may I participate possibly from silverstone onwards
    Choice 1 lotus
    Choice 2 Ferrari
    Choice 3 mercedes


    @roblo97 awesome – remember (as previously mentioned) I’ll put you on the reserve list now. When we get to Silverstone (or whichever race will be on 24 June with the alternative calendar), if any of your choices above are free you can have them. Think this is the fairest way of doing it.

    @power that’s fine. Make sure you join us this Monday for some of our crazy sprint races! As you will find out, we don’t take them too seriously. Bring your headset!


    Hey @MadDogMolloy, count me in.

    My team preferences are thus:

    Choice 1 – Sauber
    Choice 2 – Williams
    Choice 3 – Torro Rosso

    Also, if at all possible I would like to continue my occasionally fruitful team partnership with @strunk27 for a third season.



    My team preferences are

    Choice 1 – Ferrari
    Choice 2 – Williams
    Choice 3 – Mercedes

    For 100% races I think we should do maybe Silverstone Japan Canada and maybe Germany?

    Also I know I didn’t touch on this with you but Y2J said a after a race a while ago that the randomness of the rain ruins the races sometimes, And I have to agree with him so I am wondering would It be possible to maybe say pick certain tracks to have Clear weather and others to be Rainy from the start? for example

    I think a wet start on Singapore or Germany/Australia would be good

    and dry start on Canada and maybe 1 or 2 other tracks with the rest being Dynamic.

    I just feel this would make the races feel more enjoyable to race tell me what you think.


    I’ll stick with Mercedes again.

    For the 100% races I vote for Spa, Canada and Brazil.


    @infernojim that will be fine. Do you want to give your 3 recommendations for the 100% races?

    @zsmokey I think this is a really good idea! i reckon perhaps default to dry races for most and dynamic for the ones where it has rained in real life F1 over the past few years.

    eg. Australia, Malaysia, China, Canada, Britain (of course!), Hungary, Belgium, Korea, Brazil?

    Maybe Italy and Monaco?

    If everyone likes this suggestion, I could include it in the list of new rule changes?


    Sorry, mised that.

    100% races….


    1. McLaren – favourite team, favourite livery etc etc… but after a full season with them, if others want a go in the car then I’ll have any really. Except Red Bull. Hate Red Bull. With a passion.
    2. Lotus
    3. Mercedes

    I suppose the timing of the 100% races may depend on the calendar, as I can’t imagine anyone wanting them too close to each other. For me the season finale, wherever it is, should be 100% distance. The street race fanatic in me is screaming Monaco and Singapore (could probably say the same on behalf of Herbie lol), but I’ll spare a thought for those who aren’t as keen and swap Singapore for Spa. I’ve managed 78 laps of Monaco before and can tell you now it is perhaps the most draining gaming experience I’ve ever done. But fun, nonetheless.

    Just please don’t vote China.

    Something else to note: I’m pretty sure that when we run 50% distance, we start with 50% fuel. That was the case on 2010 and 2011 anyway. If it still applies now, we’ll need to remember to practice with full fuel as it will make a massive difference to braking points. Imagine the carnage at most first corners last season, and then double it in 100% races because we don’t know when to brake.

    It is a shame that we are forced to consider running on always dry for most races, but I agree that the constant on and off with the rain each week tends to ruin the racing. I’ll go with whatever we all decide. Running dynamic on the most logical circuits sounds the most sensible.


    My team preferences:

    1. Williams
    2. Force India
    3. Lotus

    Now I currently have the following problem. I moved into a new house and do not have a reliable nor fast internet connection. This is also the reason, why I have not been very active on the forum lately, and have not filled in the “season review”.
    I cannot see this changing by the beginning of next week, I will therefore have to sit out the first race, maybe even the second race.

    My three choices for the 100% races:
    Monaco (Monte Carlo)
    Belgium (Spa)
    Brazil (Interlagos)


    DazzaArcher & Y2jisaok Team Choices
    1 Ferrari
    2 Mclaren*
    3 Williams*

    We’ve only discussed these 3 teams so if we dont get Ferrari we’ll clearly have to rethink this with the other two seats rightfully going to the higher drivers.

    I couldnt be happier with running selected races in Clear conditions with Dynamic on the logical tracks, Cant wait to see what ya’ll come up with.


    Hi, I’m new on here.
    Gamer tag (VitreousChain06)

    I would like to participate in this season so my teams.
    1. Ferrari
    2. Lotus
    3. Sauber
    If none of these are available then let me know what is.

    Top 3 for 100% races
    1. Brazil
    2. Montreal
    3. Spa


    Me and @zsmokey have decided to join forces! Here are our team choices:

    1. Lotus
    2. Ferrari
    3. Williams

    Circuit choices – think there should be 4. The ones I’m voting for are spa, Canada, japan

    @mrgrieves and @dazzaarcher I will need each of your circuit choices for the 100% races!

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