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First F1 2014 Gameplay at Sochi

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    Mackeine Loveine

    For those who are waiting to play F1 2014 this October, you can have a fisrt glance into the game in this first gameplay video released on friday by Youtuber “GameRiot”. It is a three-lap race in the new Sochi Autodrome with Daniil Kvyat against the 21-car field.
    And I have to say, it looks awesome.

    My first impressions are:

    *The sound is fine compared to the real life sound.
    *The cars look way harder to drive, like in real life. Wheelspin is harder to control and the handling needs to be gently.
    *The graphics look a bit improved but still looks a lot like F1 2013.
    *The Mercedes are not as competitive like in Real Life, which is fine for this videogame for a more competitive experience.
    *Now you can hear the crowds cheering very loudly for the first time since F1 2010. Something I am glad is back.
    *Also it is quite difficult to reach 8th gear, and the top speeds are as high as in reality.
    *The AI looks more agressive, and also depending on which car you drive (You can see the difference between the Red Bull and the Toro Rosso and the attacking Raikkonen).

    What do you think of it? Did you like it? Will you buy it?

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