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F1F Xbox 360 World Championship – Season 4: Season completed

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    Highlights from Incredible Italy!

    @cscottyf195 I use imovie. Think you need to pay a small fee but its so worth it!


    On another note, just found this gameplay video of 1980s race against legendary ai on the the new f1 2013, this is got to be a must track for next season!


    wow @maddogmolloy you getting air at turn one was epic lol.

    Great race. Still can’t believe the number of times Lemon was spinning or crashing. Almost like he wanted the title to go the distance.

    Lt Alfred

    @csottyf195 daaammmmnnnn that looks spectacular. AI looks a little too easy for Legendary but I cannot wait for this to come out


    This has got to be the best trailer for the new game ever, with the music and the video! Looking foreword to it! http://www.carthrottle.com/the-f1-2013-classic-edition-game-trailer-has-landed/


    Morning all,

    Loving that there’s a last race showdown on the cards. Just wanted to let you know that I’m not going to be around for it this evening either. My Mum’s Birthday today and we’re off for a meal at 7.30pm, so I won’t be on the grid for 8.20! Not without being extremely rude anyway! ;-)

    I hope everyone is well and that it’s a great race this evening.

    Will look to get back on it soon and see you all online in the off season I hope.




    @lemon @infernojim @ljkobrien @mrgrieves, @powderfinger, @strunk27 @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @cscottyf195 @vitreouschain @strongo83


    Well this it… The final race using F1 2012. It’s hard to believe we’ve had 39 races on this game. Tonight we bid farewell to a game that has provided us with countless memories across the past two seasons.

    But that isn’t the only thing important tonight.. Oh no it isn’t! I still can’t quite believe we are heading to unpredictable Brazil with the promise of an epic title decider!

    Five points separate the two drivers so it could well come down to whoever wins the race tonight. I think its important to look at the Winners of races throughout season 4…

    Bahrain – Lemon
    India – Lemon
    Abu Dhabi – Odin
    Spain – Lemon
    Germany – Lemon
    Monaco – Lemon
    USA – Lemon
    Canada – Jonny
    Europe – Jonny
    Britain – Jonny
    Singapore – ms20
    Korea – Jonny
    Japan – Jonny
    Hungary – Lemon
    Malaysia – Lemon
    China – Jonny
    Belgium – Jonny
    Australia – Lemon
    Italy -Jonny
    Brazil – ?????

    Lemon – 9 wins
    Jonny – 8 wins
    Odin/ms20 – 1 win

    Lemon started the season well but Jonny came back fighting throughout the mid season. Then it ebbed and flowed until Italy last week which became the most important race in terms of the championship…

    Will we be crowning a new champion? Will we have a four-time champion among us? Who will want to be the top dog at McLaren heading into the new season? Will the closely matched drivers collide like in the title decider of season 1? Will somebody try to do a Timo Glock and try to ruin the party?

    So many questions – I can’t wait to find out!

    And so to the permutations…

    Lemon will win the championship if:
    – He wins
    – He finishes 2nd or 3rd and Jonny fails to win
    – He finishes 4th or 5th and Jonny finishes outside the top two
    – He finishes 6th and Jonny finishes 4th or lower
    – He finishes 7th and Jonny finishes 5th or lower, etc..
    – If Jonny finishes 8th or lower

    Jonny will win the championship if:
    – He wins
    – He finishes 2nd and Lemon finishes 4th or lower
    – He finishes 3rd and Lemon finishes 6th or lower
    – He finishes 4th and Lemon finishes 7th or lower, etc.

    May the best driver win…

    And let’s not also forget the epic three way battle for 4th between Odin, y2j and dazaarcher. 3 points separate the drivers so it could be a close run thing!

    Remember it’s 100% race distance so join us at 8pm tonight – trust me you won’t want to miss this!


    Excited lol



    Lt Alfred

    Apologies if I was lagging at all today, I’ve moved out to uni now. My connection is more reliable, but I’m sharing it with 5 other guys so it’s a little up and down. Because I don’t have a wireless adapter for my xbox, I’m also having to connect through my laptop which is the only reason I can guess at for not being able to talk tonight. I know my headset is working because I can hear it turning on when I plug it in. If anyone knows a fix I’d appreciate it.

    Congratulations to Lemon and to Odin for winning the fight for 4th!!


    @ljkobrien no worries mate – perhaps buy a wireless adaptor… But other than that don’t have a clue.. Extra long Ethernet cable?

    Oh and didn’t dazzarcher win the fight for 4th? By one point I believe.

    Lt Alfred

    I can’t afford one. Did he? well congrats to daz then :P



    Full Race:

    As you can tell from the highlights, that wasn’t the most exciting race – qualifying was close with I think the top 5 within half a second.
    On the first lap I got up to first, Lemon then Jonny got past over the next few laps and I was following them until Jonny went off at turn 4 on lap 19.
    The rest of the race I was following Lemon and gradually falling further back. Lemon had a different strategy and pitted one more time finishing 12.4s ahead. His penalty made that 2.4s – annoyingly close to a win, but I think Lemon could have gone faster if he needed to anyway.


    @ms20 out of interest how many times did you stop? I was planning on doing a 2 stopper (after the stop for drys from inters). I did prime, option, prime and probably would have made it to the end easily on the primes but I had a pit stop in hand (over Jonny, but not you with my penalty). So in the end I did prime, option, Prime, option just to be safe.. and luckily managed to pull out the ten second gap I needed…


    @lemon 3 times – once after the rain stopped then I split the remaining 64 laps into 3 stints on primes around 21 laps each.

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