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    Race 3 – China – Caterham

    After a good qualifying session, I was feeling good going into the race in my 16th place. My quali objective had been 18th, and my race objective was now 15th. It was going to be a tough ask, but with a couple of DNFs, it was definitely possible. I had pace.
    The track began damp, it had been raining earlier, which meant that the whole grid was on inters, but there was no rain forecast. Again, like with the other races, I got a decent start, and once again up into 9th/10th. I was actually pretty fast, surprisingly. My pace on the damp track was better than those around me, and around lap 5 the track was dry enough to switch to slicks.
    I raced into the pit lane, sticking on the primes. My logic was that with the inters removing the rule of both compounds, that I could do a 1 stop, with two stints of primes to carry me to the end.
    I raced on, fighting for my spot, though it was getting difficult, as the race went on I just didn’t quite have the pace of the cars following me, especially when they were on options, and come lap 20, I pitted for options. In hindsight, I’m really not sure why, had I done 5 laps more at least, then the race could have been better, but then again it could have been worse, I guess.
    Having held up Vettel for a lot laps, he was now released as I went into the pits. I think he was one of the few drivers, with me, to have put primes on after the inters. I came flying out of the pits, and was really happy with how the car was handling, I could push harder now, knowing that I would have to do one more stop but I could fight harder with the cars around me.
    I can’t quite recall this stint, but I remember the tyres dropping off, with around 20 laps to go, I pitted and stuck the primes on. Everyone else had options, and I was pretty sure that they would have to stop again…or at least I was hoping, considering that I was now down in a lowly 16th place, being closed in on Senna. I managed to pick up the pace to slow his progress and get a few of my personal best laps too.
    To my joy a few laps later, everyone began pitting and I was suddenly in 10th place!…Though this wouldn’t last for long. I was quickly passed by faster cars, and on the penultimate lap, I was passed by Massa, and it looked like I was going to fall to 17th, with three fast cars behind me (Senna, Webber and Di Resta). However, even though Massa had pulled a gap on me, he had spun just before the really long straight, allowing myself, Di Resta, Senna and Webber through. I turned the engine up for maximum speed on the straight and sped over the line to finish in a fantastic 13th place!

    1. Alonso (Definitely looks like the best bet for the title)
    2. Kobayashi (Possibly a dark horse with his second podium!)
    3. Maldonado (Came from nowhere, great result)
    4. Rosberg
    5. Schumacher (Solid result for Merc)
    6. Raikkonen
    7. Hamilton
    8. Button
    9. Vettel (Finally scoring points, despite being held up. Still not great though)
    10. Perez
    11. Vergne
    12. Hulkenberg
    13. Franklin (Not quite points yet, but good result!)
    14. Senna
    15. Webber (Another terrible result)
    16. Di Resta
    17. Massa (Shouldn’t be driving a Ferrari)
    18. Grosjean (Not a great weekend for the French driver)
    19. Kovaleinen (Better than in quali)
    20. Pic (Consistently beating his team mate)
    21. Karthikeyan
    22. De La Rosa
    23. Glock
    24. Ricciardo (DNF)

    1. Alonso – 65
    2. Kobayashi – 42 (Massive surprise!)
    3. Schumacher – 35
    4. Raikkonen – 28
    5. Hamilton – 26
    6. Button – 25
    7. Rosberg – 23
    8. Grosjean – 20
    9. Maldonado – 17
    10. Di Resta – 10
    11. Perez – 5
    12. Massa – 4
    13. Vettel – 2 (…Poor)
    14. Webber – 1 (Very poor)
    15. Vergne – 0
    16. Hulkenberg – 0
    17. Franklin – 0
    18. Senna – 0
    19. Ricciardo – 0
    20. Pic – 0
    21. Kovaleinen – 0
    22. Karthikeyan – 0
    23. De La Rosa – 0
    24. Glock – 0

    1. Ferrari – 69 (Alonso carrying the team, massively)
    2. Mercedes – 58 (Looks to be a very solid team so far)
    3. McLaren – 51 (Potential, but lacking)
    4. Lotus – 48
    5. Sauber – 47 (Huge potential)
    6. Williams – 17
    7. Force India – 10
    8. Red Bull – 3 (Seriously? I should be in that car if they can’t score more points)
    9. Toro Rosso – 0
    10. Caterham – 0 (Needs to develop more to get points)
    11. Marussia – 0
    12. HRT – 0

    Next race coming soon!

