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Need help creating F1 2014 mod

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    On F1 2014 can u make a mod where u can create drivers and customise their abilities?


    I suppose that would help in our championship! I haven’t got a clue but then I have the game Xbox so…


    Sorry for the late response. It is possible, although very complicated. First you need to download Ryder language editor. You can get it from the link at the bottom of the post. Remember to backup any files you edit.

    Open the file language_eng in the language folder of your F1 2014 directory with it. Click somewhere on the right column and then press control+f on your keyboard and click “replace” and find the name of the driver you want to replace. Then select “current column” for “look in” that way the editor only replaces text on the right column. If you make any changes to the left column, it can cause the game to not function properly. Write the name of the driver you want to replace on the “find what” bar and the name you want to replace it with on the “replace with” bar. Do this for both first name and surname seperately. For example if you want to replace Vergne with Verstappen, replace Jean-Eric with Max and Vergne with Verstappen. Then find the short name for your driver, it is marked on the left side as db_”drivername”_short. For example find db_vergne_short and replace the VER with VES on the left side to have the shortened version of Verstappen’s name in the game.

    This will only affect the text seen in the game. The audio of the driver will still remain the same, so your engineer will still refer to Verstappen as Vergne. You can avoid this by going to the audio settings of the game and putting engineer verbosity to critical, that way the engineer doesn’t give you any information on other drivers.

    If you want, you can also replace the driver pictures with ones you want to use.
    To do this you need the Ego PSSG editor from the same link below. Open the file of your driver in the frontend folder of your F1 2014 directory with the editor and replace the pictures with ones you want to use. For example the file for Vergne is b_driver_jean-eric_vergne. The pictures need to be in DDS format. To convert pictures to DDS, you need the Nvidia DDS plugin for photoshop or if you don’t have photoshop, you can download Gimp for free and install a dds plugin for it. You can easily find all of them with google. I haven’t yet figured out how to replace the helmet of the driver, but it is possible too.

    Last thing to do is to download the EGO Database editor from the link below and open the database file in the database folder of your F1 2014 directory. The find ”ai_driver” from the left-hand side column and replace the values of the driver you replaced with ones you want your new driver to have. Make sure all values are between 0 and 1 (0 being worst, 1 being best) and don’t make any changes to the names of the drivers. Then find ”f1drivers” from the left-hand side column. Here you can edit the stats of your driver. For example if you replace a world champion with a rookie, you can edit the number of championships, race wins, etc. to 0 or any number your driver has achieved in the past. You can also edit the ”fake_qualifying_ability”. This directly affects the qualifying performance of the driver, no matter the car. If you put 50, the driver will most likely qualify near the top every time. 0, however means the driver will be close to last every time. You can also edit the nationality id for the driver. Nationality id’s can be found in the ”nationality” section on the left-hand side of the database editor a bit below ”f1drivers”.

    I hope this helps you. I used to do this on F1 2012 and this is based on the same method, I haven’t actually tested it on F1 2014 but it should work since the games are very similar. If it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll try to figure it out.

    Here is the link for all the downloads:


    Thank u so much for that! I’LL get stuck in

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