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How’s your F1 2012 career going?

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    Race 12: Belgium
    Qualifying: 17th – Race: 6th
    I had no pace in qualifying, and ended up 17th. With a fantastic start and first few corners I was up to 4th. Everyone stopped on the first lap already and I was into the lead. On lap 5 I pitted but my mechanics put me new option tyres instead of the prime, so I repeated the stop on the following lap, while maintaining the lead as my nearest rival, Rosberg, retired. I then ended up into a wall and had to pit for repairs, dropping to 6th behind Alonso, where I finished, fending off Schumacher for some laps.

    Race 13: Italy
    Qualifying: 1st – Race: 1st
    Entering Q3, Alonso had led all the sessions, I’d finished last, 7th and 4th, and Webber, whom I had just indicated as my championship rival, was somewhere in between. In Q2, though, I set my time on worn primes. In Q3, I set pole with my first attempt, but further improved by two tenths after the flag had fallen. In the race Webber got off to a better start from the front row and we went side-by-side through the chicane and Curva Grande, till I had the upper hand. Alonso then took 2nd, and we were faster than the rest. I had set the fastest lap on lap 3 and decided to stay out and try to take a Grand Slam. Alonso didn’t know this and also pitted on lap 7, having to wait behind me in the pit lane. I came out first, eight seconds in front of Hamilton, Vettel and Webber. The Australian pitted again and fell to 16th, then, as I raced around the track for the penultimate time, set the fastest lap, beating my effort by two tenths. There was nothing I could do to take the Grand Slam back, but I registered a lights-to-flag victory with seven seconds between me and the rest of the field; Alonso was fifth and Webber had 60 seconds’ worth of penalties which relegated him to 23rd and last.


    Race 14: Singapore
    Qualifying: 1st – Race: 1st
    I topped every session with at least half a second’s margin over my rivals, and I took pole ahead of Schumacher and the two Red Bulls. The two Germans got alongside me at the start but I kept going and came out of turn three leading. Webber overtook Vettel on lap three and Schumacher and I built a modest gap on him. Schumacher, Vettel and Alonso pitted on lap 6 but Webber and I kept going, and he reduced the gap to one second: I was quick in the pits and came out still leading, while Schumacher and Vettel preceded Webber. Alonso had dropped many positions, Vettel retired and Schumacher set the fastest lap to catch me again. I was on course for a lights-to-flag victory but I desperately wanted the full Grand Slam, so I turned up my engine revs after my out-lap to fight for the fastest lap. The first time I made a mistake which compromised my attempt, then for three laps in a row I lowered my personal best. On lap 12 I was purple in S2 and that’s when I got nervous. I only needed to keep that advantage, but instead I increased it and the 1:46.6 I set was not beaten in the remainder of the race. I immediately dropped two seconds on the lap after that, as I also lowered my power as my fuel was on the limit. I kept Schumacher out of DRS range until the last lap, but despite a last attempt I stayed in front, and crossed the finish line a few metres ahead of the Silver Arrow. Webber’s third place means I still am not mathematically World Champion, but if my lead stays the same after the next round I will be.


    Race 15: Japan
    Qualifying: 8th – Race: 12th
    I was slow over the whole weekend. I was only 16th in Q1 and 9th in Q2. In Q3 I set out for my first lap immediately, but I was still behind some cars. As we approached the bridge, rain started falling, the hairpin was difficult to take and the Spoon Kurve was impossible. Almost everyone ahead spun and I completed my lap in 1:44, only good enough for 7th. Someone even improved as I dropped a position, but on the following lap I was twenty seconds slower and aborted it. By the time I pitted to put on intermediates the track was flooded as black clouds covered the skies. I was again twenty seconds off pace and finished 8th, behind Alonso, 4th, and Webber, 6th, while Vettel took pole position. After a good start I was fighting for fifth place at turn 2 but Alonso ahead of me was very slow on exit and I hit him, spinning into the grass. I dropped to last, and miles behind Vergne who was also far back from Pic. At the end of the second lap I had already passed both, though, and by the third lap I was 17th. I was eight seconds behind Petrov and catching him very slowly. I postponed my stop by a lap and reached 9th place, then dropped back to 17th. I was 5 seconds behind Ricciardo at this point and started closing in. On lap 11 I set the fastest lap, then I overtook three cars on lap 12, and somehow improved my time. I passed both Williams at the start of the final lap but Kobayashi was too far ahead. Just as one of my worse races had turned into one of my best drives, Rosberg first and then everyone else in the top five beat my fastest lap as they took the flag. In the end it went to polesitter Vettel, who had dropped to fifth, and Alonso couldn’t even hold my rival, Webber behind. In fact, I needed him to finish third or lower to be champion, and he finished behind Rosberg and Hamilton. I still haven’t scored at Suzuka in three years but this time I have a reason to celebrate: my second title!