    Bradley Downton

    Season 1 – Round 2 – Malaysia – Caterham
    It was chucking it down for Quali, but the car’s weren’t kicking up much spray so I decided to try the Inters. Very bad idea! Took me nearly 4 minutes to complete the out-lap! Pitted and came out on Wets and had so much more grip, I really felt I could push, so maybe the inters trick was a great idea. Still, my lap was scruffy, but put me in 16th, ahead of some established runners. I then ran again and improved to 13th, just ahead of Fernando Alonso! There were like two minutes to go, and di Resta pitted, from 18th, so he was out, then Vergne span off on his fast lap (though he was 1.2 down on Paul anyway), and I was through to Q2! Wow, what an achievement.

    Out in Q1
    18. Paul di Resta
    19. Jean-Eric Vergne
    20. Heikki Kovalainen
    21. Pedro de la Rosa
    22. Charles Pic
    23. Timo Glock
    24. Narain Karthikeyan

    Went out with a bit more fuel and pumped in some solid laps. Put me 10th, and they were quicker than Q1. Then I realised, 10th?! What the…? I’m in Q3 as it stands. Both McLaren’s were outside the top 10 at this point though, so I figured I’d be knocked out. I went back out and went quicker, moving me up to 9th past Vettel, and, miraculously, stayed there. I’d dragged the Caterham into Q3 on Legend… wow. What’s more, both McLaren’s, including first race winner Hamilton, were knocked out in Q2!

    Out in Q2
    11. Pastor Maldonado
    12. Daniel Ricciardo
    13. Lewis Hamilton
    14. Bruno Senna
    15. Jenson Button
    16. Romain Grosjean
    17. Nico Hulkenberg

    Set off out for Q3 (it was raining so I wasn’t wasting tyres as the race is meant to be dry) and was last man on track. Put in a solid lap, Vettel took provisional pole, and I went 5th! 5th! In a Caterham! On Legend! Then we all pitted and went again, but I was some way behind them this time. I went through sector 1, and went purple! I got so giddy, I span… and screwed it up lol. But still 5th is a brilliant acheivement because no-one improved! WOOOOOO! Now I have to try not to fall too far down the order during the race!

    Q3 Results
    1. Sebastian Vettel
    2. Fernando Alonso
    3. Mark Webber
    4. Kimi Raikkonen
    5. Bradley Downton (me)
    6. Michael Schumacher
    7. Nico Rosberg
    8. Kamui Kobayashi
    9. Sergio Perez
    10. Felipe Massa



    Bitten by the weather bug Shane :( For me dry-damp-wet transitions are ok, but wet to dry conditions are almost impossible to get right. Fingers crossed for a patch soon.

    Haha yeah mate, well and truly bitten :) I just hope that the AI can make wrong choices with regards to choosing tyres in changing conditions. After the first lap, every single driver drove into the pits to change to slicks and of course it was the right decision. They seem to be one step ahead of you all the time.

    I also think that a parade lap would be a really cool feature for the next game. If you watched the german GP at nurburgring in 2007, Marcus Winkelhock pitted for full wets on the parade lap and he ended up leading the race. So it would be cool to see what parts of the track are wet before you start the race or perhaps the race engineer could tell you.

