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How’s your F1 2010 career going?

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    Ned Flanders

    Kind of self explanatory this one…

    I’m doing a 7 year career so I’ve signed for Lotus alongside Jarno Trulli. Poor Heikki Kovalainen got booted out to make space for me. I’m only one race in, but so far I can see this game is going to be a struggle for me. I can hardly go a lap without spinning or crashing, I always seem to turn in too early and cut corners by accident, and without the racing line assist I can never remember where to break!

    Anyways my first GP (on 20% distance) went like this: Qualified last. In fact, I didn’t really bother with qualifying properly, I mean it’s not like real F1, no matter where you start you can quite easily move up and down the field. And, sure enough, in the race I made a great start and worked my way up to about 14th.

    Then, as all the other drivers pitted, I found myself in the points, although I gradually slipped backwards and my pit stop dropped me to 20th. But then in the last few laps, it all went horribly wrong. I spun off, and having used all my flashbacks I was down to 22nd. Then on the final lap, my tyre inexplicably exploded, letting my team mate and Glock past. So I finished last. Baptism of fire, huh. But on the plus side at least I didn’t lose any positions in relation to my grid slot…


    My laptop was a bit slow and laggy and my wheel hadn’t arrived yet so I ended up braking far too early and (by accident ) inadvertently cutting the corners.

    I got lost on the new Bahrain loop (I couldn’t be bothered to qualify as was so annoyed at my laptop but I do enjoy qualifying usually) and spent the entire race furious at Pedro as I insist he caused the accident not me.

    I am good at my starts though. I have no idea how to get off the line well as there is no clutch or anything but I can negotiate my way around which has got me out of trouble. My laptop’s been so annoying though that I quickly get furious and make a mistake.

    I’ve abandoned my HRT support and signed for Lotus. Once my steering wheel comes and/or I buy a new PC then I’ll start a new career as I’m beyond useless with a keyboard. I’m worse than if Yamamoto and Ide had a love child.

    It actually looks like a really good game which makes it mopre frustrating because if it was bad I wouldn’t care so much! :P

    I also went with a yellow helmet which is without the doubt the biggest decision of my career so far.

    Aspirations: To get noticed by Ferrari and stay with them for the rest of my 7 year career. Failing that go to Renault.

    Dan Thorn

    I’m doing a seven year career and I signed for HRT. No prizes for guessing who got muscled out! I’ve gone with the black helmet, it was a tough decision trying to decide which of them was the least rubbish.

    At Bahrain I qualified last and bumbled around to finish last, same goes for Australia. At Sepang I managed to actually managed to qualify 17th but dropped back in the race to finish 23rd as a result of two punctures, but at least I was getting to grips with the game.

    At Shanghai I managed to get to 18th on the grid and actually get a decent result as I finished in 15th (Trulli finished fourth, riiiiggghhhttt). I’ve always been good at Shanghai on games, no idea why.

    At Barcelona I couldn’t get it together in qualifying so I tried an angry, no holds barred, drive way over the limit lap out of pure frustration. It would have put me through to Q2 but I span at that stupid final chicane. Two punctures in the race and I finished last.

    At Monaco I also qualified last but was running 13th in the race when a Virgin hit me up the back under braking for the Swimming Pool. I got a post race 10 sec time penalty for it and whilst I was recovering I had to cut the chicane, for which I was instantly DQ’d.

    Seriously, what’s with the penalties and the punctures? HRT are getting annoyed with me as a result of things that aren’t really my fault so I have no idea what will happen when they kick me out, which they’re sure to do soon cos I’m being really negative about them in interviews. No Sakon for you to turn to here Kolles…

    Ned Flanders

    Just done the Australian GP. Qualified 21st, one place behind my teammate, although I looked set for Q2 before a mistake at the penultimate corner ruined my lap. It wasn’t a one off either, that corner is so hard on this game! The race was wet and I was actually doing pretty well, running 15th and catching the drivers in front of me when something peculiar happened…

    I ran into a concrete wall at about a 3 degree angle. Usually, not only on a game but in real life, you would expect to just skim or bounce off it. Not on F1 2010 apparently. The car stopped dead with a huge impact. So I used my one remaining flashback. Unfortunately, it only took me back a few seconds, and the exact same thing happened again.