    Race 16: South Korea
    Qualifying: 7th – Race: 16th
    I was lying 23rd in Q1 and took the inevitable decision to put option tyres on. After two laps I was 9th, more than glad to have passed the first round. I was 9th again in Q2, over a second slower than Alonso. In Q3 I halved the gap, qualifying 7th, and while Rosberg took pole Alonso was fifth. With a good start I was fourth after turn one, fighting along with Alonso against Schumacher. We both passed him, and I passed my teammate. Rosberg was already far away, and was superior on pace; I was slowing the others down a bit, as a train was forming, but it spread out in the following laps. I pitted on lap 6, and had to fight against Alonso and Schumacher who were trying to overcut me. I was still in second place after their stops, though Raikkonen had the momentum and passed Alonso. I tried in vain to set the fastest lap, then on lap 12 I spun and hit the barriers, losing my wing. I pitted, put worn options on and joined in 16th place. An attempt on the final lap to set the fastest lap was unsuccessful and I took the worst result of the season home.


    Race 17: India
    Qualifying: 1st – Race: 1st
    I was 7th in practice, 10th in Q1 and 4th in Q2, ahead of Alonso and Webber. In Q3 with my first lap I was two tenths faster than Vettel and than anyone else, and despite being slower in every sector on my second try I was still purple. I’m back on pole after two nightmare races, with Alonso qualifying fifth behind both Mercedes. At the start I was attacked by Vettel, but I had the racing line and led the pack out of turn 1. I pushed out of Vettel’s DRS range by lap three, though he subsequently cut it down again before he and Schumacher pitted on lap 4. Rosberg and I stayed out, pitted on lap 5 and came out ahead of them. I was second, with Alonso the only driver to wait a further lap to change his tyres. He came out just ahead of Rosberg, slowing him down quite a bit but getting passed immediately on the back straight due to DRS. He dropped back and had a hard time keeping Schumacher behind. I had enough fuel to keep my engine running high for the rest of the race, and Rosberg was catching me too slowly to get within DRS range in time. I lapped an HRT at the start of the penultimate lap, when I lowered the fastest time previously set by Schumacher and then lapped a Caterham. My final lap was fractionally slower, but would have been enough to grant me the Hat Trick, which didn’t become a Grand Slam only because of Alonso.

    Bradley Downton

    So, @fixy won’t be the only one contributing to this now. I’ve started a new career as Robert Kubica where my aim is to bring Marussia and Caterham to the front of the grid. I’ve already finished my first season and I’ve completed four races of my second season. I can’t remember all the details of the races but I remember some bits:

    Season 1 Results
    I think I picked up my first podium in Bahrain… or possibly Canada, but my first win was Germany. I had a great surprise second in Hungary with a well timed stop under a Safety Car and picked up further wins in Singapore, Abu Dhabi – from pole – and Brazil, en route to third in the Championship as Lewis Hamilton won the title. The Constructors Championship was as follows:
    1. McLaren (stay in Tier 1)
    2. Ferrari (stay in Tier 1)
    3. Sauber (move up from Tier 2 to Tier 1)
    4. Marussia (move up from Tier 4 to Tier 3)
    5. Lotus (stay in Tier 2)
    6. Toro Rosso (move up from Tier 3 to Tier 2)
    7. Red Bull (move down from Tier 1 to Tier 2)
    8. Mercedes (move down from Tier 2 to Tier 3)
    9. Williams (stay in Tier 3)
    10. Force India (move down from Tier 3 to Tier 4)
    11. Caterham (stay in Tier 4)
    12. HRT (stay in Tier 4)

    Season 2 so far
    I made a well timed pitstop in Australia to propel myself up the field in a race I’d had a bit of a naff run in. Got DRS’d by Kobayashi but took a hard fought second place. Since then, I haven’t left the podium. 2nd again in Malaysia, 3rd in China and a win in Bahrain have put me 31 points into the lead of the Championship already, ahead of Sergio Perez who’s taken three third places and a 15th, including pole in Bahrain. McLaren have had lots of pace and great Qualifying results, yet despite having a win apiece for Button and Hamilton, are only 4th & 5th overall with some pretty poor results. See all season results so far here: http://f1fanatic.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Robert_Kubica_F1_2012_-_Season_2