    Bradley Downton

    Season 1 – Round 2 – Malaysia – Caterham
    Ok, so this was actually the third attempt at this race. The first time I was massively caught out by the weather change (from Dry to Wet) and found that I had no grip on either the Inters or Wets! What’s going on?!
    On the Second attempt I had the same, and got to lap 50 of 56, only to give up because I’d just been passed by Narain Karthikeyan, and was not having that!
    So, the third attempt happened today, and while it still wasn’t a good results, WOW, what a race.
    Got a storming start from fifth on the grid and into the lead exiting turn 2. Vettel, Button and Webber all collided, losing a front wing each and requiring a pitstop. Grosjean then retired on lap 7 with a random failure, at the same moment that Kobayashi spun off from second place (behind me!). I was still leading on lap 12 when Alonso tried to pass me, only to misjudge the DRS, swerve too much and crash into the wall, losing a wheel, and on lap 19 Massa retired from second place (I think that place was cursed!) with Gearbox failure. Senna, who had had a storming race up until this point, then became the first driver to pass me and keep in front, so he naturally sped off as I continued to hold second and back up the rest of the pack. Both Raikkonen and Schumacher tried to pass, but neither succeeded as I outbroke them into turn 1. Come lap 25 the rain started, I was on my second set of Options at this point. On lap 29, we were all still on slicks. Hamilton tried to pass me down the back straight and I maybe squeezed him a bit too much, he hit the wet crash, spun, and t-boned Kimi, taking them both out. I knew from past attempts that there were literally two laps between Inters and Wets, so I ignored the Inters and went straight to Wets on lap 31. A lap too early! I lost a ton of time in the next three of so laps as they got up to temperature. By the time they’d sorted however I was back into third (behind Senna, who had a 30+ second lead over Rosberg). Rosberg got held up by Glock, and I made my move, before losing it at the penultimate corner, spinning back onto the track and side swiping 4th placed Hulkenberg. I was given a drive through and took it instantly, falling to 9th. I had no grip on the Wets at all (Weather Bug?) so knew from the start I would be lucky to even get points once the rain fell. I spun again at the penultimate corner on lap 40, and Vettel slammed into me, taking him out. Button hit him and broke his front wing, and Schumacher drove past us all. Amazingly, I wasn’t penalised for this.. I continued, driving uber cautious and spinning a lot and Maldonado caught me, hit me (because I was SOOO slow) and broke his front wing. Jenson caught me, slid up the inside at the final corner, pushed me into the gravel, and drove off. I then got a left rear puncture with Maldonado 20+ seconds behind. Lost it all in the lap back to the pits, came out not far in front of Heikki in 13th place, Ok, 13th I can live with, sums up my race really! Then Rosberg retired on Lap 51 with and Engine Failure (my engineer had told me earlier in the race he had a problem) and I moved into 12th. But it dried up, and Heikki pitted for Inters. I stubbornly stayed out on Full Wets, and span everywhere. Senna lapped me a second time, and at some point on lap 55, Ricciardo and Webber collided from 6th and 5th and both retired. Unfortunately however I only made it lap 54 as I had been lapped twice. I then went off at the final corner, allowing Heikki through into 12th and crossed the line in 13th just as my engine exploded. So altogether a pretty shite race, but it was bloody action packed and random!

    1. Bruno Senna
    2. Sergio Perez
    3. Jean-Eric Vergne
    4. Nico Hulkenberg
    5. Michael Schumacher
    6. Kamui Kobayashi
    7. Jenson Button
    8. Paul di Resta
    9. Pastor Maldonado
    Ret. Mark Webber
    Ret. Daniel Ricciardo
    12. Heikki Kovalainen
    13. Bradley Downton (me)
    14. Charles Pic
    15. Pedor de la Rosa
    16. Narain Karthikeyan
    17. Timo Glock
    Ret. Nico Rosberg
    Ret. Sebastian Vettel
    Ret. Lewis Hamilton
    Ret. Kimi Raikkonen
    Ret. Felipe Massa
    Ret. Fernando Alonso
    Ret. Romain Grosjean


    Race 4 – Bahrain – Season 3 – Williams

    Quali: 5th
    The quali was fully wet. Yes thats right, rain in Bahrain. Well done codemasters. It seems as though they want to include the bloody dynamic weather in every race weekend :/

    Anyway my pace was surprisingly good in the wet and was very happy to get an excellent fifth. Webber took pole with Alonso and Hamilton behind. Maldonado was in 13th. Raikonnen was the fall guy in Q1 and he would start 18th.

    Race – 11th
    Through the first corner I got up to 3rd as I passed the two Mclarens and then coming up to turn 3 I did a double overtake in the inside of Alonso and Webber to take the lead. From then on I managed to keep Alonso at bay although it was very tough. On lap 9 I was swamped down the straight as Alonso and Hamilton overtook me using DRS. On the next lap Massa passed me with DRS however I repassed him on the outside of turn 4 which was pretty cool. I then hit a curb too hard and spun which dropped me down to 8th and I then pitted for primes. From then on it was just me holding up everyone behind and getting swamped down the straight with people using DRS. On the last lap I ran out of fuel near the last corner which meant Maldonado got through and I fell out of the points. A pretty miserable end to a silly race by me with lots of mistakes. Although I wasnt helped by runing a default setup as my setup got wiped for some reason after quali. Thanks again codemasters. Hamilton won with Alonso and Button behind. Maldonado was 9th.


