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Gran Turismo 6 Le Mans Series – Le Mans on the 15th

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    The Le Mans Series, on PRL is back for a second season, this time, on Gran Turismo 6!

    It will be ran on Saturdays (14:00 GMT) starting from the 18th (with a practice session on the 11th), and hosted by yours truly, PSN: David_JV.

    Calendar (click to expand):

    If you’re interested in signing up, leave your name, PSN ID and car choice below.


    Rules & Regulations:

    Driving Options:

    Transmission: Automatic/Manual
    Skid Recovery Force: Prohibited
    Active Steering: Prohibited
    ASM: Prohibited
    Driving Line: Available
    Traction Control: Available
    ABS: Available
    Event Settings:

    Room Mode: Practice, Race with Qualifier

    Qualifying Format: Race Together
    Qualifying Time Limit: 15 Minutes (25 minutes for Circuit De La Sarthe)

    Race Start Type: Grid start with False Start Check (except for rolling starts on events which I will specify in their pre-race threads)
    Grid Order: Fastest First
    Boost: Off
    Penalty: None
    Tyre/Fuel Depletion: Normal
    Grip Reduction on Wet Track/Track Edge: Real
    Minimum Number of Pit Stops: 0
    Require Tyre Type Change: Off
    Race Finish Delay: 180 seconds
    Visible Damage: On
    Mechanical Damage: Light
    Slipstream Strength: Real
    Time (where applicable): Variable
    Weather (where applicable): 20%
    Weather Changeability (where applicable): 15

    PP Limit: 670
    Max Power: No Limit
    Minimum Weight: No Limit
    Drivetrain: All
    Nitrous: Prohibited
    Vehicle Tuning: No Limit
    Points System:
    25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1, for 1st-10th positions
    Drivers must complete 75% of the race distance to be eligible for points
    Car Selection (only two drivers allowed to use the same car, except cars marked with an asterisk (*), where only one entry is allowed):

    Audi R8 ’01 (#1 Red)*
    Audi R8 ’01 (#2 Yellow)*
    Audi R8 (Audi Team Playstation Oreca) ’05
    Audi R10 TDI ’06*
    Audi R18 TDI Prototype ’11
    Audi R18 TDI (Team Joest) ’11
    Bentley Speed 8 ’03*
    BMW V12 LMR ’99
    Jaguar XJR-9 ’88
    Mazda 787B ’91
    Mercedes Sauber C9 ’89*
    Nissan R89C ’89
    Nissan R92CP ’92
    Pescarolo Sport Courage C60 Peugeot ’03 (#17 Green)*
    Pescarolo Sport Courage C60 Peugeot ’03 (#18 Red)*
    Pescarolo Sport Courage GV5 Judd ’04 (#17 Green)*
    Pescarolo Sport Courage GV5 Judd ’04 (#18 Red)*
    Pescarolo Sport C60 Hybride Judd ’05 (#16 Green)*
    Pescarolo Sport C60 Hybride Judd ’05 (#17 Red)*
    Peugeot 905B ’92
    Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Team Oreca Matmut ’10*
    Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Team Peugeot Total ’10
    Toyota GT-ONE ’99*
    Toyota MINOLTA 88C-V ’89

    David_JV – Audi R18 TDI Prototype ’11
    jakeyboy723 – Audi R18 TDI (Team Joest) ’11
    thespuditron – Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Team Peugeot Total ’10
    Lin1876 – Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Team Peugeot Total ’10
    TayTheDay – Pescarolo Sport C60 Hybride Judd ’05 (#16 Green)
    Mazdachris – Audi R18 TDI Prototype ’11
    Bald_Gye – Bentley Speed 8 ’03
    sgillies01 – Pescarolo Sport C60 Hybride Judd ’05 (#17 Red)
    ibbo1981 – Toyota GT-ONE ’99
    Duckidono – Audi R10 TDI ’06
    F1xStevo_87 – Audi R18 TDI (Team Joest) ’11
    aboe_83 – Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Team Oreca Matmut ’10
    Rasta4889 – Audi R10 TDI ’06
    XguZz_ViRuZz – TBC

    Teams (teammates do not have to use the same car):

    Team 1
    -David Aye (David_JV)
    -Chris Goldsmith (Mazdachris)

    Team 2
    -Jake Wilson (jake2013guy)
    -Paul Ibbotson (ibbo1981)

    Team 3
    -Chris Allan (TayTheDay)
    -Joseph Gillies (sgillies01)

    Team 4
    -Campbell Wallis (Lin1876)
    -Spud Byrne (thespuditron)

    Team 5
    -Bald Gye (Bald_Gye)
    -Duckidono Atlantis (Duckidono)

    Team 6
    -Steve Roebuck (F1xStevo_87)
    -Aleks Lehrmark (XguZz_ViRuZz)

    Team 7

    Team 8

    -Mathers96 – TBC
    -Murdercane – Mercedes Sauber C9 ’89
    -iamQmai – Toyota MINOLTA 88C-V ’89
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


    Would anyone like to buy me GT6 so I can take part?

    …no? Oh well.


    Could I have the other Audi Team Joest car please? I don’t mind who I get teamed with.

    Edit: PSN: thespuditron Car Choice: Audi R18 TDI (Team Joest) ’11


    Having just blown a load of credits on a Super GT car I don’t know what car I’ll take, I don’t fancy the big Jag again though, so I’ll try a few out.

    But I’m very up for this, even though I won’t make every race.


    Unfortunately I don’t have the time or in game credits to enter, but this looks awesome, and I will be watching in the hope I will see some of you next season! Also, what about allowing the Peugeot 908 Base Model, allowing for multiple colours and more of that car to be entered?


    @mathers – If you’re struggling with credits, the Red Bull events and the recent seasonals can help hugely ;)


    @david-a That’s great! Thanks mate, in that case do you allow single race entries? I may be able to do a couple of the later rounds, but I don’t want to promise anything and it may be the next season I can get involved with.


    I won’t be available all of these weekends but I’d like to contest as many as possible. I’m really looking forward to some of these events. Hopefully we can get some nice big grids too. I did say last time that I’d want to try and use a generally more competitive car this time, but I just can’t draw myself away from the trusty old 787b. It’s like an old friend now.

    Reading the rules above, can I just confirm that we’ve dropped the mandatory two tyre compound rule?


    @mazdachris – Yes, the two compound rule from last season has been dropped.

    @mathers – If there’s room, then you could do one or 2 races later in the season if you want to.


    I’ll take the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Team Peugeot Total ’10. Also, I’ve discussed teaming up with @spud if that’s possible. My PSN is Lin1876.


    @lin1876 – If @spud agrees, then I’ll update the OP accordingly.
    @mazdachris – Want to be teammates? :)


    Sounds good to me. Will there be a teams’ championship as well?

    I’m not averse to the idea of using the R18 if we’re teammates.


    Yeah, there’ll be a team’s championship. You can use the Mazda if you want, or the R18 Prototype (Spud & Jake already using the Joest), or anything you desire that isn’t crossed out.

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