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F1F Xbox 360 World Championship – Season 4: Season completed

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    Can you actually buy the extra stuff? If so, fantastic. I will be getting them. Can’t say I care all that much about the old cars (not yet anyway lol), it’s all about the circuits for me.

    My thoughts on the new season(s):
    I like longer championships, but admittedly I found it annoying when there was well over 10 rounds remaining and I’m already a mile off Herbie in the standings. Similarly, if I was to get a good start, I would prefer to have to hold off Herbie and others for as few rounds as possible lol. So I’m happy with the shorter seasons.

    I’m happy to vote for the best circuits. Regarding the DLC tracks – if they are included, it may be worth considering putting them in separate seasons like in the given example, and adding an extra dropped round for the seasons a DLC circuit features in. Imola and Estoril are two great circuits anyway, so unless you are tight on cash I don’t see why you wouldn’t bother getting them.

    The full-length races were good fun – if you were in the mood for them. It’s all well and good having the long races at the major circuits (and I liked the idea; I always do that in my career mode), but you can never tell whether you will want to do the full distance until the day of the Grand Prix. If you can’t be arsed, then it’s not working.

    Keep the penalty system the same, I think. I know it can be unfair at times, but some of us record (I’d like to start next season) and have overturned multiple harsh penalties over the weeks and months I’ve been here. I see no reason why we should risk having people get away with causing carnage at turn one.

    Also, I’m not going to sleep tonight until I’ve bothered to do the final standings for S4 lol. I’m happy to do them next time again if you want Maddog.



    When do you plan starting the season so i can put the girlfriend aside on Mondays and make sure im out of work on time!

    – The 13 race season with 2 dropped scores would suit me, Missing a limitless amount of time moving house in November so season 1 might be a bust for me. Great that i can finally use these dropped scores for actually missing races the way it should be rather than my poor driving!

    – 100% races were good for 2012 but the return of scaled tyre ware means 50% is more than enough.

    – I have the full pack of 80’s and 90’s so can and would love to do all the races if required.

    – Penalty system must either stay the same or be totally removed! Can’t have a middle ground. Wouldn’t mind either way as i record the races so can appeal pens if there given so actually i would rather stay.

    Other Few idea from me

    On the circuits I’d be happy to see races with “0” votes gone from the championships! Why race on a track non of us want to. I’d rather do 2 races on alright track 1 or 2 people like that a awful track we all hate and nobody votes for.


    Final season 4 standings at last

    Drivers’ standings

    Constructors’ standings
    F1Fanatic S4 final team standings-2


    @lemon @infernojim @ljkobrien @mrgrieves, @powderfinger, @strunk27 @ms20 @jonny705 @dazzaarcher @cscottyf195 @vitreouschain @strongo83

    Ok so far the general consensus is..

    – yes to new season structure (3 seasons, 13 races, voting for best races etc.)
    – to keep same penalty system – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Maybe turn it to ‘Corning cutting only’ for sprint races?
    – To have 50% race distance for every race (we could always do a mini endurance championship on the best tracks for those who crave 100% races?)
    – 2 drop scores enough for 13 races.
    – yes to DLC circuits, Imola/Estoril. The only worry I have here is with those that don’t have the classic edition or the DLC (don’t know how much extra this costs either). If you don’t have them, I would recommend them as they are fantastic circuits. However, Including these circuits in our championship wouldn’t be fair for those you don’t have them. At the same time, there are some of us excited by their potential inclusion….Someone suggested increasing the number of drop scores for the two seasons we use these tracks (like in my example on the previous page, we wouldn’t put both of them in one season). It’s probably the best thing to do. However I think three drop scores is slightly too much for 13 races (going in the fact that the average driver only missed 2-3 races over the course of 20 races last season!) the solution?? Leave one season as 13 races (with two drop scores) and the other two as 14 race seasons (to include one of each of these circuits plus an extra drop score to compensate). This also means we would have to increase the number of popular circuits from 8 to 9. Best to keep the longer 14 race seasons for seasons 6 and 7 as the DLC might even have reduced in price by then. It’s just an idea so interested in what you guys think.

    And so on to some of your questions/queries/issues..

    @infernojim no probs mate – let us know when you do get the game. You still want to choose your team with the rest of us or would you rather wait?

    @ms20 some said the same about Williams in the last game. Is the Lotus really that much faster?