    @shaneb12345678910 How in the name of all that is good and holy did you get to season 3 so quick!? D:

    Oli Peacock

    Caterham – Expert – 50%

    Australia- Started 17th Finished 14th

    Before the race even started i knew i was on the back foot as my gears were wayyyy to long, however i got a decent start and was up to 15th by T3 however multiple broken front wing allowed me sneek up to 9th where i held until the pits where i was held for 10 secs :( I fell to 16th but fought back to 13th only to run out of fuel and fall back to 14th. Nevertheless happy with my pace on a circuit that isnt my favourite :) Practice for Malaysia is goin well with 3rd fastest in practice on a 1:37.6


    No no :) This is my first season on F1 2012 but I did two seasons on 2011. So I want to sort of continue my career from where I left off if you get what I mean.


    Season 1 (Marussia)

    Race 5 – Spain

    Finally, a proper racetrack!

    After the disappointment of Bahrain, I’ve got a better feeling about Catalunya. Thankfully, it also looks the weekend will be mostly dry, most importantly no rain forecast for the race itself.

    Practice starts and I’m straight out on the primes to hammer out some laps and get my set up down. Again, I can’t quite get 7th gear long enough but otherwise it’s pretty easy to treat my usual set up to match the flowing circuit.

    This circuit really showcases the handling, which I still think is a big improvement. I hear that CM are upping the level of grip offline, which I think is probably an ok idea as long as they don’t go over the top and keep the ‘slow in, fast out’ style of driving. The 3rd corner is awesome; get it spot on and it can be taken flat out even in my lowly Marussia, but if you get it a bit wrong you’ll understeer wide – it feels rewarding and realistic. Even the clunky chicane at the end of the lap is good fun when you get it right, but it’s like threading a needle and so easy to get wrong if you’re really pushing.

    I love how the tyres react individually this year. You can watch the front left heat up around the long right handers, and it wears much quicker too.

    As usual, my practice time aren’t brilliant but I’m ahead of my teammate and sure I have more pace to find.

    There is a 40% chance of rain for qualifying, so I head straight onto the track in Q1 on options to make sure I don’t get caught out if it’s raining.

    My first lap feels ok-ish, but I have enough fuel for a second flying lap. I’m up by 0.5s in the first sector, but on the run down from turn 4 there’s a Caterham on a slow outlap. He’s sitting on the racing line, so I jink left – just as he does the same!

    I have to swerve on the grass, and only just avoid spinning into the barriers. Lap ruined. I’ll definitely be having a word with the stewards.

    Back into the garage to fit a fresh set of options, then back onto track. I’m currently in 22nd, with a target of 20th.

    The lap feels great, the corners flow into satisfying combinations and, luckily, no traffic this time.

    I cross the line, and I’m into 19th! My time is two tenths ahead of Petrov, and I head back to the pits feeling very pleased with myself.

    I watch the timing screen for the rest of session, heading out with two minutes left on worn options just in case anyone were to threaten my time. No one seems to be improving, so head I come straight back in to celebrate.

    I have a few days away before the race, so give myself a few time trial laps to settle back into the track.

    Lined up on the grid on options between Vergne and Petrov (on primes), my race target is 18th. The lights go out. I make decent start, taking Vergne. But Heikki has a stormer and is ahead of me into turn 1, so I’m still 19th.

    Turn 3 and three cars run wide, then I gently tap Kobayashi into 5 and he spins, moving me into 15th. I quickly take stock of my immediate rivals, Heikki is two places ahead and I’m surprised to see my teammate Timo right behind.

    I’m able to hold my own until DRS is enabled, but then the faster cars behind begin picking their through the field. Timo quickly falls back and then Senna and Di Resta attack me, both overtaking under DRS on lap 5. Heikki ahead is able to defend a bit better, presumably with help of KERS, and lasts until lap 7 before he is in front of me (albeit 8 seconds ahead).

    I have chosen to pit early, as in Bahrain, so come in a lap earlier than everyone else. I’m in 18th by then, having been overtaken by Ricciardo.

    I don’t have the greatest outlap, making a couple of mistakes on the cold primes, and De la Rosa emerges from the pits just ahead of me. I’m 22nd after everyone but Petrov has pitted.

    I’m pretty isolated too, De la Rosa seems to have much better pace and with a few laps he is 5 seconds ahead with the Caterhams both further up the road. 10 seconds behind me Glock and Narain are battling it out.

    The rest of the race plays out without much pressure and without much incident, it’s just a case of putting in consistent laps. I say it again, getting rid of tyre scaling was a great decision – lapping consistently, and relatively conservatively, for 22 laps on one set of tyres is a great challenge.

