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    @Sirspuddington – If this is more than just an attempt to grab headlines, then Westwood may have one of the strongest line-ups for 2015! But don’t be too mad if he doesn’t win the Championship lol

    Harry Westwood

    @jamiefranklinf1 This is more than just an attempt to grab headlines, that’s for sure, but please don’t take Hoskins out the car lol or Ruiz for that matter just be a normal manager use the YDT to discover your spare driver’s capabilities


    @Sirspuddington – We have a YDT? Lol. Anyway, I don’t plan on doing anything other than trying to win.

    And on that note, I believe that Franklin has the chance to win the Constructor’s Championship this race. If I have done the calculations correctly, then Franklin are currently 119 points ahead in the Championship, with 172 left on the table.

    If, however, we can outscore Liverpool by 11 points, then we will be 130 points clear, with 129 left.

    It won’t be easy though, as the highest they can finish is 3rd and 4th, and then we would need a 1-2. If Liverpool finish any higher and we will have to wait for Japan. Not sure of all of the permeatations.

    Hoskins can’t win this race, but Ruiz will need to outscore him by 10 points per race on average to take the title. Hoskins on the other hand, can can lose 4 points to him in each of the next 3 races and be crowned Champion.

    If people were to finish where they qualified in China, then Ruiz would get the 10 points he needs for this round.


    @jamiefranklinf1 hands off Inman. He’s mine. :P


    And, to confirm Neil Allenby’s suspicions, we WILL definitely be fielding Adrien and Karl in race seats for next season.


    @Mathers – We’ll see ;)

    Some more fun facts for you guys:

    – Despite it seeming like Liverpool have had a lot of bad luck this season, they’ve only had 1 more retirement than Franklin. Though on those occasions, Liverpool’s other driver usually was effected somehow as well.
    – Liverpool have the same amount of retirements as last year, though with 4 races left, they have scored 9 more points.
    – Ingram and Peugeot have only ever reached the podium by winning a race.
    – A Honda powered car has been on the podium of every race this year. The only race Franklin wasn’t able to do so, was the race in which Ingram won.
    – Peugeot remains the only team with its own in-house built engine to have won a race.
    – Westwood only have 10 points less than last year, but are 3 places lower, indicating a much more competitive field this season.

    Harry Westwood

    Love seeing these fun facts :P


    @Sirspuddington – Glad you like them :P

    – Ruiz has yet to finish a race this year off of the podium. It has been pretty much been all or nothing from here this year. 10 podiums so far, the same amount Powers got last year.
    – Powers and Hoskins are tied on most podiums with 13. I believe it’s Mattson and Ruiz next with 10.
    – Liverpool now have the most pole positions, with Franklin second and Team 23 third.
    – Beckenbauer And Ruiz are tied on most consecutive podiums, with 5 each. Hoskins could equal that, if he reaches the podium in China.
    – Liverpool have overtaken Team 23 for second on most points. Team 23 are on 469 I believe to Liverpool’s 503. Franklin lead the way with 788.
    – Hoskins is in the lead for points with 379, Powers is on 335.
    – Domenicalli has performed much better this season, already scoring double the points he had over the course of last year.
    – Statistically, bar the Championship, Hoskins is the best driver on the grid, with most pole positions, wins, points and fastest laps.
    – Germany have the most pole positions as a nation, whilst Brits have the most fastest laps and wins.
    – Both of Ellington’s wins came in Spain, both giving his team their maiden, and to date, only victory.
    – Ruiz has a start to podium rate of 58%. Powers and Hoskins are at 43%, Mattson on 33% and Simon and Wagner on 30%.
    – Ruiz also has a start to points rate of 76% and a finish to points rate of 100%. Hoskins on the other hand is at 80%, but only 88% on the latter.

    Sorry, a lot of those are based around my drivers there.

    Bradley Downton

    – Downton are doing considerably better than last season.

    :P Sorry, couldn’t resist


    @bradley13 But then you couldn’t have really done much worse! haha

    Bradley Downton

    @formula-1 – I could have finished 11th!

    Simon Paffett

    Hi all,
    Sorry haven’t posted been ill all of today.
    I’m the team principal of Sizza Racing competing in the 2015 International Junior Grand Prix Championship.

    Look forward to it.


    I don’t think we’ve had a mechanical DNF yet, if that’s fact-worthy? :D

    Bradley Downton

    Welcome @sizza! :)

    I’ll come clean, me and Simon have actually known each other quite a while… since… god, year 3? 2? 1? Something? Haha. Last time I saw him was in year 5 (2004) but we were really good mates and have kept in contact since, he’ll be a brilliant addition.

    Also, @RoboCAT, @bradley13, @diceman, @Formula-1, @bnm123, @JamieFranklinF1, @full-throttle-f1, @andae23, @mathers, @pezlo2013, @juan-pablo-heidfeld-1, @sirspuddington, @aiera-music, @redmist, @blockwall2, @sizza

    As a head’s up, me and Nic are discussing a Young Driver Test at the end of the season, details should come post-China.

    And, you can all look forward to Macau tonight! :D


    Awesome stuff, welcome and hope to have a good rivalry with Sizza Racing!

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