    @bradley13 well done on your career! I’ve got three races left before I pull the plug on the career mode in 2012, I want to drive for Ferrari at least one season in each game and 2014 is next once I’ve won the title for McLaren. 2015… we’ll see ;)
    And kudos for your brilliant tables – I don’t have my own wiki but I have the same tables on Excel! Will post them once the championship’s over :D

    Bradley Downton

    @fixy – Cheers! I’m astounded by how well I’ve been able to do on Legend AI, though the lack of Red Bulls (it’s another aim to drop them to the back, so they keep um ‘crashing out’…) makes things easier! Aw, it’s a shame your 2012 career is ending, this thread won’t be the same! I’m surprised you’re not doing a career as Bianchi or Massa? Who will you be driving as in 2014, Button or Magnussen? Cheers :), if you want a page (for any career) – and are willing to set an account up – let me know and I’ll grant you editing access to the Wiki. I only really use it for my own stuff and the Formula V Championship.


    @bradley13 I’m doing a career as… myself! Or we could say Massa: I started playing as Felipe in F1C mods 2006-2009, then Codies always put me in his seat in their games. I’ve done 2013 already and I needed 2012, but I had to go through HRT and Caterham first :S I guess in 2014 I’ll do two more seasons, one at Williams to continue Felipe’s career and one at Ferrari to continue mine.
    Don’t worry for the Wiki, Excel is quite handy as, playing on the PC, it’s always with me regardless of internet connection, and I’d have countless tables to copy… but thanks anyhow!


    Race 18: Abu Dhabi
    Qualifying: 7th – Race: 2nd
    I quickly realised my setup was very poor on traction: if my tyres were too cold or too worn I’d easily spin. Across the weekend I spun and several times almost did so at turns 6, 13, 18 and 21. In Q1 due to this I had to do lap, lap, slow-down lap and then lap a third time to take third place behind Alonso and Rosberg on prime tyres. In Q2 I was 8th ahead of Alonso before I left the track with a second set of tyres, but spun out on the first and second attempts. In Q3 I was only 7th with my first lap on the only new set, and with the older one I couldn’t improve. In the race I got a brilliant start as most drivers ran deep at turn 1, I was third and overtook Vettel on the inside of turn 2 to take second place. I very nearly spun out of turn 6 and had to let both Red Bulls through, but I passed both in the first back straight. Alonso was already five seconds away, but on lap 2 I set the fastest lap and cut the gap by a full second. It stayed the same for a lap then it was his turn to go faster. Vettel was a few seconds behind, but did not have my pace. I started losing grip two laps before my pit stop and Vettel eventually got within a second when we stopped on lap 6. I came out 8th, and drove solidly to be back in 2nd place after the others had stopped too. I usually pushed on my first clean lap after changing tyres, but I waited an extra lap and then set the fastest lap of the race. It was lap 9 and Alonso was six seconds ahead, Vettel three behind and Webber far behind his teammate. Schumacher beat my time by four tenths and I was furious, and on lap 12 I somehow pulled out a miracle by lapping a further three tenths faster than that, a 1:43.7 which was about as fast as I went in Q3 on options. At turn 6 on the following lap I almost spun again, and avoiding all kerbs as I had been doing already I tried to keep Vettel out of DRS range. Alonso won with ease and I was not far behind, comfortably ahead of Vettel despite all the difficulties I had. With the maximum points thanks to our third one-two, Ferrari were crowned constructors’ champions.


    @bradley13 I’m doing a career as… myself! Or we could say Massa, as I started in 2006 at Ferrari alongside Schumi and progressed till 2013, and the games always put me in Felipe’s seat. I’ve done 2013 already, I needed 2012 at Ferrari but I had to go through HRT and Caterham first :S I think in 2014 I’ll split the career between me (continue with Ferrari) and Massa (move to Williams), so there’s two more seasons to do… And don’t worry about the Wiki, I’d need to copy countless tables to it and Excel is actually quite handy, as I play on PC it’s always with me, regardless of internet connection. Thanks though!