    @jonny705 yeah I think you can download the classic stuff. Thanks for helping me with the tables this season. You sure you don’t mind doing them again? You did a good job last year!

    @mrgrieves if I can get the forum up this weekend, everyone can begin choosing teams and circuits and we can then have the first race on 28 October. If not we’ll start the following Monday. If we do 13 races, we can have three seasons over the course of a year. I’ve outlined provisional dates below:

    Season 5: 25 Oct 13 – 3 Feb 14
    Season 6: 24 Feb 14 – 26 May 14
    Season 7: 16 Jun 14 – 15 Sept 14

    Each season would have a week break mid-season (two week break for Xmas in season 5) and there would be a two week gap between one season finishing and another starting (potential flexibility for three weeks if needed – s7 could finish 22/29 Sept 14).

    @mrgrieves Your point about only racing on tracks we like – I don’t mind, we can do that if others want to… My thinking was that we could keep one of the advantages of having a full season (i.e. racing at every track, therefore providing greater proof of individual driver skill), but spread them out over the course of the three seasons. Once the results of our circuit choices come through, I’ll cluster the remaining in groups of three (as best as I can) so that each season will have one race from each cluster (so I could create a ‘boring races’ cluster and we’ll only need to race at one of them each season). Hope that makes sense… I don’t mind going ahead with your idea if others like it though.. Bear in mind that everyone will only get say 3 choices so that doesn’t necessarily mean those that aren’t voted are the worst. It might be that for some people, that it’s their 4th or 5th favourite…

    Spoken to @cscottyf195 (Odin) over xbox live but would be interested to hear what some of the others might think before proceeding I.e. @ljkobrien @lemon @dazzaarcher @vitreouschain also @powderfinger and @strunk27 (if they are joining us)

    I thought it might be an idea to get together for some sprints before we start the championship proper. Not only because we’ve been offline for five weeks but so we can test out this year’s online mode, connections, the penalty system etc. anyone up for doing this on Monday evening?

    As a side note – been weighing up the pros and cons and decided that I’m going to get a Ps4. Did switch my thinking to xbox1 for a bit but have ultimately decided i wanna go back to Sony. Something to bare in mind after season 7…


    I like the idea of relaxing the penalties for sprints lol.

    PS4 :( Well nothing’s certain yet (by the time season 7 ends the new consoles will have been out for 10 months, so might get one), but right now it’s looking like these will be my last three seasons. Sad face.

    On another note, you can download the extra classic tracks and cars separately. Tracks are £6.75, so as far as I’m concerned I’m saving a few quid in comparison to paying more for cars I don’t really care about.


    I won’t be taking part in the coming season due to the fact that I haven’t got the game and that I don’t think it is worth investing in.

    Lt Alfred

    @maddogmolloy I’m pretty happy with the dieas put forward.

    For anyone else who doesn’t have the full bonus tracks/cars. They’re now available for download. Estoril and Imola are 800 microsoft points and the 1990s cars and drivers are the same amount.

    @Powderfinger Sorry to hear that mate, hope you come back around at some point :)


    @jonny705 I’m wondering if we still need the wiki … You publish the standings on this forum so it’s only really the rules that are on there (which I could include on page 1 of the season 5 forum anyway). What do you think?


    @maddogmolloy well it would be one less thing to worry about when doing standings lol. Besides, all the stuff is on one page, so it’s not really like having an entire wiki devoted to the championship. All the info can, as you said, be stuffed in the first post along with the latest standings.



    How can you relax the penaltys in sprints. What about your D’Q streak in Monaco.


    For the Opening post is it easy enough to edit posts as i never get it to load properly when i try to Edit a post.

    We could also have a short race by race review under the tables with the race results under the review. That i think would make it better than Wiki. Hows this site for making a table or will you be able to use the same layout as we do now?


    @mrgrieves you’ve now got the ability to switch penalties off completely or restrict to ‘corner-cutting’ only. For some reason penalties have always been easier to get in 3 lap races so restricting to just corner cutting might solve some of our problems in sprints. But don’t worry – I’m sure I’ll still get disqualified in Monaco :-P


    @mrgrieves that’s not a bad idea. Not sure how we make tables on this site.. Jonny will continue to use his tables for the standings.


    @mrgrieves I’ve found waiting for the page to fully load before clicking edit means the box shows properly.


    Hi guys! I’m going to be closing this forum down. But fear not – I’ve set up a new forum below:


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