    The blue flags cause the usual inconvenience, and I occasionally make up ground on De la Rosa but he remains out of reach.

    Schumacher and Heikki must have a coming together at some point, as both retire at the same time. Later on there are some yellow flags and I spot on the minimap someone well off the track at the hairpin (they blink out of existence soon after). A lap later I find out that it’s Mark Webber.

    So I’m into 19th. Narain and Timo both seem to turn the wick up in the last five laps, and they make up a fair bit of ground to get within two seconds of me with three laps to go. Luckily I have some fuel in hand so I can turn my own engine up too. That, and Alonso lapping us for the second time, means they don’t get close enough to mount any proper attack.

    So I finish 19th, my best result so far. It means I’m into 22nd in the standings and back ahead of Timo overall. I missed my race target by one spot, but still I’m pretty happy with the race.

    A quieter race then, but no less entertaining for me.

    Onto the mean streets of Monte Carlo. The weather forecast is for dry practice and qualifying, and torrential rain in the race.

    At the sharp end of the grid, a home win for Alonso puts him into joint second with Button. They both trail Hamilton by 11 points. Lewis had a great start to the season, winning thee first two races, but has dropped off recently with particularly poor qualifying performances.


    Race 5 – Spain – Season 3 – Williams

    Quali – 17th

    Although I was 5th in Q1, I kept messing up my laps in Q2 and had to settle for 17th. Alonso took pole, Button 2nd and Hamilton 3rd. Maldonado was 12th.

    Race – 16th
    The AI broke very early at the first turn so I was able to sweep round some of them to get up to 7th. Me and my teammate had a good battle, wheel to wheel around turns 3,4 and 5. I then passed Maldonado and Massa to find myself in 5th amazingly. Massa passed me some laps later with DRS but he spun ahead of me which gave me back 5th. I pitted as planned on lap 12 for primes, and Maldonado and Grosjean behind me stayed out a lap later before they pitted. They rejoined well ahead and then flew into the distance as my pace on the lower fuel was no match for the AI, as was the case in the previous races. Midway through this stint, the car behind were gaining fast on me and Vergne got in the DRS zone. I took a defensive line into the first corner. Going through turn 2 we were side by side with him on the inside and all of a sudden he turns into me spinning me into the gravel and slightly damaging my front wing. I rejoined the track well back in 13th. From then on I just kept getting continually passed by DRS and eventually finished 16th, 1 place behind my target. Alonso won with Vettel and Hamilton also on the podium. Maldonado finished in 5th.

    Im very annoyed for my race to be ruined like that although to be honest, I dont think I could have kept them behind me. As the fuel burns off, I just seem to get slower and slower. My pace at the start of races is good although I keep falling back as the race goes on. Very frustrating indeed. Monaco next and I dont know what will happen there. I am losing the teammate head-to-head by a lot and its fair to say that I doubt I will be getting much offers in the near future.

    Oli Peacock

    Absolute Disaster…. power cut during an Autosave…. hello Day1 at Abu Dhabi :-(


    That happened to me too, not joking around 11:50 this morning, was so annoying as I had managed to pull off an amazing Chinese GP on Pro AI, winning by 50 seconds and now I have to start again, the only positive is I could do YDT in Ferrari over Red Bull.


    Ah man, that sucks guys! I’m going to be really paranoid with mine now :/

    Season 1 – Marussia
    Race 6 – Monaco

    Man, Monaco sucks. I hate it :(

    I admittedly restart Practice numerous times – an hour just isn’t enough time to get into some sort of rhythm here, let alone find a decent set up. And with the race due to be wet, I need time to practice with the compromised set up I’ll be using in qualifying and the race.

    It feels great stringing a few laps together, but sooner or later I always seem to make a mistake. Usually into Sainte Devote or Rascasse, both corners I end up giving a lot of respect after understeering into the barriers uncountable times. Eventually I get to point where I’m somewhat happy, able to put together 10 or so clean laps.

    Qualifying goes better than I expected. The key seems to be getting out at the very start of the session, clean air is everything. My first lap, on the option tyres, is great – I love careening through Massenet and Casino, it really feels like you’re on the edge when it’s going right. I get a 1:21.8. On my in lap, Webber has stopped at the Nouvelle Chicane. He doesn’t look damaged, but he’s not moving. He’s awkwardly placed and would surely render the chicane impassible at speed, so I hope he stays there as I’m currently in 6th!