    Bradley Downton

    Race 5: Spain
    Qualifying: 14th – Race: 8th
    I can’t remember much of Spain, except I had a fairly steady race and picked up a few points at a track I’m usually shocking at. I do remember it was an odd result, as Senna won from Grosjean, Vergne and Kovalainen…

    Race 6: Monaco
    Qualifying: 1st – Race: 1st
    Primes in Q1 and Options in Q2 easily got me through to the top ten. I decided to go out in the middle of the session for one run in Q3, and nailed pole by less than a tenth. I got a great start, but that was quickly eradicated by my cautiousness in the opening laps. On lap 4, heading into the Nouvelle Chicane, Button tried a move but messed it up. Everyone seemed to fly into everyone behind me and the track blocked, and the Safety Car was called. Amazingly only Kobayashi retired, but both McLarens needed pitstops. With the SC out I saw a great chance, and pitted for Primes and my only stop at the end of lap 4, a very early call with 20 being the race distance. Due to the blockage, I only rejoined in 9th, with Petrov somehow up to 7th! After the SC pitted I picked off Ricciardo and Petrov and set the fastest lap, then inherited the lead as everyone stopped. I maintained the 16 second gap to Raikkonen behind until a spin, then my cautiousness again got the better of me, and he eradicated it with 4 laps to go. A silly move into Mirrabeau cost him his front wing, and I spent the final few laps defending from Perez. Something odd happened on the last lap behind though, as Petrov continued Caterham’s good run of form and ended up 5th with 17 finishers!


    Race 19: United States
    Qualifying: 1st – Race: 1st
    I was second to Maldonado in practice, second to Alonso in Q1 and 7th in Q2, while Fernando was knocked out in 14th place. I went on to take pole with my first attempt in Q3. At the start I shut the door on Webber and Senna took advantage to take second place. He slowed his rivals down quite a bit over the first two laps, then fell back due to DRS. I had now four seconds on Hamilton, and he slowly reduced it before I pitted on lap 6. He and others continued and I was sixth, holding position on Rosberg. After the top five had also stopped, I led Webber and Kobayashi by three-and-a-half seconds, and set the fastest lap on lap 9. Schumacher, Alonso and Schumacher again then lowered the time further, but I only improved by a tenth and gave up trying. Webber caught up in the final lap and with his last chance in the back straight he overtook me, but I out-braked him and took my lead back for the final metres to take my tenth win of the season.

    Race 20: Brazil
    Qualifying: 8th – Race: 1st
    I led Q2 after finishing 7th in Q1, but rain in Q3 ruined my setup work and I salvaged 8th after risking to be dead last. The track was dry on Sunday and I jumped three positions at the start, and a further two on the back straight. As Rosberg had lost his lead to Webber and was fighting with Vettel, I seized the opportunity to pass the two ahead of me to take second place. At turn 7 I went on the inside of Webber and took the lead by keeping my foot down on the outside of turn 8. From then I ran away, extending my lead with every lap. I improved the fastest lap three times before pitting on lap 8. I came out 4th and stayed there for a lap, when the leaders pitted too. Webber leapfrogged Rosberg but had dropped to six seconds behind me, which I quickly extended to ten with fast laps in succession. On lap 12 I set a 1:13.0, and only got very close to that in the remaining laps, but no one else threatened to equal me. I lapped two Marussias, two HRTs and a Force India, despite three retirements. Rosberg followed Webber at the flag and Alonso was fourth ahead of Vettel: the top five in the race were the top five in the championship, in order. Despite beating Alonso by 180 points, I have “only” been promoted to equal status for next year.

    Season Summary
    Wins: 11 – Poles: 10 – Doubles: 8 – Grand Slams: 1
    1. Australia – 1st + 1st
    2. Malaysia – 22nd + 2nd
    3. China – 22nd + 1st
    4. Bahrain – 1st + 1st
    5. Spain – 1st + 4th
    6. Monaco – 23rd + 2nd
    7. Canada – 1st + 1st
    8. Europe – 1st + 2nd
    9. Great Britain – 4th + 2nd
    10. Germany – 1st + 1st
    11. Hungary – 2nd + 1st
    12. Belgium – 17th – 6th
    13. Italy – 1st + 1st
    14. Singapore – 1st + 1st (Grand Slam)
    15. Japan – 8th + 12th
    16. South Korea – 7th + 16th
    17. India – 1st + 1st
    18. Abu Dhabi – 7th + 2nd
    19. United States – 1st + 1st
    20. Brazil – 8th + 1st


    And here are the season 3 tables, as promised ! https://plus.google.com/+FilibertoGeoni/posts/ergARxZG8Yu

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