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F1F Xbox 360 World Championship – Season 4: Season completed

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    Quick question, is the performance of each car the same or not?



    Hey mate welcome! I’m sure you’ll enjoy racing with us.

    I’ll add you on xbox later, what is your gamertag? (unless you want to just add me? Gamertag – MadDogMolloy). Once the drivers from last year all pick teams, I’ll designate yours. As mentioned on the wiki page, all cars are equal performance so if you don’t get any of your choices you won’t be disadvantaged!

    Take a look at the wiki page and familarise yourself with all the rules. Free free to add the other drivers to your friends list too (gamertags on first page). Keep an eye on the forums for news and join in on the discussions we have.

    As mentioned above we may have a sprint championship (3 lap races ) on monday at 19:00 BST so do feel free to join us! We have a bit of a laugh and don’t take the sprint races seriously at all! Don’t forget your headset! trust me – you don’t want to miss out on the banter or any of @ljkobrien‘s one-liners for that matter! :-P


    @vitreouschain actually mate its not on there – thanks for spotting that. I’ll add that the cars are equal performance to the wiki page when I next update it!


    Gamer tag is vitreouschain06.
    Thanks for the help mate.


    @vitreouschain no problem- looking fwd to racing with you!

    Got two new drivers joining us already – only opened this forum up yesterday! Fuller grids this year guys! Awesome!

    @powderfinger not good mate – fingers crossed you can get it to work properly before the first race!


    TVs on its last legs. It keeps switching off, but that may be because it’s been overused lately. It needs to hang on until my birthday in May so here’s hoping it does or I’ll be out.


    Just wanted to say i agree on the dry race front. propose the races it rarely rains at.

    So spain(both races), italy, bahrain(unless I’m mistaken), Austin, India, Singapore and abu dhabi

    Would be nice to guarantee around 6-8 dry weekends at least!


    My 100% choices would be if the Calender remains in the current order rather than Race days matching real race days

    1 China
    2 Silverstone
    3 Brazil

    Nice gap between the 3


    Ok, here is the calendar I’m proposing. Took me ages to work out!

    (Races in block capitals are the races held the previous day in real life – by popular demand)

    22 Apr – BAHRAIN
    29 Apr – India
    6 May – Abu Dhabi
    13 May – SPAIN
    20 May – Germany
    27 May – MONACO
    3 June – Usa
    10 June CANADA
    17 June – —-Break—-
    24 June – Valencia
    1 July – BRITAIN
    8 July – Singapore
    15 July – Korea
    22 July – Japan
    29 July – HUNGARY
    5 Aug – —-Break—-
    12 Aug – Malaysia
    19 Aug – China
    26 Aug – BELGIUM
    2 Sep – Australia
    9 Sep – ITALY
    16 Sep – Brazil

    The main problem I came across was the real life calendar and trying to slot the remaining races in between. The problem with the 2013 calender is its all over the place. also found it diffcult to cluster the races in the gaps i.e keeping the asian races together, european races together etc especially as nearly every one of the real races until 16 December is in europe. this is the best compromise i could come up with!

    Another problem has been spreading out the potential 100% races. Looking at the votes so far we have some early favourites :

    Canada xxxxxx
    Spa xxxx
    Brazil xxx
    Japan xx
    Monaco xx
    Silverstone xx
    India x
    Hungary x
    Germany x
    Singapore x
    China x
    Season finale x

    Now if we pick the top three (spa, Canada, brazil) then not only do we have a massive gap but two of them are really close together. We can’t really move them as they are all races that take place the previous day – moving them would defeat the purpose of this new calendar in the first place?

    A solution? To possibly have Japan and/or Monaco as 100% races. This would help the spread slightly I think.

    So my thinking behind this calendar… We start in Bahrain mirroring the date of the real race- no Australia which is gutting for some I know :-(. I then propose India and Abu Dhabi, in effect creating a middle east/east Asia cluster of races. I then put Germany in the gap between Spain and Monaco (as its nurburgring in real life) before going to USA and Canada. The first break would be after this date.

    Then its a valencia/Britain double header followed by three Asian races and Hungary before the 2nd break. Then it’s Malaysia and china before the final four races. Putting Australia between Belgium and Italy is a bit crazy but had no where else to put it without messing up the calendar. Then it has to be brazil for the season finale. Those last four races look tasty!

    Let me know what you guys think…


    I think having the last race as a 100% race would be good and it would be best for the 100% races to be as evenly spaced as possible.

    Since Canada has so many votes I think it should be the 1st.
    Then Japan or Hungary as the 2nd depending on which gets the most votes and Brazil last.
    If people would rather not have the final race as a 100% race then with the votes we have now Canada/Japan/Belgium?

    Otherwise the calendar looks great.


    Also for the dry races infernojim’s list looks fine but I’d take Monza off. I counted 10 wet races out of 20 from last season so 7 guaranteed dry seems like enough. I’d guess It would give 6 or 7 wet races.


    Good work with the Calender boss.

    I agree that Brazil as the last race and Canada as the most popular are locks for the 100% races.

    Its hard to say how having 2 100% races in a month would go down since some of us have lacked experience in that long of a race. I like your suggestion of Japan as it falls perfectly in the middle of Canada & Brazil but i have no problems with either of those races.

    As for the Dry races i’d have Bahrain, Barcelona, Valencia, Hungry, Italy, Singapore, India, Abu Dhabi & USA as non of them have a strong history of rain. Hungry and Italy are twice in over 20 years. As for the rest history tells there own tail with little to no rain ever!


    @powderfinger not good mate – fingers crossed you can get it to work properly before the first race!

    Well, what I actually meant with a bad connection (not reliable and slow) is that I am tethering my phone with my laptop and that will definitely not be sorted by Monday. :D
    I can confirm that I will not be competing in Australia.


    I like the calendar.


    @MadDogMolloy Will i add you or will i just get an invite Monday ? And what time do you start ?

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