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    Lucas Wilson


    I think it would be fair to allow @davidnotcoulthard to race next season. I don’t think it would hurt things, plus 13 teams is the maximum grid size for modern F1 , so its not like we would be doing anything that wouldn’t be done in real life.

    I have started a poll on the website about this. If everyone could please vote!

    Harry Westwood

    @full-throttle-f1 Man, not being funny, it’s not your position to start a poll on this decision. It’s Nic’s. Also, I do believe the possibility of a 26 car grid has been previously discussed, but Nic said it freezes the game or something along those lines. There’s only so much it can handle, plus, increases the chance of first lap mishaps.

    Bradley Downton

    @full-throttle-f1 – I think the issue is having too many cars can cause LAG.


    I agree with the guys. We would all love to have more teams, but the mechanics of the game just doesn’t allow it.

    And it’s unfair for us to vote on something, which is ultimately Nic’s decision. Sure, there are some things which are democratic, but I don’t believe this to be one of them.

    It’s unfortunate because it will be rare that a lot opens up in the main series, but if we do get more interest, then there could be other avenues that we visit, like drivers for teams. But there doesn’t seem to be the interest for that right now.

    Bradley Downton

    @RoboCAT, @bradley13, @diceman, @Formula-1, @bnm123, @JamieFranklinF1, @full-throttle-f1, @andae23, @mathers, @pezlo2013, @juan-pablo-heidfeld-1, @sirspuddington, @aiera-music

    EJGPC French Qualifying – Lady racers storm front row

    Ellenør Haugland and Brittany Johnson have locked out the front row ahead of the French EJGPC Feature Race. Not only does it mark the first pole position for a female in the EJGPC but it’s also the first front row lockout. Haugland’s team mate Du Plessis lines up third while championship leader van Snelheid is eighth. His closest competitors Schnyder and Zozulya line up fifth and 23rd.

    1. Ellenør Haugland
    2. Brittany Johnson
    3. Anders Du Plessis
    4. Callum Brandon
    5. Finn Schnyder
    6. Allar Kangur
    7. Ikram Aliyev
    8. Klaas van Snelheid
    9. Nikolajis Christodoulou
    10. Juan Alejandro
    11. Brock Kidd
    12. José Correia
    13. Niklas Kehlmann
    14. Rafael Martínez
    15. Dino Palma
    16. Drake Davies
    17. Vito Certonio
    18. Lucas Tétrault
    19. Viktor Östberg
    20. Ernfred Jensen
    21. Aleksandr Hadžić
    22. Dominic Hanson
    23. Oleksandr Zozulya
    24. Artur Słobodowa
    25. Sandrine Phillippe
    26. Peter O’Riley
    27. Mirko Vučić
    28. Steven Kasami
    29. Josep Kírova
    30. Francis Rodríguez

    Bradley Downton

    @RoboCAT, @diceman, @Formula-1, @bnm123, @full-throttle-f1, @andae23, @mathers, @pezlo2013, @juan-pablo-heidfeld-1, @sirspuddington – Ok guys, could you all please check back to your messages to Mathers from earlier in the season when you all sent him your driver details? I need driver ages please. Once you’ve found these can you please PM them to me. Many thanks!

    Nic Morley

    Maybe we could get ol’ Bernie in the commentary room as a guest… ;)

    Alex Tunnicliffe

    @roboCAT will there be any entries for next season


    @bRADLeY13 I won’t, promise!

    I think @robocat ‘s said that 13 teams would be enough to cause a lag or something along those lines – I failed to make the entry so unless Nic gets a doorprize in the form of a computer update I’m where I should be :)

    Nic Morley
    Bradley Downton

    Jeez I hope Qualifying is better than that… Be better if my cars were a tad higher and those pesky Rossi cars weren’t so high up…

    Harry Westwood

    I just… Whurt? Back markers? Nice lol

    Bradley Downton

    @RoboCAT, @diceman, @Formula-1, @bnm123, @full-throttle-f1, @andae23, @mathers, @pezlo2013, @juan-pablo-heidfeld-1, @sirspuddington

    It would seem that no-one has messages regarding their junior driver’s ages, so I’m going to do it a little differently. If you can take a look here at the Wiki page for the Championship, find your team, and then private message me all of your driver’s ages from this season please :)

    Bradley Downton

    @RoboCAT, @bradley13, @diceman, @Formula-1, @bnm123, @JamieFranklinF1, @full-throttle-f1, @andae23, @mathers, @pezlo2013, @juan-pablo-heidfeld-1, @sirspuddington, @aiera-music

    IJGPC French Qualifying – Einarsson takes second pole in a row

    Aron Einarsson has taken his second pole position in a row during qualifying for the French IJGP Race. Second in the Championship Kiara Thunder will join him on the front row while Ivan Fyodorov shocked with third place and Thunder’s team mate Jochem van Snelheid lines up fourth. Meanwhile it was a dreadful session for Chmapionship leader Emma Wilson, who set one early lap time before spinning off and ending her session early beached in the gravel. She lines up 21st out of 22 starters. Series débutantes Bailey Növak and Didier Arnaud both impressed and will line up 10th and 12th respectively.

    Complete Qualifying Results

    1. Aron Einarsson
    2. Kiara Thunder
    3. Ivan Fyodorov
    4. Jochem van Snelheid
    5. Stuart Harrison
    6. Daniel Bruner
    7. Bayurn Zrigovic
    8. Luke Stokey
    9. Germund Svensson
    10. Bailey Növak
    11. Mikko Heininen
    12. Didier Arnaud
    13. Keith Murphy
    14. Davide Barone
    15. Luca Andreolli
    16. Jamie Gerrard
    17. Henk Dekzwabber
    18. Yohan Dubois
    19. Pedro Costa
    20. Yrjänä Vähäsöyrinki
    21. Emma Wilson
    22. Eduardo Oliviera-Martins

    Lucas Wilson

    @sirspuddington @jamiefranklinf1

    It wasn’t a democratic descion, I was just seeing how many people agreed. I forgot about the LAG problems to be honest.

    However, I do think something should be done for people like @davidnotcoulthard who, lets be honest, are not going to get much of a look in at the series. Because I don’t think anyone here would leave such a brilliant series.

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