    There always seems to be more time left on the table at Monaco, so I head out for another run on a fresh set of options. By the time I’m back on the track everyone except Webber has set a time and I’m 18th.

    There’s just no room to set a proper flying lap. Webber sets his lap and I’m in 19th. Kovalainen is in 20th, a tenths back. I have yet another pang with the barriers a Rascasse, and head back to the pits.

    I seem pretty safe in 19th, so I just head out on primes for the rest of the session to get in some more practice. Rosberg stops at the exact same place Webber did earlier before the end of the session, and remains there for a good 3-4 minutes until the chequered flag.

    I line up on the grid in 19th, just behind Alonso, which is a surprise after his recent strong showings. Button is on pole, ahead of Webber. I’m on primes, hoping to put off my pitstop until the rain starts (55% chance of rain).

    I have a decent start, getting ahead of Alonso before he uses KERS to get back in front. But I’m on the inside into Sainte Devote, and emerge ahead. On the way up the hill, somehow the cars in front of me are FOUR wide! That obviously doesn’t last long so I’m able to make up more places. I turn my fuel mix down, as I’m not really at risk of being overtaken and I could probably use it later during the pitstop phases.

    I manage 6-7 laps without anyone getting past, although they give it a good few goes and a few front wings get destroyed in the process. Grosjean up ahead loses his front wing somewhere and I have to make a hair raising pass out of the swimming pool. I’m in 14th at this point, with a bit of a train behind.

    Finally I make a mistake on lap 8 and Ricciardo forces his way past. Alonso is next, but can’t get past despite several attempts into Nouvelle. He pits, along with most of the others behind me on lap 12.

    Things start getting a bit chaotic now, as the leaders start lapping us backmarkers. I end up damaging my front wing into Rascasse on lap 14, so head into the pits – ruining my plan to hold off pitting until the rain comes. As I head back out, I’m disheartened to see drops of rain beginning to fall.

    The whole race just seems to lose it at this point. I come of the pits in 21st, just behind Petrov and in front of De la Rosa. He gets a drive through soon after, although I’m not sure why. Petrov started on Primes and hasn’t pitted yet, so on my new options I’m putting pressure on him.

    I get DRS on the start-finish straight, but mess up into Sainte Devote and lose my front wing totally. My race more or less over, I head back to the pits. I notice yellow flags in sector 2.

    I try to take it easy into the Nouvelle Chicane, but underestimate how totally useless my front brakes now are without the front wing and just go straight on. The cause of the yellow flags is revealed to be a pretty big pile up of cars just before Tabac.

    Unfortunately, I get a seemingly random black flag at this point and ghost through 7 or 8 cars all creeping away from a stricken (and also ghosted) Force India.

    No idea whether it was the corner cut, which was totally unintentional, or not lifting off for yellow flags or what that warranted my disqualification.

    Can’t say I’m wholly disappointed to be honest. I finish 22nd and get a cutscene I haven’t seen before (walking into my garage, head down). Onto Montreal, and a track I think I’ll enjoy much more!

    Hamilton picks up the win, ended a lean spell and putting him back in control of the championship.

    Oli Peacock

    Well, having thought my life was over having lost all my saved stuff, i am very happy it happened!

    Career 2 :-/ Expert Mode – Caterham

    Having that extra week on the game compared to career 1 i knew i was going to be quicker, but this quick.

    BANG! Straight away P1 in practice on the Prime’s. Was 4 tenths quicker than Massa, who was options, and 8 tenths quicker than Alonso on the Primes. But i knew like F1 2011 the track conditions would improve more for the AI than for me…

    Quali – 3rd – 1:26.9 – Options

    Q1 – Easy enough, went through on Primes, but at the expense of Schumi (18th) and Kimi (17th)
    Q2 – Far more difficullt but Stroked a 7th place from nowhere but Hamilton (11th) and Vettel (12th) were the shock Q2 casualties
    Q3 – Decided to do 1 run, and it paid off as i was i clear air and posted a 1:26.9. I think others got held up in traffic as in Q2 Webber did a 1:26.1 but he was on Pole with a 1:26.5 with Alonso P2 with a 1:26.6

    Will do race tomorow and will be on my YouTube Channel (Hopefully) :)



    Will do race tomorow and will be on my YouTube Channel (Hopefully) :)

    A link to your channel?

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