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How’s your F1 2010 career going?

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    Send any bugs into codemasters by filling out the form here:


    All three version of this game have the ability to be updated with patch-fixes, so if enough bugs are logged we can hope for a 1.1 release in the near future that will correct them (they could also include small fixes or changes that the team didn’t have time to incorporate). It is common for games to get patch-fixed a few months after release.

    As for me, I have both the xbox and pc versions of the game sitting here but I haven’t played them yet. While it is temping I have a lot of work to do and I know that if I start playing I will lose at least a few days to it. I shouldn’t even be reading this forum :)


    Sounds like the career mode should have incorporated some pre-season testing in Europe prior to the season start so that the driver can get used to the car and driving etc. Now you all know how Alguersuari et al felt when they were thrown into the car mid-season :)


    I have the Xbox version playing with the Microsoft Wheel and Pedals, I’m doing the 7 year career, signed with Lotus. Full distance though, with all the assists turned off, and it’s pretty tricky. So far I’ve only done Practice 1 and 2 at Bahrain. Lots of spinning off. So far I think I’ve been able to put two or three good laps together before screwing up again. In Practice 2 I was able to set a 2:03 lap time, which put me in 19th position, which I’m pretty happy about. I’ve also had a go in time trial mode on Bahrain in a Red Bull and it’s heaps quicker than the Lotus, also had a go at Singapore, it’s a tricky track. It’s going to take a long time to get used to. I find the game frustratingly addictive.


    i agree with what Pinball – roadography.com said. the game is addicting!

    i got it on pc though, playing with keyboard – waiting for wheel to arrive on monday!

    i started off with ForceIndia. 20% length. all aids are off (soo hard not to spin off when exiting the corners). signed for 3 years.

    surprisingly i put a very good lap in Sakhir- 2:00.167 ~ got on pole!

    its a bit annoying how the pitstops take so much time, considering they only put tyres but that just adds more challenge to the game which is good..

    so far, i can’t understand what was all the bad fuss about!


    First impression of the game wasn’t good. The most annoying aspect is the penalties especially Invalid laps. You seem to get them for putting a wheel on the grass on the OUTSIDE of a corner. I made a mistake I don’t know how that’s cutting.

    Anyway apart from that it’s good. I’m just starting my career now :) 3 year career with STR just to get some practice.


    Also what helmet did we all choose? They all look a bit naff apart from the cool flash ones (Belg/Fra/Ita/Port)

    I’ve gone for Italy.. for now… probably do a Vettel and change all through the season.


    Quick question. Pit lane speed limiter. I enable it and it doesn’t slow me car down or do anything. I slow right down for the pit entrance and when I tab B it doesn’t do anything. :S


    Also if you spin off in the middle of the track you get a blocking penalty! Stupid.


    I’ve just started my career with Lotus and 2/4 of difficulty and in Bahrain I got pole! I think I should increase the difficulty. I am using the Italian helmet just because I’m patriottic because I don’t like it, even if on board it’s nice because on top it’s carbon fiber.


    @TommyB89 – That’s if you don’t get caught up in a pile-up as the cars fail to see you stranded on the racing line. Today my flashback very much came in handy, as there were around 5 or 6 cars upside down with a few stacked on top of each other…


    After pole, I obtained the fastest lap and reached 4th despite 4 spins.


    I started a 7 year career with HRT, intermediate AI full rules all aids bar ABS and traction control off.

    I cant remember the exact races now but the memorable parts of my season were: Pole at Canada finishing 4th after speeding in the pitlane in my excitement, a tenth in Germany after starting 23rd, at Spa qualified 21st due to Di grassi holding me up but managed to finish 4th due to a fantastic strategy of 3 laps on softs then going to hards and just driving past everyone in the pits.

    In Monza qualified 4th and won helped very much by Hamilton spinning in the middle of the first chicane from 2nd.

    then 3 very bad races with a best of 21st, but in Brazil started 15th and stormed to 5th just behind Kubica, I made a mistake on the final lap otherwise I could of caught and passed him. and in my fianl race for HRT as they didnt offer me a contract (?) I qualified 5th and won, also Abu Dhabi is a nice track to drive.

    just started my second season now with Williams and started 7th and won (i’ve also mastered the awful new section at Bahrain) but am now going to put the AI upto professional


    Started with Lotus on a 7 year contract. First race qualified 14th but it was on hard. So I had to increase the difficulty with all the aids off.

    Bahrain (hard) – Q-14th – R-DNF (Black flagged for Corner cutting)

    Australia (Expert) – Q-22nd – R-DNF (Spin 2nd to last corner straight into the inside wall)

    So far so good. But I like the whole yellowy glow the game has.

    No multiplayer splitscreen is annoying though.

    PS3 – Kubica_

    PS. I dont like the who flashback system, it was good in DIRT 2 but it shouldnt be in this game. I ALWAYS turn Flashbacks off. And never restart, if i crash or go wrong, I crash and go wrong.


    7 year career, expert difficulty with legend ai (although I have turned some assists on – TC is on medium and I have automatic gears).

    Signed with lotus, was having a great race, even got up to 9th before pitstops where I went back to 20th. Then spun. Then crashed :D

    In the next race, chandhok sneaked 10th in the HRT!

    I definitely fancy an online race. Any xbox users?


    7 season career. Signed up with Lotus. Expert difficulty, all aids off.

    Just finished Catalunya. Sharing the championship lead with Vettel at 70 points. 2nd/3rd in team rankings because Trulli can’t drive.

    I don’t see why this game feels so difficult to you guys.

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