    Admittedly, it was a very cool crash- watching the slo mo replay, you can see sparks flashing, blades of grass flying up, carbon fibre going everywhere- but it was pretty annoying and unfair. Also, like Dan says above, the game has an irritating tendency to penalise you for getting hit by other drivers

    PS- now the game is telling me my crash was an impact of 119g… ouch


    I started with Virgin and in my first race in Bahrain qualified 13th I think (before I had worked out how to switch on the full race weekend: FP1, FP2, FP3, Q1, Q2, Q3 etc.) and ended up coming somewhere at the rear of the field. In Melbourne I put proper Qualifying on and made my way into Q2 where I ended up about 13th again. But on Sunday it rained heavily and it was very difficult, but with all the carnage I managed to do well. I had a great fight with Massa that lasted one lap (before he ran into me and destroyed his front wing) that included a massive opposite lock slide moment coming out of the high speed turn 12 chicane (my greatest in-game moment so far!) which of course I had to watch over and over again via instant replay. By the end of the race I managed to come home in 5th for 8 world championship points! Karun Chandhok just beat me to 4th amazingly! :D

    That is as far as I have gotten so far, but I am enjoying the online play a lot. Such a fun game!


    I ran into a concrete wall at about a 3 degree angle. Usually, not only on a game but in real life, you would expect to just skim or bounce off it. Not on F1 2010 apparently. The car stopped dead with a huge impact.

    That has happened to me too, but luckily not in the career mode. Was it at turn 8 by any chance? I can see this becoming slightly annoying though. But one of the only flaws I have discovered is that in the race it only shows who is leading, who is in front of you and who is behind you on the position feed. This becomes especially annoying during online play against friends. Other than that it is a really fun game.


    ” Also, like Dan says above, the game has an irritating tendency to penalise you for getting hit by other drivers”

    This just makes me believe that it really was Pedro who was to blame when we collided and that I am 100% innocent :P

    I’m really enjoying career mode. I can’t wait to get a wheel but away from the track I think the interviews and interest from teams is nice.

    Hope everyone’s career is going well :)

    I’ve also decided to go for the Spanish helmet when I get my wheel :P

    Ned Flanders

    Yeah Damon it was! Surely Codemasters should’ve spotted that glitch…


    Expert – signed for Virgin and replaced Timo Glock for some inexplicable reason. Qualified 12th with Lucas starting 24th. Decided to run a long first stint on Primes and switch to Options for a sprint to the line. Managed to gain a few places off the start and kept taking people through the twisty first sector. Put some quick laps in while everyone had pitted and came out 2nd behind Webber after my stop. I was catching Webber but not quickly enough as I finished 2nd 1.8 seconds behind.

    Onto Melbourne and I’ve just missed out of Q3 in P11. I’ll run that race after work, hopefully.


    Good luck Geoffrey. If it rains for the race I can see a pattern developing…


    Easy – signed with virgin for a 7 year contract (I also replaced Glock), qualified 12th in Bahrain, was coming third on the last lap but incurred a 10 second penalty when Hamilton brake tested me and so ended up 14th.

    in Melbourne I qualified 10th, and worked my way up before spinning everywhere and ended up 17th.

    Will be starting Malaysia after lunch


    Expert-Signed with Lotus for a 7 year contract kicking out Kovaleinen.

    Bahrain: Skipped Practice as there was no R&D objectives and went to Quali. Qualified 20th and had a good start that bumped me up to 12th. Then up ahead, carnage. Kubica and Schumi get together and I dont have enough time to brake. I hit Schumi head on and get a broken front wing along with a drive thru for “unsportsman like behavior” (yah, really). 2 pits stops and one drive thru later I was in 18th after the accident had taken out 19-24.

