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F1F Xbox 360 World Championship – Season 4: Season completed

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    @lemon @infernojim @ljkobrien @kvothe @mrgrieves, @McWoblin, @powderfinger, @strunk27 @ms20 @Sparky2315 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @cscottyf195 @dazza1782 @roblo97 @zsmokey @power @vitreouschain

    Ok guys just a reminder that tomorrow’s sprint race championship takes place tomorrow 19:00BST! Let me know if you can/can’t make it?

    Remember for those outside of uk- clocks changed here the other week so best to google the current uk time to check where you are in relation…

    Looking at your thoughts, here are the races I think should be dry in the main championship:

    Bahrain, Barcelona, Valencia, Singapore, India, Abu Dhabi & USA.

    Maybe Italy and Hungary but up to you guys. I’ll wait for others who have yet to voice their opinions…

    The same drivers are also yet to confirm their entry and choose their team preferences:

    @lemon @ljkobrien @mcwoblin @dazza1782 @cscottyf195

    Could you do so ASAP so new drivers such as @power @vitreouschain can choose their teams. I also know someone else who may be interested in joining… If this ain’t done in a couple of days I may allow the new drivers to just choose from the seats currently still available. I know it sounds harsh but we need to get the ball rolling – there may be potential newcomers who have looked at this forum and decided not to join because they assume all the seats are taken or can’t see the teams so have given up! At the same time I wouldn’t want any of you to miss out!

    We aren’t able to start distributing teams because @lemon hasn’t confirmed his entry yet (i assume he will jonny’s teammate at McLaren as before). However here is the unofficial entry list so far (if everyone gets their first choices:

    McLaren- Jonny705, VACANT
    Mercedes – Ms20, VACANT
    Lotus – MadDogMolloy, zsmokey
    Ferrari – Y2jasok, Dazzarcher
    Sauber – Infernojim, Strunk27
    Williams – Omorfos Kevin, VACANT

    Both seats available at 2 of 6 teams from Red Bull, Force India, Toro Rosso, Caterham, Marussia, HRT.

    I’ll also wait for opinions from the other guys for the 100 % races and the suggested calendar. @strunk27 and @dazzaarcher although your teammates have confirmed your teams, still awaiting your circuit choices.

    Looking forward to racing with most of you guys tomorrow – it’s been too long!!

    Darren Archer

    For the 100% races my 3 would be

    1 Canada
    2 Brazil
    3 Monaco

    Although I am happy to have Japan instead of Monaco.

    Also, I will be able to do the sprint race championship.


    Just a reminder that i won’t be here tonight. drinking wine in France instead. Will be in my sauber raring to go next Monday though :-)


    Sorry I haven’t posted recently… Yes of course I will be joining the championship this season and I’ll be at the sprint race on monday..

    I think I’ll stick it out with Mclaren they’ve been good to me over the years……
    and for the 100 percent races I’ll say:
    and umm ………..monaco?

    no but for real
    3. australia


    I would like to change the team pref after seeing the teams list.
    1. Mercedes
    2. Red Bull
    3. Force India

    I can’t make it for sprint races tomorrow but will be there for the 1st race on the 22nd.

    As I am new here, do I just wait for a invite and accept it or do I have to find the session on the game. Do I have to be on the game to accept it or what? Sorry for the many questions! :)


    @vitreouschain we all get an invite 10 mins before the start time and just accept it. Doesn’t matter whether you are online or offline, on F1 or Lego Star Wars – you’ll get an invite. :)

    Calendar looks good, and I like the way that the three 100% races will be in one little section of races each. It’s a shame in a way that Hungary is the last race of the second part, otherwise we could perhaps have had the longer races before each break (the third being at the end of course). No big deal of course but my attention to detail can get a little OTT for sure lol.

    Oh and I’m definitely not practicing on Bahrain yet or anything! :)


    Evening all. just spent the last hr driving with mad dog in the xbox lobbies n he told me to come n check out this site n this group, so just thought id say HI



    Hey mate welcome! I’m sure you’ll enjoy racing with us.

    Take a look at the first page of this forum and at the wiki page (link also on first page) and familarise yourself with all the rules. Free free to add the other drivers to your friends list too (gamertags on first page). Keep an eye on the forums for news and join in on the discussions we have.

    Once the drivers from last year all pick teams, you can pick from the remaining seats. As mentioned on the wiki page, all cars are equal performance so if you don’t get any of your choices you won’t be disadvantaged!

    As mentioned above we may have a sprint championship (3 lap races ) on monday at 19:00 BST so do feel free to join us! We have a bit of a laugh and don’t take the sprint races seriously at all! Don’t forget your headset! Was good racing with you earlier!


    @lemon awesome! Glad to hear you’re back.. Was starting to worry!

    Ok I’ve started to designate teams – see the wiki page. I’m assuming Alfred @ljkobrien is going for force India, so I’ve put him there. He may decide to change so the teams are only provisional for now. Im done this as i know Alfred said he wanted to take part again at the end of the last forum. Plus he said a few weeks back that he might just stick with his trusty force India again so….

    @power @vitreouschain @strongo83 just waiting to see if @mcwoblin @dazza1782 @cscottyf195 return. I’ll give them a day or so to respond and then let you choose your seats. Haven’t heard from mcwoblin and cscottyf195 (odinsrevenge) for a while so not sure if they’ll be joining us??


    @MadDogMolloy I can now make the sprint races tonight, so send me a invite.


    @vitreouschain will do! I’ll send invites to everyone at 7pm. @strunk27 – 19:00bst.

    I thought it would be good to keep track of the sprint race standings on here after every race.. Keep your laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones etc near you tonight and I’ll keep updating the post during the loading screens… Hope it works!


    After a season and a half long sabbatical I can confirm I am in talks with Sir Frank Williams about a return to Williams


    @infernikus !! GET IN! Welcome back mate! You joining us tonight?


    @MadDogMolloy I shall be, I mean my connection isn’t great but I will try and compete in as many of the races as I can


    Unfortunately wont be joining tonight. School is starting to get pretty busy with final exams. My three 100% nominees are:

    1. Canada
    2. India
    3. Brazil

    Also I’m glad to be joining @infernojim back at sauber!

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