    Austrailia: Practice 18th, Quali was a good 17th and the start bumped me up to 12th. Alguersuari did this weird swirving and I couldnt avoid him. Knocked part of my front wing off so I just increased wing angle and kept driving. Eventually finishing in 13th.

    Malaysia: Qualified Last after I couldnt get a good setup. Amazing start put me up to 8th (lol) and I kept going with it. Eventually I got up to 4th and everyone pit. But I, being aware of the pit stop bug, decided to pit one lap later, on lap 7, when the engineer anounced that the rain began to stop falling. I jumped to 1st when they went in. I swiftly chose the primes and after the pit stop I blasted away to 23… eventually I got up to 20th to finish there.

    China: ARGH!!!! Couldnt find a good wet weather set up again so I went with one of those stupid ones they have. Oversteer and understeer was my main problem and I qualied last, again… At the start I got up to 9th and moved up to 5th, and then the pit stop bug dropped me to 23rd. I finished 17th again but still was annoyed as hell…..


    I started a 5 year career, starting with Lotus, booting out poor Heikki in the process. Did some time trials in Singapore and Melbourne and some decent setup work (I’m driving with all assists off).

    Started a quick race (Australia) with McLaren (as Jenson Button) in P4, bogged down a bit off the start and accidentally tangled with my teammate at Turn 3 :D He got bundled down to P8, while I got Webber at Turn 11 and Vettel at Turn 13, all in Lap 1. Sim-Webber tried to get me back on Lap 3 at Turn 5, but he went into a spin after contact with my right rear… Won that race with Sim-Vettel about 0.1s behind me…

    Fun game, but incredibly hard to lose it on the throttle even with traction control off (unless you overdo it on the kerbs)…


    I started a 7 year career with HRT. Chose the yellow helmet. The first race was kind of a disaster for me. It was a wet race, and I somehow qualified 10th, but ended up getting knocked off the track at the first corner which resulted in me finishing 24th.

    Australia was another disaster, I accidentally skipped qualifying, so I started from the back of the grid. I started well and made up 5 or 6 places, but I got 3 separate penalties going around the first corner for reasons unknown. I eventually made it up to 12th, but the 30 seconds added onto my time dropped me down to last again at the end of the race.

    I have to say, this game has a lot of potential in my eyes, but its doing its best to be unenjoyable for me. Bahrain has the be the worst circuit ever made, and having that as the opening race with me trying to learn how to drive an F1 car was not a good combination. Turns 19-21 are the only enjoyable part of that track, the rest is just an endless maze.

    After Bahrain, which isn’t really the games fault, the only other problem I have is that I get penalized for everything. I’ve played lots of racing games, and I’m able to keep to the racing line reasonably well, and I am very familiar with F1 rules, and yet I cannot avoid penalties. I have been hit by other cars multiple times and received a penalty for it. I have been on a hot lap in qualy and had a Ferrari pop up behind me, and got called out for blocking. And the most annoying, in FP1 in Malaysia, Petrov popped out of the pits right in front me of and jumped onto the racing line doing about 100mph slower than I was. Inevitably, I rear ended him taking both of us out, and I was DQed for it. I turned my xbox off after that.


    Me and my flatmate have started a joint 7yr career on his PS3 and quickly realised its bloody hard. We’ve put it on hard difficulty with no driver aids and I’ve found it takes a lot of getting used to.

    ” I got lost on the new Bahrain loop ” I utterly despise that piece of tarmac, through the rest of the lap I’m on the pace of the back of the feild in my Lotus but I can’t do the mickey mouseyness of the new section.

    I’ve resorted to doing time trial laps of Spa to try and work my way into the game, which is quite fun and I’m starting to improve, but I don’t want to go back on career untill I get more practice otherwise I’ll be fired pretty soon.

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